November 29, 2021

Romantic doctor season 2 episode 1 – 2


(Love and hate💘 )
Author Promzy

☘️ Season 2_episode 1 ☘️

💎 Jiso POV 💎
We get to the province and i pay the taxi man.
After he left i started wandering around the place.
Where do i go from here?
Where will i stay?
I don’t know any fu3king body in this province.
My mind raced back to Jayden that asshole.
I loved him, i gave him everything that i have.
My body ,my heart, my trust, my everything.
Don’t i satisfy him like Gem used to?
He could have told me and i will learn more.
Just why did Jayden toyed with my feelings like this huh?
I left Austin for him, i gave him my body.
What else does he want from me that i haven’t gave up to him?
I wipe the tears in my eyes when i saw an old woman staring at me.
She came closer and wiped my tears with her thumb.
“Don’t be down my child,its not good in your condition” she said.
My condition?
“Your child won’t be happy to see you like this,whatever it is that’s making you
shed tears is not worth it.
Be happy for the sake of your blood” she said.
I was shocked, how did she know that i am pregnant?
Maybe it is already obvious or what?
“Grandmother i…”
“Don’t talk too much dear,come lets go to my house and tell me your problem”
she said and lead the way while i oblige and follow her up.
We got to her small house and she brought out seat for me , i sat down and she
did same.
“Now can you tell me your problem? She asked
This granny doesn’t look like a bad person,it wont hurt telling her my story.
I told her the story of my life and how i found myself here.
Since i started talking she never interrupt me,she listen attentively to what i have
to say.
“That is quite sad my child, don’t worry about it you will be just fine” she assured
and i nodded.
She allowed me to stay in her house of two bedroom and parlour.
That was how i started living with Omma nayeon.
kept my money safely in a safe and took little to start business.
I started selling beancake along the road in the scorching hot sun.
Grandma advice me not yo stress myself much but i have to.
I can’t live here forever.
I wake up early in the morning and make beancake after which i will go off and
sell it along the road.
That was the only way to survive.
I became extraordinary skinny though i am heavily pregnant.
I started going for ante natal in the local hospital.
Life wasn’t easy for me but i am more determine to succeed.
After receiving a call from Runa once i break my sim card and phone.
I don’t want them to get to me.
I just want to start a new life where my child and i will be happy.
With my swollen legs i run after vehicles trying to sell my goods.
At the end of the day i end up with a big bang headache.
In the first three months of my pregnancy i was still seen selling cake along the
My fellow roadside hawkers pity me but i don’t need anybody’s help or pity.
I want to stand for myself.
I want to be a selfless woman,an independent woman who can take care of her
child to any length in life.
I want to be that lady that will be use as example for young girls especially

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💎 Jayden POV 💎
After that day i feel awful,
I got mad at myself.
I was broken,why on earth did i do that?
What is this that was getting me attracted to Gem?
Now the deed is done,i hate her with passion.
Dad already engage us.
He said since i love Gem more than Jiso then it is good.
Will Jiso ever forgive me?
Where on earth is she?
I have tried searching for her,i went to her house but couldn’t find her there.
I called her friend but she couldn’t give me a positive answer.
I know that i was wrong,yes i know.
Since five months now i have turned to a smoker,i smoke anything smokable.
Right now i live a frustrated life.
Engaged to Gem and lost Jiso.
She loved me, it might seems like a joke but i love her so much.
Not just her body but her beautiful heart too.
I missed her, Gem and i now live together .
Damn seeing her face every morning makes me sick.
She suddenly stop looking attractive to me anymore.
I see her as an old woman.
I want my Jiso back.
“You put yourself in this condition Jay, that stupid feelings you have for that
girl” Danielle cursed.
“Elle believe me, that was a mistake i love Jiso so much.
I want her back” i said.
“Keep searching for her then” she replied and walk out on me.
I locked myself up smoking and drinking.
It has always been like this for the past five months.
Am sorry Jiso, i thoroughly enjoyed every bit of time i spent with you and want
more of it.
Please come back.
I stopped going to work.
The last time i stepped outside was when they announced that Jiso has been
Turned out it was a prank.
Within those five months my hospital was already up for opening.
I just don’t feel like it because something was missing in my path which is the
one i love.
My mind raced back to all the sweet memories we had together.
I went to the bathroom and wash up after which i went downstairs and met
Gem setting the table.
“Baby come lets have dinner” she summoned
I sat on the couch with leg crossed.
“Milli” i called and she quickly appeared.
“Yes sir” she answer.
“Make my dinner” i ordered and she left for the kitchen.
“But Jayden, i prepared dinner already” Gem said.
“I told you that i can’t eat you food” i said with a glare.
“Please Gem,you have caused enough trouble for me,now leave me in peace” i
yelled and she flinched.
I can’t be normal until i find my Jiso.
Jayden’s attitude ever since Jiso left grow from bad to worst.
He automatically turned to an introvert.
He became cold like ice, he keep himself under house arrest.
He keep injecting himself with a torturing injection.
He tortured himself with harmful injection.
“I want to feel every bit of the pain she’s going through right now”


(Love and hate💘 )
Author Promzy

☘️ Season 2_episode 2 ☘️

💎 Gem POV 💎
So what is wrong with this nigga huh?
I have tried all tactics to make him scvmble to my request but no,he is making
things so fu3king difficult for me right now.
I ate my food in silence while Milli brought his for him.
I felt like purging, I rushed to the bathroom and let out everything that I had.
God what was that?
I turned to see Jayden’s eyes on me.
“What is wrong with you? He asked.
“Nothing,i am fine” I replied and he turned and left.
Wait what!! His not gonna say sorry?
You’re a big jerk Jayden, fu3k you.
I went upstairs to our room and met Jay den staring at his phone,I ignore him
and went to my bag I brought out a STP and went to the bathroom.
I am pregnant,I rushed inside the room with excitement.
“Jayden,Jayden” I called and hr glare at me.
No time to look at that.
“I am pregnant Jayden , it shows positive” I said and flaunt my tummy.
He looked at me with disdain.
“What the fvck are you insinuating, we had s£x just once how can that quickly
turned into pregnancy when I surely didn’t release inside of you? He asked as his
eyes burn my skin.
“But Jay”
“Gem are you okay? I am a medical doctor Gem and am telling you that
pregnancy is not mine” he said firmly and focus on his phone.
What is he talking about?
“Jayden” I called but he didn’t reply me.
I went closer to him and looked at the phone he is staring at.
He is scrolling through Jiso’s pictures.
What have that girl done to him?
I angrily left the room and called his mom.
📲Hello mom 📲I greeted
📲Hello Gem,how at you? 📲she asked.
📲Seriously I am not fine mom,I am pregnant worst still Jayden deny being the
father 📲I said.
📲So is he really the father? 📲she asked surprising me.
📲yes of course we had s£x 📲I replied.
📲Am busy Gem,settle your case with him good night 📲she said and hang up.
Wait did she just do that?
Is she okay at all? This is not mom,no .

💎 Jiso POV 💎
I was having a burning headache,grandma have to go and prepare some herbal
medicine for me to drink.
“You are over working Jiso, it will affect the child” she complain
“I have to work mother, I’ll be due in four months I need money for my child
stuffs,the bills, my child food and all that.
Am doing everything for my child grandmother” I replied and she sigh.
“You have to rest now,its late already” she said and left the room.
Am I really over working?
But my child needs those things, my child needs to live a comfortable life which
I’ll provide for him/her soon.
At least my hard work are paying off.
I covered myself with a piece of wrapper and fold my arms.
It is cold , I want to feel warmed.
I picked the big doll I bought earlier today and hug it.
This doll is my comforter and my smile keeper whenever I looked at its face .
My child is the reason why I am still alive,the reason why I am struggling so hard.
The reason I want to flip the checks.
I drifted into sleep thinking of how handsome/beautiful my child will be.
I want him to resemble me.

💎 Jayden POV 💎
What the fu3k is she saying?
When did I release into her?
I just hate what is going on right now.
I should have keep my body in the cell than having s£x with Gem.
Goddamn it, I so much hate her right now.
She makes me d!ck with her old woman face.
She look terrible this days.
My phone rang and i looked at the caller.
Am not in the mood for this so I busy the call and send him msg instead.

💬 Call you later 💬

If he hear about what I did I doubt if Dan will forgive me.
He so much Care about Jiso, he gave up on her because of me now I ruin
everything for myself.
Such a jerk huh.


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