Roxanna – Episode 2


( Her quest for revenge)

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



“Mum, I can’t find the flour” Yvonne said as she looked into the cupboard.

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“It must be out of stock, go grab a bag from Mr Patrick” Her mum said as she whisk the eggs.

“Alright mum!” She said and tied her hair into a ponytail before walking out of the kitchen…

Yvonne is same age as Roxanna but not the same school though…

She walked out of the room and began walking to the flour shop.

She entered the shop and saw a fat jolly old man…

“Good morning Mr Patrick!” Yvonne said with a smile on her face.

“Morning golden lux” Mr Patrick said…

Yvonne has some crazy golden hair and they are curly like crazy.

“You want the usual?” Patrick asked and she nodded with a smile.

He walked into the storage room and brought out a bad of flour. He gave her and she paid him.

“Thanks Mr Patrick, have a nice day!!” She said and carried the bag before walking out of the shop.

It was already getting dark so she hurried with her footsteps. She stopped when she felt like someone was following her.

She looked behind and saw no one. She shrugged and continued walking to her house.

“Hey beautiful!!” Someone said from behind…

She turned to see a tall good looking guy with black hair and red died in some part of his hair…

“Uhh hi” She said.

He touched her shoulder with a smile on his face…

“Will you mind going to have some fun with me, you know let’s get to know each other better” The strange boy said…

Yvonne shifted away from him.

“No thank you, I’m not interested” Yvonne said and walked away but he grabbed her by the hand and made her face him.

“No one dares refuse me, who do you think you are!” He said angrily.

Yvonne yanked his arms off and slapped him…

“Who do you think you are. Just because you’re handsome or rich doesn’t mean you will get everything you want.” Yvonne said and walked away angrily.

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her forcefully which made her loose hold of the bag of flour she was carrying. It fell on the floor.

He pulled her to a discreet corner and pinned her on the wall.

Yvonne was already trembling out of fear. The guy smirked and kissed her on the neck as he sucked on it.

“Let me go!!” Yvonne struggled but he was stronger than her…

He continued sucking on her neck as one hand went to her b**bs. He squeezed it roughly.

Yvonne closed her eyes in disgust as tears flowed down her eyes…

She kicked him on his groin and made to run away but he pulled her back by the hair and gave her a punch on the stomach. She fell on the floor…

He came on top of her and then unbuttoned her shirt which revealed her bra. He smiled and then looked at her

“Wow you got the goods pretty” He said and the tore her bra before taking in one of her b**bs in his mouth

“Help, please someone help me” She kept screaming till her voice was already cracking.

He lifted her skirt and shifted her panties before driving into her with full force.

Yvonne closed her eyes as she felt huge pains. She kept crying praying God to take her life right now and right here…

She kept weeping silently as he raped her…


“What’s taking that kid so long, it’s being 40 minutes that she’s out” Yvonne mother said to his first son, Yvonne older brother Chris.

“I don’t know mum” Chris said as he was watching a movie…

“I’ll go look for her, close the door as I’m going” She said and walked out of the room…

She continued walking and suddenly she saw a crowd. She walked through the crowd and her heart broke into pieces as she saw Yvonne lying helplessly on the ground with her thigh covered with blood.

She knelt down beside her daughter and cried loudly…


ambulance arrived not long ago and then carried them to the hospital…

_________ Next day…

Roxanna woke up feeling refreshed. She walked to the bathroom then played a song on her phone. She took pressed a paste on her toothbrush and began brushing her teeth while humming the music…

After that she took her bath and applied her cream. She wore her uniform and some leggings before wearing her shoes…

She brushed her hair neatly and fixed her bangs.

“I love me hair like that” She muttered and smiled flashing her white teeth.

She picked her bag and phone before walking out of her room heading downstairs..

“Good morning everyone!!” She said happily…

“Wow my daughter is in a good mood today, just look at how cute you are” Her mother said.

“Thanks mum”

“Come, let’s have breakfast!!” Her father said…

“No, thank you. I’m late for school besides I’m not hungry. Just an apple will do” She said and picked and apple before walking at the exit of their house…

Her eyes traveled to the TV and she saw a news…

“A girl, 16 of age was found at street 101. She was raped and right is fighting for her life” The reporter said.

*Poor girl* She thought and walked out of her house…


Yvonne opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. Memories of what happened to her began flashing in her mind.

“No, no!! Please don’t touch me, I beg you. Please stop!!” She began screaming hysterically…

The nurse walked in and held her in place as they sedated her..

“No, please” She said weakly and fell asleep..

Her parents including Chris arrived at the hospital with a basket in their hand. They went back home to take her clothes and other necessities.

They walked up to her ward and coincidentally the doctor was walking out of her ward.

“Doc, how is she?” Her mother asked..


just woke up and went wild. As you all know she was raped and this will have some impacts on her, she might develop a phobia for men.” The doctor said…

“Can we see her right now?” Her mum asked worriedly…

“You can but I advice his older brother to keep a safe distance from her. You understand right?” The doctor said and they nodded.

“Alright I’ll come check up on her later” The doctor said and walked away.

They walked in her ward and sat down beside her with Chris standing after watching over her with anger boiling in him…

Tears escaped the eyes of her mother and she wept silently seeing her daughter in this plight…

“I think the best option is we leave this town” Her father spoke.

“You’re right Johnson, we’ll leave this town. That’s the only way for her to forget about all what happened to her” Her mother said as she sniffed in tears…

Chris stormed out of the ward and walked till he sat down on a chair along the hallway.

He let out the tears that he has being holding back…

“I’m sorry sis, I couldn’t protect you. I failed as a big brother” He said as he lamented alone…


“Wow the maths class was horrible. I understood nothing” Catherine said as she stretched her arms.

“Not like you ever understood maths in your life” Roxanna said.

“Hey, that’s not cool” Catherine said.

“Life itself isn’t cool, how do you expect me to be?” Roxanna said as they walked to the dressing room. It’s swimming time.

They changed into their swimming wear.

“Wow, Roxanna. You gat some crazy curves, I which I was well built like you” Catherine said checking herself out.

“Thanks bess. And stop staring at me, that’s for my future boyfriend” Roxanna said

“Oh you mean your forbidden love” Catherine teased again.

“Will you ever stop teasing me?” Roxanna said as she her lenses, made for swimming.

“I will never as long as my name is Catherine, I won’t” Catherine said as she tied her hair up.

“Well good thing certificates can be modified” Roxanna said and they laughed.

They walked out of the room and went to the swimming pool…


Mr Martinez, Roxanna’s dad was on one of his patrol as usual when he saw some men who looked really weird.

They were all wearing shades and were all in black. They had some boxes in their hands as they carried it from something that looked like a cafeteria to a van.


discreetly followed them and entered the van. He opened one of the boxes and took out one of the the things in it.

It looked like some cosmetic products.

*Maybe I was just imagining things.* He kept back the product and made to close the but something caught his eyes.

The date of expiry of the good where all for last month.

*Why would someone sell expired goods?* He thought.

He opened the bottle of shampoo and he gasped as he saw it was something powdery in it. He smelled it and his eyes widened.

“Marijuana” He whispered..

“Hey you. What are a you doing there?” Someone said from behind


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