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Romantic doctor episode 40 – 41

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(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(I am sorry my love)

☘️ Episode 40 ☘️
💎 Jayden POV 💎
What the hell is she doing here?
I walk up to her in surprise and stare at her with a stern look.
“What the fu*k are you doing here? I asked her.
Jiso was behind me,looking at me with confusion.
“Gem answer the damn question” I yelled and she flinched.
“I……I am sorry my love” she pleaded and I chuckled
“Sorry? For what? For breaking my heart or by duping me? I asked furiously.
All the pains are now fresh,the memories keep coming back,I was loosing it.
On seeing the situation,Jiso hold my hand and fumble it.
“Keep it low and hear her out” she whispered to my ear.
Is she okay?
I took a deep breath and face Gem.
“Okay what do you want? I asked.
She looked at me and then to Jiso.
“Can we talk in private? She asked and I scoffed.
I put my hand across Jiso’s waist and drawl her closer to myself.
“She is my girlfriend and to crown it all she’s not doing it for clout, she love my the
way I am and not a clout chaser” I said and Jiso looked at me and smile.
She go down on her knees to my surprise,when did Gem learn to ask for
forgiveness in such humble way?
“I am sorry for everything, I used the trust that you have for me and betray you, I
broke you down and am very sorry Jayden please don’t do this to me” she begged.
“I forgive you Gem but there’s never going to be us again” I replied and drag Jiso
inside the house.
Like seriously who does she think she is?
She left and then come back to continue am not dumb.
We enter the sitting room and I release Jiso’s hand.
“Are you okay? She asked.
“Yes am fine,I am” I replied and kissed her lips fiercely and passionately.
I just want to clear Gem from my head.
I don’t really care if the maids are watching us of course they are but I need this
She broke the kiss and stare at me.
“We need to talk” she said and climb upstairs.
I quickly followed her to clear any doubt she have.
I am still hers and nothing can change her,not even my weakness .

💎 Jiso POV 💎
His ex is back and to be sincere he is still hurt.
The way he kissed me shows it all.
“Jiso,why are you behaving this way” he asked when he catch up on me.
“I should be the one to ask you that, why are you hurt because of her? I fired back.
He looked at me for some minute before dragging me to his room.
“You’re hurting me” I winched
He let go of my hand and stare at me.
“Jiso she is my ex,my first love , the one I showered all my love and wealth.
But she dumped me why? For her own selfish reasons.
I was broken on seeing her again,all the past wound started to fresh up.
Am a human,I just showed how emotional I am.
She is my past and you’re my future.
I love you Jiso, please don’t leave me too” he pleaded and a tear escaped his eyes.
This is the first time I’ll be seeing him cry,he never does that before.
I hugged him tight,patting his back on the process.
“Am never going anywhere Jayden,we will face it all together” I assured him.
He laughed at the way I was petting him.
“Jiso I feel like a little boy right now” he said and I laughed.
“Don’t be silly”
He grabbed me by my waist and pull me closer to himself.
Our face were inches apart, my breathing radiated , we can now gear each other
heartbeat loud and clear.
“I love you Jiso” he said more like a whisper.
“And I love you more” I replied and he captured my lips on his.
Within a twinkle of an eye we were both on the bed unclad.
He thrust in and out of me with so much passion that I feel better.
I just love him with so much passion.

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💎 Danielle POV 💎
Gem came to the house.
I never knew that she is back to Korea until Jay tell me.
She has the gut to come and apologize after everything she and her family did.
To crown it all , mom forgave her and said she is way better than the clout chaser.
I was pissed but what can I do?
Innocent Jiso needs to be strong in order to fight off mom and Gem.
I just pray that dad approve of their relationship soon,that way everything will be
simple for them.

(The secret❤️ romance )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(The weakness )

☘️ Episode 41 ☘️
💎 Gem POV 💎
Now I got Mrs Choi on my side,
I can’t wait to have my Jayden back.
Jiso or whatever she’s called,that bitch got some nerve huh.
She have high taste unlike a girl of her status.
I heard she was from the slums.
Well she won’t last,not when I am here in Korea.
I searched for Jayden’s number which I collected from his mom earlier and dial it.
📲Hello, Jayden Choi on the line who is this please 📲he asked.

📲I miss you 📲I said and I bet he will be surprise.

📲Gem? Who gave you my number? 📲he asked.

📲Your mom,seriously Jayden please just give us a second chance huh 📲I begged

Just listen to yourself,Gem I told you that I have a woman in my life now please
leave me alone he said and hanged up.
What the hell?
Jayden will never do this to me,he can never behave this way,to top it all hanging up
on me.
I just detest that stupid girl in his life.
I stood up from my bed and stood beside the window.
You can’t leave me Jayden.
You can’t resist me ,we both know that.

💎 Jayden POV 💎
What is her problem?
She should just leave me the hell alone, I have more pressing issues to attend to
than thinking of her.
What was I even thinking.
I looked beside the bed and could see Jiso sleeping peacefully.
She look so fragile,like seriously is she…..
I will have to run a test on her soon.
I place her head on my chest and smiled.
“She look so adorable.
“Good morning” she greeted.
“Good morning baby” I replied with a kiss.
“Are you going out? She asked.
“No dear,am gon’ stay with you all day” I replied.
“You are so sweet” she complemented.
“Now come ,I’ll brush your teeth myself” I offered and she close her face with her
“Come on,you look like a puppy” i said and carry her out of the bed to the
She is so small and sweet.
The small woman that captured my heart.
I just want us to be happy together,she have gone through a lot in life just like I am.
I want her to live a peace and happy life right now.
I am all she have and I love to be her all and all.
I put the paste on her brush and started brushing her teeth.
“I can do that Jayden” she insisted.
“Well I wanna do it myself” I replied and continue with it.
After brushing her teeth and raising it I placed her inside the bathtub after loosing
her night dress.
“You look s£xy” I told her and she blushed.
After bathing her I dried her up with towel and carry her inside my room.
I placed her on the bed and cover her up with the duvet.
I pressed the bell beside my bed and a maid was seen standing in front of the door.
I opened the door with the remote.
“Get me two cup of piccolo latte” I said and she went out.
I went to my closet and picked a big shirt for her to wear.

💎 Jiso POV 💎
He is so sweet.
Don’t blame me for acting like that yesterday but I feel so insecure seeing him
behaving like that because of his ex girlfriend.
“Back to earth babe” he said and I look up to see him holding a coffee mug in his
I didn’t even know when it was brought.
I collect the mug and started sipping the coffee.
“So tell me,what the hell are you eating? You are getting fat or are you pregnant? He
asked and I coughed out the coffee in my mouth.
“What……what are you saying? I asked
“I don’t she anything showing that I am pregnant,and my body weight may be
because of the quantity of food I eat” I added.
“Okay then”
His phone rang and he picked it up.
After answering the call which i assume is from the hospital he turned to face me.
“Am sorry baby,I won’t be able to stay with you I have an emergency In the
hospital” he said and rush to his closet.
He dress up and kissed my lips
“Take care” he said and left in a hurry.
After some minutes I became bored,I went downstairs and sat on a couch.
I was playing video game when Milli came in with a bodyguard I think.
“Madam you have a visitor” she said and I looked at the man.
I don’t think I know him from anywhere before.
“Good day ma’am, I believe you’re miss Jiso , Mr Choi demand your presence in the
house tomorrow” he announced.
Mr Choi?
“He said that you should come alone” he added and left.
I was speechless.
Mr Choi?


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