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Romantic doctor 2 episode 10 – 11

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(Love and hate💘 )
Author Promzy

(You have a son?)
☘️ season two_episode 10 ☘️
💎 Jayden POV 💎
I was already in a meeting when my phone started ringing.
Due to the fact that am busy I refused to pick up.
After disturbing me for a while I decided to pick up.

📲Hello JC speaking,please how may I help you 📲I asked.

📲Jayden📲 the voice called out and my heart stop beating for awhile.

I never expected it.
The voice I have been dieing to hear all this years.
I was so excited.

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📲Jayden please I beg of you, come save my son please 📲she cried.

Her son?

📲Wait are you the VIP patient? 📲I asked.

📲Jayden stop asking me such question please just take any available flight and
come here this damn minute else….. 📲she hanged up
My heart started beating furiously.

What’s going on?
“Am sorry Mr Louis, my sister will be here to continue the meeting with you
good bye” I said and rushed out of the room.
📲”Prepare the jet now” 📲I said to the phone and took a taxi to the airport.

📲”Take care of the boy, am on my way” 📲I said to receiver.

The jet leave almost immediately.
Whatever it is that’s going on I hope it’s not complicated.
I was greatly disturbed, if she have a son that means she’s married too.
I was right after all.
The jet landed and I enter the limo that was already waiting for me.
I got to the hospital and came down , I rushed upstairs and behold Jiso strolling
up and down along the corridor.
I guess they send her out .
She’s now a full grown woman, and classy too.
She saw me and rushed to where I am.
“Please save my son” she begged.
I nodded and went inside the ward.
The boy is already out of danger, I gave him an injection and he slept off.
After which I invited Jiso in.
She rushed to the boy and kissed his hair.
She cleaned the tears in her eyes and sniffed.
“Am sorry Bryan, I promise you everything will be fine, mommy is sorry” she
said to the sleeping boy.
“Jiso” I called but there was no answer.
“You have a son? I asked.
“Yes I have a son or am I not allow to have one? She fired at me.
She…..she have changed, quite a lot.
“We need to talk” I said calmly.
“There is nothing for us to talk about Mr Jayden Choi, thanks for saving my son
Treat him well and I’ll pay you” she replied with an expressionless face.
Like seriously?
I don’t like this, I don’t like this new Jiso.
I nodded my head and turned to leave then I glance back at her.
“You’re looking stunning” I complement but she kept quiet .
I left the ward and went straight to my office.
So she is married huh?
Well, whatever.

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💎 Jiso POV 💎
Am happy that Bryan is at least save for now.
I took his hand on mine and put it on my cheek.
“What would be my fate if something had happened to you earlier Bryan? I
asked no one in particular.
I would have just kill myself.
Thank you for staying with me son, I love you so much.
I’ll do anything, absolutely anything to keep you happy.
My phone ranged and I picked it up.

📲Hello Romeo

📲Jiso how is Bryan? 📲He asked.

📲It started again but Jayden just finish attending to him, he is sleeping 📲I

📲Okay , call me when he wake up wanna talk to him 📲He said and I smiled.

📲Okay, talk to you later 📲I said and hanged up.

I lay my head on the bed beside Bryan and dozed off.
💎 Danielle POV 💎
Jayden called and told me that Jiso is back and currently in his hospital.
I rushed out to see her immediately.
Jayden and I watching Jiso and her son from his computer.
“She have matured a lot” I said.
“Well she needs to, she’s a mother after all” Jayden said nonchalantly.
I know that he’s mad at himself,but looking at the situation I think Jiso is
married or what ?
“So what are you going to do now? I asked him.
“Am not going to do anything, I don’t even know” he replied totally confused.
I turned and looked at Jayden.
“What was her reaction when she saw you? I asked.
“Void of emotions, she was crying because of her sick child.
The test I runned on the boy shows that he was born prematurely” he replied.

“Oh,I pity the little lad”
“You can help him right? I asked but he kept quiet and face his laptop.
“Jayden” I called but still no answer.
Maybe he need some space.
I left his office and went back to my house.
📲Hi Dan 📲I greeted.

📲Hello baby how are you 📲he asked

📲Am fine and you?

📲Never been better 📲he replied.

📲Jiso is back 📲I said.

📲What! My kookie are you serious? 📲he asked

📲Yea, she came to treat her son 📲I replied and could feel the resistance in
Dan’s voice.

📲She is married?

📲I don’t know yet?
📲Okay keep me posted, Mira and I will be there tomorrow 📲he said and
hanged up.

Well I have give up on Dan long time ago.
I can’t be a home breaker since they got married.

💎 Jayden POV 💎
I went to check up on Jiso’s son.
I opened the door and went in to see Jiso cuddling him .
“How is he doing? I asked.
“Better” she replied casually
I checked his temperature and step back.
I made to touch her but she slapped my hand off her.
“Don’t you dare Jayden”
“Why? I asked.
“Are you married? I asked.
“No” she replied
“Then who is the father of your son? I asked.
I don’t wanna believe what am seeing right now.

(Love and hate💘 )
Author Promzy

(Why is he wearing artificial face mask?)
☘️ Season two_episode 11 ☘️
💎 Jayden POV 💎
“Who is the father? I asked but she kept quiet.
“Jiso, who is the father? I asked yet again.
“Whomever it is supposed not to be your fu3king concern Jay, will you leave me
the fvck alone? She yelled.
“Am sorry” I said and turned to leave.
“How is my son feeling? She asked
“Better” I replied and left the room sadly.
I went to my office and pick my phone then leave the hospital.
I need to cool off.
I drove home and met Gem and Josh in the sitting room.
“Honey , thought you left for San Francisco already” she asked.
“Well I came back” I replied and headed upstairs.
I took my bath and lay on the bed .
Why is her son wearing artificial face mask?
Is she hiding something or is the boy ugly?
Damn I should have shut up earlier.
I put my phone on silent and slept off.
I woke up an hour later and took another bath after which I ate my lunch and
decided to check up on Jiso and her son.
Jiso have really change a lot.
She’s now secretive,the Jiso I knew doesn’t hide things from me.
I drove back to the hospital and went to there room.
“Hey” I greeted immediately I got in .
Both of them were eating.
“Hi Sir, thanks for saving me anyway” the little boy said and i smiled.
There’s something about the boy that keep bringing me closer to him.
“Hi” she greeted without looking up.
“Hmm, you guys can go home now I will map out a day that am gonna treat
him” I said and she nodded.
“Do you have where to stay? I asked and she looked up.
“Am not broke Jayden, but presently am staying in a hotel.
I’ll find a house soon” she replied.
“Am not saying that you’re broke Jiso, I got a house on sale if you want” I said.
“Cool, take me there” she said and stood up from the bed.
Bryan step down from the bed and help Jiso with her handbag.
Even if the mask is not visible, but surely I know that he’s wearing a mask.
We left the hospital in my car and I drove to my former house which I renovate
to a bigger one.
The house which I once lived in with Jiso.
“So here, I don’t know if you like it”
We get inside and she keep studying the place.
“I love it ” She said.
Maybe she have forgotten about this place, if she have forgotten about it does it
mean that she forgot about the moment we shared here too?
“So what’s the deal? She asked
“You don’t have to, just stay here with your kid” I replied
“I don’t wanna owe you Jayden Choi, so tell me what’s the coin” she asked
“You don’t have to owe me,okay can I have a hug? I asked but she turned and
went outside.
It really hurts, am really trying to get close to her but seems like she doesn’t want

💎 Jiso POV 💎
You want a hug?
Such a joke.
We finally left the place and he drove us to the hotel I am staying.
“Thanks Mr Choi, we you tomorrow” I said and went inside.
I put the house key in my handbag and went upstairs to our room.
I opened the door and Bryan went in.
“Baby do you wanna bath? I asked
“No, am tired” he said and I smiled
“Okay, let’s get our bag set for leaving” I said and went to the closer and started
packing our bag.
After thirty minutes of packing we were set for leaving.
“Mom why are you so harsh to that doctor? Bryan asked.
“Well, beware of snake because when it spits its venom you might never get heal
from the trauma” I replied.
“I still don’t get it”
“Let’s go baby, we will be late”.
We left the hotel after taking care of our bills.
We took a taxi to the house,now looking at the place it look somehow familiar.
Anyways I Can’t remember.
We got to the house and I open it, we carry our luggage’s inside the house and
close the gate.
The house was as neat as
It looks as if someone already done some cleaning here.
I carried our bag upstairs ,I open one of the room and went in I place our bag at
a corner and went deeper inside the room.
Bryan picked my phone and started playing bhad bhabie motor race.
I unpack our bags and went inside the kitchen.
I wasn’t expecting anything there though.
I went in and open the pot which was filled with pasta.
Who made this pasta?
Could it be Jayden?
He us the only one apart from Bryan and Romeo that know my favorite food is
What a gut he have.
That means he got extra hey of this house.
I dished out the pasta for Bryan and I.
“Baby come down let’s have dinner” I yelled to his hearing.
I sat down on the chair waiting for him.
He came down and we started eating.
“Mom when did you cook this? He asked.
“Not me, but some one without job of minding his own business” I replied
We finished the food and dit down on the couch watching TV.
Not long later there was a knock on the gate.
Looks like I have to employ someone to the gate.
I wear my flipflop and went outside.
I opens the gate to see Jayden stand in there.
“What are you doing here? I asked.
“At least you gon’ let me in” he said and make his way inside.
He walk toward the door when i stopped him.
“Tell me what’s you want” I demanded
“I want you Jiso, I want you back into my life” he said and i can’t help but laugh.
“What sort of poem is that? Did you learn it from a psychiatric patient? I asked
“Jiso am sorry, i searched for you I swear i did, am really sorry for what
happened Jiso there is still hope right? He asked.
“No fvcking hope,do you know how much i suffered? All because of you I toll
hard all because I gave too much” I yelled.
“What, why are you acting as if you’re the only one that got hurt? I was hurt too.
I searched for you for almost two years .
I suffered emotional trauma because if you.
You went away and get married now you wanna make me the bad guy huh? He
yelled back .
I lost control and slap him hard.
“How dad you say that? How dare you say that I get married?
I suffered with the pregnancy you faced me, i tolled hard.
I sweat, what right do you have to say what you just said you son of a beast? I
“What did you just said?


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