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(Love and hate💘 )
Author Promzy

(Clara’s revenge)
☘️ Season two_episode 21 ☘️
AfterJiso and Jayden’ s reconciliation things went back to normal like it used to
be years ago.
Jiso visited her father with her son, though her father has advance in age but still
wept like a child when he saw her daughter and grandson.
Sandra who was quiet all along was moved by Jiso’s generosity to her and her
She begged Jiso for forgiveness, though she was hurt but she later forgave her.
Things were normal, Bryan and his father were always seen together.
Jayden was planning to treat his son ailment once and for all, he wasn’t happy
that his son I sick meanwhile he was just so occupied with running of the
He travel here and there, Danielle who often help him is now focused on her
career which she studied in college.
Austin was so happy that finally the two love birds are now together.
Seeing that there stay is no longer needed he went back to the State with his wife
Jiso was already planning to take her son to meet his paternal grandfather.

💎 Jayden POV 💎
I was sitting on my chair going through some files on the table lazily.
Gosh I am so tired.
After crosschecking the papers I send them back to the manager after which o
left for the hospital.
It hasn’t been easy but I manage to run both my family business and mine at the
same time.
I got a call from Jiso immediately I was about to leave the hospital.
📲Hello baby

📲Jayden where are you? 📲she asked

📲Am on my way out of the hospital, you sound off what’s up?

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📲Bryan want you home 📲she replied and I let out a curvy smile.

My son misses me how sweet.

📲Tell him that am on my way back 📲I said and hang up.

I drove off to her house just to meet sweet Bryan.
Everywhere has been boring really.
Austin went back to the State while Romeo left for a business deal in las Vegas.
The gate was opened by the gateman which I hired for them.
I came out of the car and was welcomed by the tight embrace of my son.
“Dad have missed you a lot” he said
“Just those few hours? I missed you too JJ” I replied and carried him inside the
“Jayden” Jiso called immediately I sat down on the couch.
“Am thinking of taking Bryan to meet you dad” she said.
“Good idea, I love that tho” I replied and she smiled.


💎 Jiso POV 💎
Jayden drove inside the compound and I came down with Bryan to the
admiration of the servants who just look on.
“Come on baby” he said and gesture me in while holding Bryan.
We walk inside the house and was greeted by the two piercing eyes of his parent.
We both greeted them and sat down, the food was served and we went to have
dinner in the dinning room.
After dinner we sat on the sofa and Jayden introduce Bryan and myself to his
“Come dear” Mr Choi beckon on Bryan who looked at me for approval and I
He went towards the man who carried him on his laps, I could see the smile on
Mrs Choi’s face.
She is happy to see her grandson but her reaction towards me is indifferent.
“So dad I was thinking if you can tell Bryan our family while I speak with his
mother” Jayden said and the man nodded.
Jayden took me upstairs to a room which looks neat like it has never been used
“Whose room is this? I asked still admiring the room.
“Mine, my mom actually use to clean this room for me daily” he explained and I
made an ‘O’ sound.
I sat on the bed staring at him as he remove his shirt off his body.
“Have you been in touch with your employees? He asked
“Yes,I was having a discussion with my PA on phone some days ago they seems
to be managing well without me” I replied and lay on the bed.
He crawled up to my side and cuddle me to himself.
“When are we leaving? I asked
“After dad and our son had enough fun” he replied and I sigh.
I really want to go home and relax, take a cool shower and sleep.
“How about spending the night here? He asked and I turned abruptly at him.
“What did you just say? You must be kidding me” I replied with a gritted teeth.
He loosen up his grip on my waist and stare to my face.
“What’s wrong with spending a night here? That way Bryan and his grandparent
can get to know each other” he protest.
“Okay, I get it whatever but I need to bath” I said and he climb down the bed
and headed to a door which I assume to me the bathroom and went in.
Few minutes later he came back.
“Have set your bath, now go” he said and sat down while I watch him with
He is really improving.
I went to the bathroom with a towel in my hand.
I got in and enter the bathtub.
I rest my head on the handle and close my eyes.
Things are happening so fast, now that Gem is out of the way.
Everything seems smooth.
I stayed up inside the shower with eye closed suddenly the door was kicked open.
I look back to see Jayden panting heavily.
“While are you such a mess? I asked.
“Are you okay? What are you doing in the bathtub for that long I was fvcking
scared” he yelled.
We’ll I know that am at fault, why did I stay long in the bathtub what if I fell sick?
He left the bathroom angrily which I came out of the tub and dried up myself
with the towel after which I tied it around my chest and went back to the room.
I went in and sat down quietly on the dressing chair when his phone ranged.
He pick it up

📲Hello JC speaking how may I help you? 📲he asked and I waited patiently to
heard from the other end .

I could gear the noise from the other end because Jayden put it on a speak out.

📲How have you been Prof? 📲the female voice asked from the other end.

A female?

📲Who is this? 📲Jayden asked

📲Needless to introduce myself Prof, It’s me Clara your once doctor Clara
📲the voice said and I could see the frown on Jayden’s face.

📲what do you want 📲He asked sternly

📲I want revenge Jayden, 📲Clara want revenge


Who remember doctor Clara from the beginning of this story?

She’s back, released from Jail and want revenge on Jayden.

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