November 29, 2021

Romantic doctor episode 5 – 6


(Jayden πŸ‘€)
Author Promzy

πŸ’˜ Not edited πŸ’˜

☘️Episode 5☘️

πŸ’Ž Doctor Kim’s POV πŸ’Ž
Jayden’s attitude is becoming annoying each passing day.
Though I like the fact that he is not here and I’ll be in charge of this surgery.
Ever since he started working in this hospital no one have ever recognize who I am.
I wonder why he is working in this hospital while he can possibly build a bigger one
for himself.
Kids from a rich home behaving like brats.
I don’t blame him though.
All thanks to him I’ll be handling this surgery
“Will you come over yo the Opt(Operation theater) or you want someone to die?
Nana yelled joting me outta my thoughts.
I hurriedly change to the theater dress code and dash out of my office.
I enter the theater and saw the laying figure.
I wish to save you beauty, I hope I can.
“I trust you Kim, even if Jayden is not here you will do a good job, fighting ” she
said boasting up my courage.
I breathed in and collect the scalpel from the tray the nurse was holding.
I open up the girl’s stomach and started cleaning the wounded area.
I cut the affected part of her stomach, after much doing and undoing I stitch her up.
I was pleased with myself that I succeeded in the surgery.
Now my name will be recognized by folks out there who thought that there is no
other good surgeon in Changan except from Jayden.
I was still engrossed in my thought when the noise call for my attention.
“What’s going on? I asked the panicked nurse Kim
“She is not breathing ” she retorted
“What? , check the blood if it’s still in fusing “I ordered in panic.
I don’t wanna have anybody die in my hands.
“Its not ” she replied
“Connect the oxygen immediately ” I ordered.


Jayden POV πŸ’Ž
A knock woke me up.
“Come in” I ordered and a maid came inside my room.
“Someone is asking of you master” She said.
Who could that be?
“Okay I will be out in a jiffy” I said and she bowed and went out.
After sleeping for sometime the tipsy I felt earlier clear from my eyes.
I decided to take a bath but decide against it.
I need to see the intruder who came here by this time if the night.
I wear my flip flop and stroll out of my room.
I climbed downstairs and was surprised to see Nana in my mansion.
“Nana? I called since she was backing me.
She turned swiftly and face me.
“Thank goodness you’re here Prof, there was an emergency at the hospital and since
you said you were tired we allowed Kim to carry out the surgery.
After the surgery, it turns bad as the patient stopped breathing ” she stated.
“What? Let me get my car key” I said and rushed upstairs to my room.
I came back again in my casual night dress.
I enter my car and drove off while Nana did the same.
After what took like fifteen minutes drive we arrived at the hospital.
I came down from my car and rushed inside the hospital.
I can’t let another person to die in this hospital due to a common carelessness.
A nurse quickly hand over the theater dress to me and I wore it immediately.
“Where is the surgery taking place? I asked Nana who was still trying to catch her
“Upstairs, Opt number 50” she said and I run up.
I entered the Opt and the nurses breath in relieve.
Kim was already sweating profusely.
“Let me” I said and he pave way for me.
I used my stethoscope and check the girl but just like it was said she wasn’t
I immediately noticed that something went wrong during the surgery.
“Scalpel ” I ordered and the nudes brought in a new sterilized equipment.
I open her up again and started searching for the mistake, then it occur to me that
he stitched up the skin with her bone making it impossible for her to live after that.
I cut out the stitches and clean up the mess before reattaching it again.
I stitched up her stomach and check the blood transfusion that was going on.
“Nurse Kim, call me when the patient wakes up maybe five to six hours from now”
I said and she nodded.
I walk out of the Opt with Kim and Nana trailing behind me.
I get to my office and let loose.
“What the hell were you thinking when you were operating on her huh? Do you
want to kill someone? I yelled at him.
“No, if she had died you will be blame for it, cus you din take up your responsibility
as the professor of this hospital ” he fired back at me.
“Wow! You have grown wings alot, anyways that’s past “I said as I remove the
theater wear and remove the glove before heading out.
“Jayden, are you going back to your house? Nana asked.
“Yes” I replied
“Okay, am on night duty take care “She said before going back.
Nana is a good lady, she’s respectful and intelligent, I have taste for ladies like her.
Intelligent and smart ladies, but too bad I see her as my junior sister.
No feelings attached.
I entered my car and drove off to my house.

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πŸ’Ž Runa POV πŸ’Ž
Thank God that Jayden came early, else what would have be of my poor friend?
She was transfer from the Opt to a ward.
I looked at her and a tear escape from my eyes when I remember what Sandra said
when I told her about the accident.
“She should die for all I care, I don’t mind a dime ” she said.
Okay that was just too much for my poor Jiso.
Where am I gonna get the money for her hospital bills?
Am just an orphan girl living, striving all alone to make end meets.
Where do I find money for my friend’s bills?
Where should I start begging from?
Changan is a hospital known for rich people but I brought her here without
thinking, maybe it is because I was confidence that she will be treated better here.
As far as she’s save the money is a little riddle to solve.
I keep looking after her till I fell asleep.

πŸ’Ž Nana POV πŸ’Ž
Why was he looking at the patient like that?
Jayden and I studied at the same university, we were course mate and we did our
convocation the same time.
I have been crushing on him all this while.
Since he is not the type that talk too much I kept my feelings secluded.
He respect me unlike how he behaves to others.
I wish that respect can turn to love cud am in love with him so much.
Two years ain’t two minutes.
I went back to my office and took my record and went to attend to my patients.
At least I have to keep doing a good job in other not to end up like Clara.
I pity that Clara of a girl, she was never serious ever since she got employed to
Changan so it was not surprising when I heard what she did.
I just hope that she come out soon.
Sandra wanted to call Runa and ask her the hospital they’re in but her ego couldn’t
let her.
Kim on the other hand keep regretting why he talked back at Jayden, now his stay in
the hospital is under probation.
Jayden couldn’t just get the patient face off his mind.
The sleeping face keep appearing to him.
“Who is this young girl? He keep asking himself for over a hundred times.
He slept off with the thought of the young girl on his mind.


(JaydenπŸ‘€ )
Author Promzy

πŸ‘‘ Not edited πŸ‘‘

☘️ Episode 6☘️
(The Bill)
πŸ’Ž Nana POV πŸ’Ž
When the day breaks I prepare to go home but not after attending to some of the
I started by checking up on the little girl that was operated on last night.
“Hi” I greeted her guardian who was looking after her.
“Good morning doctor ” she greeted and yawn sleepyhead
“How is your friend? Has she woken up before? I asked
“No Unni, she have not wake up yet” She retorted.
I check her up and she was okay.
I wrote down the report and left them.
I pity the little girl, I just hope that they are rich, cus her bill will merit the sweat.
I walk back into my office and drop the file.
I pick my bag and headed outside, I need to bath before I started to stink .

πŸ’Ž Jiso POV πŸ’Ž
I open my eyes and everywhere was dark, suddenly it started getting bright.
I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
The first person I saw beside me was Runa.
Is she here all along?
“Runa ” I called and she raised her head immediately.
“Jiso you’re awake”she said happily.
“Well, am not dead you know ” I said and roll my eyes.
“You slept more than the doctor predicted, I started getting scared myself ” she said
with all seriousness.
“Erhm, that reminds me where is Omma? I asked scanning my eyes at every corner
of the ward.
“You mean Sandra? She asked.
“Yes, didn’t you told her about my accident? I questioned sadly.
“Well I told her but guess what she said”
“What did she say? I asked nervously.
“She said she careless, you can go to hell for all she care” she retorted and I felt my
tears dropping.
I can’t believe that I still address that woman as mom, someone who doesn’t care if
I am dead or alive.
I so much detest you Sandra.
I hate you!!
“Don’t worry Jiso, am here for you” she said and I nodded.
I asked her about my operation and she told me everything.
“You mean to say that, Jayden the Choi empire heir, the best surgeon in Changan
was the one who operated on me last night? I asked in disbelief.
“Exactly, he performed a miracle on you last night ” she said
I smiled at hearing that.
“Come on, I’ll go get the nurse” she said and left the room.
I just wonder what would have happened to me if Jayden din come to my rescue.
Runa and the nurse came back some minutes later.
The nurse check me up and leave.
“Runa, what do we do about my bill? I asked with a faint voice.
“We will talk about that later” she said in a consoling tone.
I just nodded and close my eyes.

πŸ’Ž Jayden POV πŸ’Ž
I was already in my office going through the morning report when nurse Kim
knocked at the door.
“Come in” I invited.
She came in and close the door behind her.
“Prof, the patient is awake now ” she said and I nodded.
She left and I follow up.
I enter the ward and my eyes met with that of the mysterious girl.
She ghat this face that I can’t comprehend.
“Good morning doctor ” she and her guardian greeted and I just nod my head.
I check her up and she was okay so I decided to leave but her voice stopped me.
“Thanks for saving my life doctor ” she said
I was mesmerized by her voice.
Being the kind of person that I am I just smile a little and walk out.
That girl is something else.
My phone ranged and I pick it up.

πŸ“± Hello i said to the caller.

πŸ“± You have refused to check up on me, that’s not fair the voice said.
I can recognize that voice anywhere at anytime.

πŸ“±Danielle, you should understand that I don’t have time for chit chat, if you have
something serious to say text me or come to my office or main house I retorted

πŸ“±Whatever, send your cook to me am hungry She said making me more tired
than I was earlier.

πŸ“±You can cook for yourself or better still order for it, am hanging up now I said
before disconnecting the call.
Taking responsibility as Danielle bro is like deciding to be an overuse slave.
She is the laziest been I ever came across.
I wonder if she’s not planning to get married anytime soon.
I lay down on one of the couch in my office trying to catch some sleep when a
knock came again.
“Come in ” I said
The girl whom I perform surgery on yesterday night that I latter got to know that
her name is Jiso, her guardian came inside my office.
I offered her a seat and she sat down.
“What can I do for ya? I asked in my American accent.
“Jiso my friend is helpless, am also an orphan I have no money on me neither her
does she have any.
Her father is now totally useless while her stepmother careless about her.
There is no way to raise the hospital bill if we get one.
Please have mercy on my poor friend ” she said now kneeling down.
What was that about?
Danielle was burning cus of how her bro cit her off.
“What the fu3k is wrong with him huh
“Just watch how I play my games Jayden ” she said with a smirk.


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