November 29, 2021

Roxanna – Episode 1


( Her quest for revenge! )

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



🎶 I’m yearning for your body 🎶

🎶 Even though those are just dreams 🎶

🎶 It makes me think about you 🎶

🎶 Buh I try to keep it in!! 🎶

Those are the lyrics 16 years old Roxanna was singing while jumping happily on her bed.

“Roxy, Come down and eat, you’ll be late for school!!” Her mother said from downstairs.

“I’m coming mom!!” Roxanna said and picked her bag.

She walked out of her room and rather than taking the stairs, she decided to jump the railings and she landed on her feet.

“Tada!!” She said as if she was performing an audition

“What you just did is pretty dangerous Roxy, what if you fractured your leg” Camella said.

Camella is Roxanna big sis, she’s 19 years. Pretty, with a well shaped body.

“Cut me some slacks big sis, I know it’s dangerous but danger is more fun!” Roxanna said.

“You’re crazy” Camella said and walked pass her heading to the dining room

Roxanna chuckled and followed her behind..

They all settled on their seats as food was served to them.

Not long after her father walked downstairs dressed in his police uniform.

“Woah!! Dad, you look handsome as usual” Roxanna said with a smile on her.

“Thanks my baby girl” Her dad said and pecked her cheek.

He also kissed pecked Camella and then her mum before he settled on his seat.

They ate and chatted lively like the happy family they are. As they finished their breakfast, his dad decided to drop Roxanna off to school.

Camella took a cab to her school, she’s in university second year. Roxanna came out of her father’s car.

“Good bye dad. Love you!!” She said as the car drove away.


then removed her headset and played a music as she wore the cap of the hoodie she was putting on.

Suddenly some snatched the head set from her ears and placed it on hers listening to the music.

“Hey, Cat!! Give that back to me!” Roxanna said…

Catherine is Roxanna best friend they are always together though they always get on each other nerves

“OMG!! Is this the latest song of Nathaniel Davis??” Catherine asked.

“Yep” Roxanna said as they walked to their classroom..

“No wonder, you know all of his tracks, albums, you know almost know everything about him. I know he’s your celebrity crush but that’s too much” Catherine teased.

Roxanna rolled eyes at her and kept quiet. Catherine gave back her headset and they walked in the classroom.

They took their seats and not long after the chemistry teacher entered the classroom.


“Wow, you’ve got a million followers in just two hours!!” Jennifer exclaimed as she watched Nathaniel’s music video…


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I know,” Nathaniel replied as he got dressed for school.

Meet Nathaniel Davis, a second year university guy. He’s 19 years, dripping handsome and he’s a singer. He has women flocked around him.

“Look at him being confident” Jennifer said which made Nathaniel to chuckle.

Jennifer Davis is his little sister, 16 years of age and attends same school as Roxanna.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at school right now?” Nathaniel asked as he combed his hair while styling it. He hates to have maids touching his body that’s why he prefer doing his things by himself.

“I know but school is always boring today. I wanna stay home” Jennifer whined

“Nope, you’re going even if it’s late. I don’t want my sister to become a truant” He said and picked his jacket up

“I’ll go if you drive me” Jennifer said

Nathaniel sighed and pinched his brows, this little sister of his is something else.

“Alright, go get ready. We’ll leave in 10 minutes” Nathaniel said.

“Yay!!” She screamed and ran out of his room to her room.

After ten minutes she was done and they drove off heading to her school.

He stopped in front of her school and the students, mostly females surrounded his car

*Nathaniel can we take a pic together
*Nathaniel we love you!
*Please be my boyfriend.

Nathaniel sighed as he heard all the comments coming from the crowd. He looked at Jennifer who was sitting beside her.

“Now I’ll be late to school, all thanks to someone” Nathaniel said and Jennifer chuckled.


you later big brother. I love you muah!!” She blew kisses at him and walked away.

Nathaniel then began signing autographs, taking pictures and all the like.


It was lunch time. Catherine and Roxanna were going to the get their lunch when they heard shout from girls.

“What was that?” Roxanna asked

“It was coming from the entrance, let’s go and see” Cat said and the walked to the gate.

Roxanna gasped as she saw her celebrity crush standing in front of her in person. He was smiling charmingly as he took pictures with some girls.

“Hey, earth to Roxy.” Catherine said waving her hand in front of Roxanna’s face which brought her back to her senses…

“Wow, if looks could make some fall for you. I’m sure he could have being head over heels for you right now” Catherine teased her again.

“Stop that!!” Roxanna said..

Sh looked back at where he was standing and to her greatest dismay he was gone already.

She shrugged and they walked away. On their way to the lunch room, Roxanna bumped into someone…

“Are you stupid. Watch were you’re going” Jennifer spatted

“I’m sorry” Roxanna said.

Jennifer scoffed

“B*tch!” Jennifer said and walked away.

Roxanna clenched her fist and made to talk back at her but Catherine stopped her.

“No, she’s not worth it” Catherine said.

Roxanna nodded and walked away…

Roxanna and Jennifer are the greatest of enemies. They can’t stand each other, each time they cross path a fight must always occur…


Nathaniel walked out of the classroom carrying his bag in one arm. That was the first and only class he had today..

“Hey bro” Dylan exclaimed as they hugged each other.

“Hello, wow you look handsome today. Any occasion?” Nathaniel asked

“You think so, I hope I’ll be able to impress Debbie with this” Dylan said checking himself out.

Debbie is Dylan’s one year love. He’s being wooing her for a month now but she plays hard to get. She’s 18 same course but she’s a freshman.

Dylan is Nathaniel’s best friends…

“You and that your long time love. I’ll leave you, I think I saw her around the hallway beside the library” Nathaniel said. They bumped their fists and went their separate ways.


Roxanna and the rest where all seated on their seats listening to lectures when suddenly their teacher, Miss Jacqueline asked.

“Alright guys let’s have some fun time together!! I need you all to come up here one after the other and share with us your dream.” Jacqueline said.

They all began walking one after the other as they expressed their thoughts. It was now Roxanna’s turn.

She walked up, in front of the class and gulped down nothing as she watched the whole class starring at her.

“Uhh, my dream is to…release a track with Nathaniel” She said nervously…

Jennifer scoffed and everyone turned to her

“Good thing you said dream. Because my brother will never dream talk less of releasing a track with useless thing like you.” Jennifer said.

Roxanna marched angrily to her and grabbed her hair.

“Who are you calling a thing huh? You huge bag of nothingness!!” Roxanna said and a brawl has already begun…

The boys in the class came and carried them, separating them…

“Let me go!! I need to teach a lesson to that spoil brat!!” Roxanna screamed as she struggled to get out of his grip.

“Take them to the detention room” Miss Jacqueline said as she pinched her brows


By the time they where walking out of the detention room, the school hours where already over.

Roxanna put on her headset and walked to her classroom.

*Looks like Catherine already went home* Roxanna thought as she walked out of school.

“Hey Roxy!!!” Someone said and crossed his hands on her shoulder.

“Kelvin, I thought you were at school?” Roxanna said.


is her friend and neighbor, 19 years of age…

“Well it was kinda boring so I left” Kelvin said.

“Okay, not like I care. Come on let’s go home” Roxanna said and they walked home.

Jennifer stood from Africa as she watched them walk away

“Why must they always be together?” Jennifer said as she burned in jealousy….


“Is the ship ready for transportation?” A man sat as he smoked heavily.

“Yes boss! The goods will be here very soon. Trust us, we deliver the best of the best”

“That’s good then” He said and smiled flashing one of his gold teeth…


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