November 29, 2021

Romantic doctor episode 32 – 33


(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

(Let’s be friends)
☘️Episode 32☘️
💎 Jayden POV 💎
I feel restless,I know that I was the one that permit them to see each other but I feel
What if……gosh.
I can’t take it,I mean it doesn’t make sense that I allowed my girlfriend to go and see
her ex,wtf was I thinking?
Its like sending a fish to the river when you probably knows that it won’t come back.
I pick up my phone and dial her number,it ranged but she wasn’t picking up.
I called her up to five times but she didnt pick up any of em.
I called Liam instead.
📲Good day boss 📲

📲Where is she? 📲i asked snubbing his greetings.

📲Still inside 📲he replied.

📲Oh,tell her not to stay out long 📲I said before hanging up.

I was rubbing my neck nervously.
This is way beyond my thought.
I pick a drink from the fridge and gulp it down my throat.
Few minutes later my phone ranged.
She was calling.
📲Baby are you through? 📲I asked

📲Yea am sorry for not picking up when you were calling,my phone was on
silent 📲she explained.

📲No qualms baby,on your way right?

📲Yes we are heading home already 📲She replied
📲Alright take care 📲I said and hang up.

Now am relieved, can’t imagine Jiso in another mans arm gosh its gross.

Then I received a video call from Danielle.
📲Hi bro

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📲Danielle you left the country? I asked when I saw the background of the place.

📲Yea,I have a meeting with the CEO of Mida Corporation 📲She replied.

📲Lil baby is now a full time business woman 📲I said with a smile.

📲Wish you can do the same Jay 📲she said

📲Not yet Danielle,I am planning on building an hospital in one of my lands
though after that then
ghat to go now,she’s here 📲she said and disconnect the call.

Phew that was just a narrow escape from more questions.
💎 Jiso POV 💎
Meeting Austin resurrect the buried emotions in my heart.
I feel guilty for misjudging him but then it sadden my heart that he really went
through all that for my safety.
“I’m sorry my Kookie” he apologize.
I was speechless.
What is this am so fu3king confused.
“I forgive you Austin,I am sorry too” I said as we hugged each other tears pouring
down my eyes.
I was really touched by his story.
We disengaged and he smiled cleaning my face with his handkerchief.
“Don’t cry kookie,you are in a save hands already and that’s what matters
That’s one thing about Austin,he tend to understand difficult situation better than
anyone else.
“Let’s be friends” he proposed.
“Yea let’s be friends” I replied.
I left the restaurant after exchanging numbers with him.
He is just too matured.
We got home and I went to our room(maids room) and sat on the bed since the
room was vacant.
Everything happened for a reason.
I took a quick bath and changed to my normal working wear.
I love Jayden a lot but I can’t ignore the fact that I still have a tingle feeling for
Austin not After hearing from him.
But then he is my past and needs to remain like that,Jayden is my present and that’s
what matters at the moment.
I went upstairs to Jayden’s room and clean it up after I was through I lay on the bed
going through his photo album including the ones on the wall.
The guy is just too handsome,it would have been better if he was an idol.
His pink lips ,dark eyes and clean beard makes everything about him fascinating.
I was still thinking of him when j decided to take a nap.
I slept off with the hope of waking up before Jayden comes back.
Dan on his part was happy that he have cleared his name from Jiso’s bad book.
He drove home with the hope of leaving for America soonest.
Jayden’s parent have resort on Calling there son into order.
The fact that he refused to connect himself with the family business disturbs his
mother a lot.
Jayden mother decided to have a chart with her son.

💎 Jayden POV 💎
I left the office and went home.
I just wanna see her and make sure she’s alright.
I get off the car and went inside the house,no one was in the sitting room so I
headed up to my room.
Opened it with the remote and went inside to see her sleeping peacefully on the bed.
I went closer and sat beside her while I used my hand to remove the strand of hair
on her face.
She looked so calm.
I wonder what they talked about.
I bend and kissed her forehead .
She opened her eyes on the process.
“Oh ,never meant to wake you up” I said
But rather she hugged me tightly to herself.
“Are you okay? I asked.
“I’m fine,just want to feel your warmth” she said and I smiled .
I stroke her hair with my hands while she giggles.
“I love you Jayden”she said.
“I know” I replied
“Don’t you ever leave me,if you do I’ll kill myself” she said.
“Am never gonna do that baby,you’re mine” I said and kissed her hair.
Why is she saying all this?
Is she feeling insecure just Like I am?
I just want to make you mine quickly Jiso that’s just how much I want you to be
mine forever.
I want to get married to you.
From the look of things ,I don’t think I can do without you too.

(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(I’m in love with someone)
☘️ Episode 33 ☘️
💎 Jiso POV 💎
I want him,I want to feel his touch against my body.
I want him inside of me.
I started unbuttoning his shirt much to his surprise.
“What are you doing? He asked.
“What does it look like? Of course I want your d!ck buried under my leg” i replied .
I don’t really know when I started to talk naughtily.
“Fu3k do you know what you just said? He asked and I nodded.
“It turned me the fu3k on” he replied and turned me over the bed his mouth and
mine fighting for supremacy.
I couldn’t get enough of his,my hands darted to his trouser while I loosen his belt I
pit my hand inside his short and grab hold of his manhood.
“Fu3k Jiso you’re making me go insane” he said and groan.
Am glad he is reacting to my touch the way I react to his.
I brought it out and started stroking it stylishly.
Because of Jayden I watch all kind of XX videos,I wanted to satisfy him more than I
use to.
I want him to get addicted to me.
“He kissed and bite my neck while I m0an in pleasure.
This is the third time we are having s£x,I want to carry his baby but it seems like
what I wanted isn’t what am seeing.
I mean we had s£x without protection neither was I on pill but there was no sense
of pregnancy.
I really wish I could get pregnant for him.
I want to carry his blood within me.
He removed my gown and throw it to the floor while he assault my [email protected] as he
I allowed him do all he want,I want to satisfy him on bed so that he won’t be able to
touch another lady except me.
I can’t imagine Jayden in this position with another lady,it’s gonna kill me.
He kissed me down to my abdomen and quickly remove his hand glove and resume
to kissing me.
I dig my hand inside his hair the moment his mouth touched my c**t.
Damn it I couldn’t help but m0an,I was going crazy.
He keep tasting every inch of me while I m0an in pleasure.
I was reaching my orgasm.
I was about to cvm.
“Am… cvmming haaa” I screamed.
“Come for me baby” he said as he continue his assault down there.
I orgasm while screaming on top of my voice,my juice splash all over while Jayden
keep licking em.
After he was through he came up and kissed my lips making me to taste myself
from his mouth.
fvck that was so erotic .
He slide his d**k inside my opening while he ride me to himself.
While all this was happening my wish was for it to turn around and favor me like I
He keep riding me while I m0an.
“Oh….my gosh, Jayden” I m0aned.
“Yea,keep saying my name baby you know it’s a big turn on to me” he groaned.
Another thing so sweet about Jayden is that he can make you cvm even without
touching you but by his naughty words.
He released inside me while I followed suit.
He layed beside me cuddling me to himself.
“I love you” he whispered but I was too tired to reply.
I drifted off to sleep without washing myself.

💎 Jayden POV 💎
Tonight felt so different.
She acted like an expert tonight.
I couldn’t just get enough of her.
Never felt like this with anybody not even Gem makes me feel this way.
I love her so much.
She was sleeping peacefully while I stroke her hair with my hands.
I stood up and went to the bathroom after bathing i came out wearing my short
I lay beside her and sleep off too.


I woke up to see Jiso checking out a cloth inside my closet.
I went near her and back hugged her.
“Good morning handsome” she greeted.
“Good morning baby” I replied and kissed her hair.
“What are you doing with that shirt? I asked.
“Oh,you are going to wear them to work today” she said.
“Good,I will just sit down and watch you select my clothes for me” I said and sat
down on the chair beside my dressing table
She brought out a shirt shirt and a navy blue suit .
I hate wearing suit” I complained.
“Well you bought it and I love it,I love to see you on suit everyday” she replied.
“That is what turns me on” she replied and bite her lower lips.
Why is she doing that
“As you wish my lady” I said and she laughed
“Stop acting funny and go take your bath,I will prepare a quick meal for you” she
said and walk out.
I am so lucky to have her in my life.
After taking my bath I went she brought breakfast which I ate to my satisfaction.
I went outside when cars drove in.
Of course I know who it is.
I waited for her to come down,I winder what brought her to my house this is the
second time in four years she will be stepping her foot here.
“Good morning mom” I greeted immediately she came down
“Good morning son,you’re going out already? She asked and I nodded
“We have to talk and it’s important” she said while walking inside the house and I
followed her behind.
“You’re…..” Jiso was about to say something when her eyes landed on mom.
“Good morning madam”she greeted.
That is how I want the whole of Korea to be addressing this lady .
Mom nodded and sat on a couch.
Jiso brought a cup of water which mom collected with a smile.
“So mom what brought you here? I asked when Jiso brought the water.
“Jay,I want you to take over your father’s companies,I mean he is old and still
working,traveling around the world while he have a son to do that for him ” she said.
“But mom…..”
“No but Jayden” she cut me short.
“Also it has been years already,at you still hurt for Gem? You should move on my
son ,I want a grandchild from you” she ssid an i laughed.
Grandchild indeed.
“I’ll start working for dad when I fulfilled my dream as a doctor,and also am not
into Gem anymore.
I love someone else now” I replied.
My last line got her .
Why did I make that statement?
“Wow! That’s nice.
Who is she? From which family?
What’s her family status? She asked


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