Romance in the OR episode 8




💊 Alex’s POV 💊

Mason has always told me to avoid being stressed or nervous cause of my tremors and I’ve only been able to survive and hide my tremor from the world by always remaining calm even before the most hardest surgery

But right now am anything but calm and my hands are shaking rapidly

I didn’t plan on doing the Prime Minister’s daughter surgery today, am not mentally prepared

To be honest, the surgery is a difficult one considering the fact that the tumor in her brain has grown large and she’s also a sickle cell patient so am quite nervous and the tremors have kicked in

I went to my safe and brought out the pills Mason gave me and I took two

I just hope it works, I can’t perform a surgery with shaky hands

The door suddenly opened and Jasmine came in and I quickly dropped the drug on my desk

“How many times do I have to tell you to knock before coming into my office!” I yelled

“Am….. Am sorry Doctor, I was in a haste, Andrew has set up the O. R and Susan has taken the patient there” she said

“What about the blood test?” I asked

“I already carried it out, there are no complications, you can see for yourself” she said as she gave me the result and I studied it

“Umm…. Are you okay doctor? Your hands are shaking” Jasmine said and I quickly dropped the paper

“Am fine”

“You hands were also shaky the day we held your public consultation day, do you have some kind of trauma or what?”

“I said am fine!!” I yelled and she flinched

“Am sorry I didn’t mean to shout at you” I apologized “Am just….just…..”

“Nervous?” She asked and I nodded

“Am not nervous” she said

“You must be really brave then” I smiled

“Maybe I would have been nervous if it was another doctor but am not a bit nervous because it’s you who will be performing the surgery. You are the best surgeon the world has ever known, back then when I was still in medical school, you were like a legend to me, a doctor has never had a failed operation, you were my role model, I’ve seen what you can do and I trust you completely, you can do this” Jasmine assured and I smiled

“You should be a motivational speaker” I said and she laughed

“But thanks anyway, hearing you say that really meant a lot” I said

“You’re welcome” she smiled “So shall we go?”


I followed her out of the office to the O. R and strangely but luckily, my tremors has stopped

💊 Prime Minister’s POV 💊

I quickly walked out of the room looking for doctor Alex and I bumped into a nurse coming in my direction

“Where’s doctor Alex?” I asked

“He’s already in the O. R, I was sent to inform you that he’s starting the surgery” the nurse said

“What! Anyway, thanks” I said and walked away

What the hell is going on?
Who sent me that letter?

If anything happens to my daughter, I’ll will ruin your life Alexander Sanchez

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

We all stood in front of the operation table ready to begin the surgery

“How is the patient Susan?” Doc Alex asked

“Her vitals are normal” Susan said

“Have you lowered her breathing rate?” He asked

“Not yet doctor but I will now” Susan said as she administered some injections to lower her breathing rate

“And the blood supply?” Doc Alex

“In place doctor” Susan replied

“Let’s begin then, Andrew” doc Alex called and Andrew quickly gave him a Scalpel

He made and incision on the skin covering the skull and I quickly cleaned the blood

Andrew gave him the cranial drill and he was drilling the skull and the monitors started beeping loudly while the patient was shaking vigorously

“What’s going on?” Andrew asked

“The patient’s vitals are dropping doctor, she’s barely breathing” Susan said

“Is it another seizure?” I asked

“This is not a seizure, it’s a heart attack” doctor Alex “Increase the blood supply Susan”

“Done doctor” Susan said but it didn’t help

“The heparin injection, it stops heart attack, we should give her that” I said

“Do we have heparin injection here?” Doctor Alex asked Andrew

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“No, I’ll get it right away” he said as he removed his surgery coat and ran out of the O. R

💊 Prime Minister’s POV 💊

I waited outside the operation room as I continued pacing

“The surgery must be successful. The surgery must be successful” I kept repeating

Suddenly, the door to the operation room opened and one of doctors in Alex’s surgery team came out and I quickly stopped him

“What’s going on? How’s my daughter?” I asked

“Am sorry Mr Prime Minister but please, if you want your daughter to live you will let me go right now, I need to get an injection for doctor Alex” he said and I let go of him

I watched him as he ran
Something must have gone wrong during the surgery

The man ran back inside the operation room and I silently prayed
Nothing must happen to my daughter

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

Andrew ran back into the O. R but he came back empty-handed

“Where is the injection?” Doc Alex asked

“The nurses said we are out of Heparin” Andrew said

“What!” I exclaimed

“How can the National hospital of London be out of Heparin!!” Doc Alex yelled

“I asked the nurses and they said it was remaining when they checked the stocks this morning but everything has suddenly disapeared” Andrew explained

“Doctor” Susan called “The patient’s vitals are really low, if nothing is done within the next ten minutes, she will die”

Doctor Alex didn’t say anything, he was obviously confused, I looked at his hands, they’ve started shaking again

And then I remembered something

“The drug I saw you taking when I came to your office, that was Lovenox right?” I asked

“What?” He asked

“The drug you quickly kept on the table when I came to your office, it’s Lovenox isn’t it?”

“Ummm…. Yeah”

“The main component of Lovenox is heparin if we can give the drug to the patient, it should stop the heart attack” I said quickly

“But you said it’s a drug, the patient is unconscious, she won’t be able to take any pills” Susan said

“We can give her through the drip, we pound the pill, soak it in Propanolol, cause it calms the muscle and increase blood flow, then we inject it through the drip” doctor Alex quickly said and then looked at me “the drug is on the table in my office, will you get it or should I go?”

“I’ll go” I said as I quickly removed my operation coat and ran out of the O. R

“Jasmine” the Prime Minister called and I stopped

“What the hell is going on?” He asked

“We’ll explain later” I said and quickly ran to doctor Alex’s office, I got the drugs from his table and ran back to the O. R

I gave the drugs to Andrew and he pounded it and soaked it with Propanolol while I quickly wore back my surgery coat

Doctor Alex took some of the solution with the injection needle and injected it on the patient’s drip

“What now?” I asked

“We wait a minute” doctor Alex said

We waited and in just some moments, the patient stopped shaking

“The vitals are coming back to normal” Susan announced and I sighed

Thank God

Andrew gave doctor Alex the cranial drill and we continued the surgery


We finished the surgery and I helped doctor Alex in sowing back the skin covering the skull and I wrapped the bandages round her head

“How are the patient’s vitals Susan?” Doc Alex asked

“Normal Sir” Susan replied and I smiled

“Andrew, you and Susan should move the patient back to her room and Jasmine, you come with me” Doc Alex said as he took some of the patients blood with an injection needle and dropped it in his pocket

I wonder what he’s going to use it for

I followed doc Alex out of the O. R and the Prime Minister quickly rushed to us

“What on Earth happened and how is my daughter? I warned you right, if anything happens to my daughter I’ll ruin your life” the prime minister said

“Am sorry Sir, but you shouldn’t make such threats to Doctor Alex” I said

“Why won’t I when I received a note that he plans on killing my daughter during the surgery now how is my daughter?!!” He yelled

“What!” Doc Alex said surprised just like I am “what note are you talking about” he asked and the Prime Minister quickly gave him the note

“Now tell me what the hell happened during the surgery and how is my daughter?!!” He yelled

“There was an unexpected heart attack during the surgery but it was successful” doc Alex said

The door to the O. R opened and Susan and Andrew wheeled the patient to her room and the Prime Minister quickly followed them

“Follow me” Doc Alex said and I followed him back to his office

“How did you know about Lovenox, the drug I was taking?” He asked

“I said it before, I saw it when you dropped it on the table the moment I came in”

“So you want me to believe you saw the name that was written on a tiny drug from afar”

“I wasn’t that far, I was just by the door and I guess I have pretty sharp eyes” I said

“Do you know what the drug is used for?” He asked

“It has multiple uses, it can be used for heart attack just like we did, stroke patients do take it sometimes, its also for tremors and patients undergoing any abdominal treatment” I answered and he smiled

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“You’re pretty smart” he said and I smiled

“Aren’t you going to ask why am taking the drugs?” He asked

“I want to but then I again, I also want to respect your privacy” I replied

“Thanks Jasmine, for everything, the surgery wouldn’t have been successful without you” he said and I smiled

“Just doing my job though I never expected her to get a heart attack, heart attack is not part of the symptoms of brain tumor patients” I said

“Yeah, that’s why I suspect that the patient must have been given some drugs or injections that induced the heart attack” he said

“But I personally did the blood test and you saw the result too, if the patient had such kind of drug in her system, it would have shown in the result”

“I took some of the patient’s blood after the surgery” he said as he brought out the injection needle containing the patient’s blood “perform the blood test again with this and bring the result to me”

“Yes doctor” I said as I collected it from him and I turned to leave

“Jasmine” he called and I looked back

“Thanks” he said again and I smiled

💊 Susan’s POV 💊

🗨️ “What do you mean the plan failed?” Ryan asked over the phone obviously getting angry

“I followed all your instructions Ryan, I took all the hospital’s supply of Heparin, delivered the letter to the Prime Minister and injected the patient with heart attack drug”

🗨️ “Then how did the plan fail?”

“It’s all because of Jasmine, she brought another drug that contained Heparin”

🗨️ “I thought I instructed you to get her kicked out of Alex’s surgery team!!” He yelled

“Am really sorry Ryan, I did everything I could but Alex didn’t kick her out of the team”

🗨️ “Do you know what I hate the most? Excuses!” He said angrily and ended the call

I sighed as I put the phone back in my pocket

Alex was just lucky today, he won’t be so lucky next time

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

The door of my office opened and Jasmine came in

“Oh am sorry, I didn’t knock again” she said

“It’s fine” I said “have you conducted the blood test?”

“Yeah, here’s the result” she said as she gave me the result “It shows many drugs were present in her blood during the surgery and it’s not a surprise since she was injected with lots of drugs during anaesthesia”

“But look here, there’s Cemptrofin” I said and she moved closer to me to see the result

“What’s Cemptrofin?” She asked but I couldn’t answer

Why the hell do I find it hard to breathe whenever she’s so close to me!

“Doctor?” She asked looking at me and I almost lost myself staring at her

“Can you….. move……move back a little?” I stuttered

“Ohh, am sorry” she said as she quickly moved back “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable”

“It’s okay”

“So what’s Cemptrofin?” She asked again

“It’s a banned drug”

“Banned?” She asked

“Yeah, it was banned when the WHO realized that Cemptrofin blocks all the artery in the body thereby stopping blood flow and inducing heart failure” I explained and she gasped

“But…. But the drug was not shown in the result of the first blood test”

“That means someone injected her with the drug just before surgery” I said

“But who? Not everyone had access to the Prime Minister’s daughter, it only all of us in your surgery team that had access to her”

“I guess we’ll just have to find out then”

There was suddenly a knock on the door

“Come in” I said and Susan came in

“The Prime Minister has an urgent meeting so he’s leaving now and he wants to see you before he goes” she said and I nodded

“I’ll be right there” I said and Susan left

“We’ll talk later” I said to Jasmine and walked out of the office

I got to the VVIP room the Prime Minister’s daughter is in and I knocked and entered

“I heard you called for me” I said

“I have an urgent meeting so I have to leave not but I’ll be back later, I’ll station some men outside the room for protection, am leaving my daughter in your care” he said

“She’ll be fine” I assured

“The WHO are going to ask me about you, they’ll also ask about the surgery” he said

“Am going to tell them the surgery was successful but am not going to recommend you as the best Neurosurgeon in the world, want to know why?” He asked

“Am sure you are going to tell me anyway” I said and he smiled then he stood up and walked up to me

“Every living being has an enemy but the strongest person is the one that knows all his enemies, you have an unknown enemy Alex and until you find out who it is, your patients will always be put in danger and you might not be so lucky next time and you can’t hold the position of the best Neurosurgeon when your patients lives are always at risk” he said and I kept quiet

“Do you think am wrong?” He asked

“No, you are right, I can’t afford to keep putting patients lives at risk, I will find out who my enemy is and I will make sure to take away their powers so they won’t be of any threat to me or my patients again, then I’ll come after the position of the best Neurosurgeon in the world” I said

“You sound really determined” he said

“Am an ambitious man after all” I said and he laughed

“You resemble father but you’ve totally got your Mother’s stubbornness” he said and I was a bit taken aback

“You know my parents?” I asked

“Oh my, would you look at the time, am almost late for my meeting, I’ll be back later, take care of my daughter” he said and walked out leaving me confused

……… be continued……….