November 29, 2021

Romantic doctor episode 27 – 28


(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(We had s£x)
☘️ Episode 27 ☘️
💎Jiso POV💎
Jayden has been pacing around the rood for the past thirty minutes without talking
to me.
I was really getting scared,what if he breakup with me cuz of Austin?
Why is my past trying to ruin my present and future?
“Jayden stop doing that you are confusing me more, please let’s talk about this
amicably” I said in a low tone.
He looked at me for some seconds and sit down besides me.
“How long did you both dated, like how many years?
Is he the one you gave your virginity to? He asked staring at me.
Now this is it,Jayden is said to get angry easily and act rational sometimes.
“We were friends from childhood,then we started dating when I was a teenager.
He loved me and I did the same back then.
His parents loved me ,but everything changed when my mom died .
They have a change of heart where I am,they call be a jinx.
They claimed that i knew my moms cause of death but to be honest with you I don’t
know anything.
Then my father got married to my step mom,my father turned to a drunkard
Austin left without telling me,we had no issues whatsoever before he left.
NY step mom turned me into a punching bag.
Yes I gave him my virginity back then cuz I love him.
I was plain to him because I pictured a future of us together.
He left me shattered, I pick the remaining pieces of my broken heart and moved on
with the help of my friend Runa
You can loot me Jay but believe it or not ,I have nothing to do with Austin he’s my
past now.
I love only you.
Whatever decision you make won’t change the fact that I love you so much jayden.
I stood up from the bed and looked at him.
“Good night” I said and left the room.
I went out of the room and rushed downstairs fighting back my tears.
I let it all out immediately I got to the garden.
Why me?
I thought I have finally found peace,why all this drama why me?.
I cries profusely,without thinking about anyone.
Austin have decided to torment my life with our unmemorable past.
“It was a memorable one Jisojust that it was with the wrong person” my
subconscious told me.
That was so right, it was indeed memorable.
After pouring out my heart I felt lighter,I stood up from the chair and left the

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💎Jayden POV💎
What the fvck is wrong with me huh?
Am I high on ganja or something?
I couldn’t just think straight at the moment.
Am I gonna just let her go like that? Because of a silly relationship that took place in
the past?
Am such a fool for letting her go after spitting such words.
I’ll let her sleep and address the issue tomorrow morning.
I lay on my bed thinking of what to do.

💎Danielle POV💎
Thank goodness I’m home after so many weeks of traveling around the globe.
I just miss home so much especially Jay,it has been long we last saw each other.
“Thank goodness you’re back Danielle,I was issues on getting Jayden to visit the
company,maybe you can try talking to him” mom said as I sat on a sofa in the living
“We will talk about that tomorrow mom,but as of now i ghatto go up to my room
and freshen up” I said and stand up heading upstairs to my room.
Mom is addicted to disturbing me with stuffs about jay anytime we are together,I
just don’t get why she is doing that.
Gosh I think am gonna hit the club now.
I freshen up and pick one of dad’s car and headed to the club house.
I got to the place and yikes it was lit as hell.
I went to the bar and sit down on the stool before ordering for a drink.
I looked beside me and saw Austin sitting there with a gloomy face.
“Hey what are you doing here? I asked.
“Do you want an honest answer? He asked.
“Yea,so why is your face like a rotten egg?
“I fvcked up big time and seeing it now I just can’t forgive my f**king self.


Jayden woke up and prepare for work with the sole aim of seeing Jiso and making
peace with her.

( the secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘Not edited💘

(I love you very much baby)
☘️ Episode 28 ☘️
💎Jayden POV💎
Haven’t see her this morning .
I felt really bad for what happened,I should have understand her too she’s going
through alot.
I got dress since I’ll be operating a brain cancer patient .
I picked up my wallet and car key before strolling downstairs searching for Jiso with
my eyes as they draft left and right in search of her.
I just wanna apologize so that I could be at peace with my fu3king self.
I got downstairs and met Milli setting the table.
“Good morning sir” she greeted.
“Good morning Milli ,where is Jiso? I asked.
“She is in the room ,I think she’s on phone with someone” she replied.
“Who made breakfast ? I asked.
“She did,she just told me to set he table” she replied and I exhale in relieve.
I thought Milli made the breakfast ,that was just so bad of an idea.
“Call her for me please” i request from Milli.
“Okay sir” she said and dashed out of the dinning room to the hall way leading to
there room.
I was feeling so nervous already,what if she doesn’t wanna see me or she is angry
with me?
What right do I even have to judge her?
I have an ex too,the only difference is that Jiso’s ex is my very good friend.
Whatever may be the case,I have to settle things with my woman for crying out loud
Dan have a woman who loves him a lot.
Jiso walked in looking so gorgeous I her uniform.
I ghat to shop for her,I mean my woman can’t be wearing uniforms around like this
it’s not acceptable.
“You called for me” she asked her gaze on mine.
I scratched my hair thinking of a perfect way to start this.
I am perfect with everything I do so this shouldn’t be an exceptional.
“I am sorry baby, please let’s just forget about everything and move on.
I will handle Dan myself” i said her gaze still holding that expressionless face.
“Do you still love me? I mean after knowing all this did your love decrease for me?
She asked as tears stroll down her cheek.
I was touched by her cry,I couldn’t take it.
I walk closer to her and cupped up her chin with my hand ,I used my thumb to
clean the tears strolling down her cheek.
“I hate you being like this,I hate seeing you crying because of me.
It breaks me” I said
“You know and I know that I love you so much,i love you very much baby yikes at
you really asking me that question?
She looked at me for some seconds and place her lips on mine ,she kissed me
passionately with all the love built in her.
A scream jerked us out of our tour to passion.
I looked around to see one of the maid looking at us.
“Am… …..sir…..sorry ..I wasn’t looking” she stammers and run out of the
“Shit,this is what I was afraid of” Jiso mutters under her breath.
“Its nothing baby she’s just a maid,they have no say whatsoever” I assured her.
“So…you are off to work? Ain’t you gonna have breakfast? She asked.
“Nah babe, I will just order something online to eat” I said and kissed her before
walking to the door.
“Babe get dressed in the evening were going somewhere” I said before walking out
of the door.
The main reason why I love her so much,she is a carefree angel and so forgiving.
Kindhearted and lovable.
Blessed is the day I met you Jiso.
I walk into one of my cars and drove out of the compound as the gateman opened
the gate for me.
“Bye sir” he said and I smiled at him.
I dial Daniel number immediately I hit the highway and place the earphone on .
The first ring but he didn’t picked up so I tried calling him again.
“Jayden”he called immediately he picked up.
“We need to Talk,meet me in my office let’s eat lunch together later” I said.
“Alright I’ll be there” he said and disconnected the call.
Dan is not a bad person neither is he a good person.
His behavior depends on whom he is dealing wit.
I just hope that this turn out good ,I know that the feeling he have for Jiso in the
past might resurrect on seeing her but that isn’t love,it’s calls lust.
I got to the hospital and went straight to my office amidst greetings from my
“Good morning prof” they greeted as I climb make use of the public elevator today.
Normally I usually make use of my private elevator but I just felt like using the
public one today.
I got to my office and make use of the bathroom immediately.
I came out few seconds later and make use of the telephone.

☎️Good morning prof ☎️Mrs Kim greeted.

☎️Good morning Mrs Kim,please bring the record of the brain patient to my office
ASAP ☎️I said.

☎️ Okay sir ☎️she said and I hanged up .

Nurse Kim has been working I this hospital for the past eight years,she is the
director of the nurses in the hospital.
Diligent in her job,I love people who knows what they do the best,she’s like a
mother to me.
Few minutes later a knock came in.
“Come in” I gestured whomever it may be in.
The door opened and Mrs Kim entered.
“Here is the file sir”she said and hand over the record.
“Alright you can go” I said in a dismissal tone.
She left and I concentrate on the health record.

💎Jiso POV💎
I went inside our room when Jayden left.
On getting in the maids kept quiet with there gaze fixed on me.
My leg couldn’t carry me anymore,I was a shame at the same time.
“You are dating master? One of them asked.
“Yes” I replied when I find my voice.
“Wow! You are so lucky Jiso” she said and the rest concurred.
“Yes she is a lucky type” the said and I smiled.
“That means you are no more one of us Jiso” they said with smiles.
I left them and went to take my bath after which I sleep off.
When I woke up it was Already noon.
I stood up and went to take a quick shower and start preparing for the outing with
I was so happy,this is what I have been secretly wishing for.
I just wanna have fun with him all the time .

💎 Dan POV 💎
I knew what Jayden wanna talk about.
I also want to talk to him concerning the issue too.
I got to the hospital and went to his office,i opened the door and went in luckily he
was there.
I sat down after we exchanged greeting.
He cleared his throat and stare at me for some minutes.
“I love Jiso Dan,I can’t do without her she owns a space in my heart already” he said
as he scratch his hair.
“I never knew she was your ex,please Dan you know me too well than this.
I hardly get attracted to just any type of lady,I got acquainted with her ,I fell in love
with her.
I can’t just leave her Dan ” he said
“I understand,I know how you feel bro I just have one request of you.
Please allow me to have a chat with Jiso I need to tell her everything that happened
back then.
I hate to think that she hates me for leaving like that” I said and he smiled.
“No qualms about that” he replied.
“I’ll be on my way now,had to see someone” I said and walk out.
I finally found out that Jiso deserve someone Bette than me ,someone who is not a


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