Roxanna – Episode 3


( Her quest for revenge🌺🌺 )

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



“Hey, you. What are you doing there?” Someone said from behind

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He looked behind and saw two men all dressed in black. They were carrying some boxes in their hands.

He got off the van and ran away before they could react.

*I have to inform my superior about this* He said as he ran…

Meanwhile the two men stood, surprised at what just happened.

“Did he just escape?” The first man said.

“We have to inform our boss” the second one said.


Nathaniel walked out of his room, heading downstairs. Today, he doesn’t have classes so he has the whole day for him alone.

He met his mother sitting on the couch as she knit a sweater.

“Good morning mom” He said and kissed her on the cheek.

“Morning Nate. You woke up pretty late today, Jenny left two hours ago.” His mom said.

“That’s better than seeing her home, doing nothing.” He said.

“I’ll be leaving now mum, I have some meeting to attend to” He said and walked out of the house.

His father died of asthma so right now, he only has his mother and little sis to protect.

He entered in one of his fleets of cars and then drove out of his huge mansion heading to the studio.


Mr Martinez walked in the police station and he immediately headed to his superior office.

He knocked on the door

“Come in” Commissioner Roberto Brown said.

He opened thr door and walked in.

“Good morning commissioner” He said as he saluted.

“Morning, have a seat please” He said with a smile.

He sat down with a heavy expression on his face…

“Commissioner, I came to report to you about the results of my patrol” He said.

“Please continue” He said

“I saw a van not to far from this street the van was loaded with drugs, marijuana” He said.

Roberto spranged up from his seat.

“What? Marijuana? This is bad, have your squad prepared. We’ll be leaving for a mission” He said

“Yes boss!!” He said and walked out of the office and then went to prepare is troops.


“Catherine, how about we go have fun tomorrow” Roxanna asked as they walked out of the school.

It was closing time.

“Sure, tomorrow is Saturday. Let’s chillax for some days” Catherine said.

“Chillax?” Roxanne asked.

“Yeah, chill and relax” She said and they laughed.

They walked out of the school when suddenly a car sped almost hitting Roxanna. Luckily someone pulled her out of the way by the waist, she landed on the person chest.

Roxanna looked up and almost fainted as she saw who saved her…

“Are you okay miss?” Nathaniel asked.

“Y…yes? I think so” She stuttered.

Actually Nathaniel came to pick up his little sister but a huge crowd of reporters began chasing him, together with some crazy fans.

He released her as he heard the noise coming from behind. He then began running away.

*Gosh, why did I forgot my shades and nose mask* He thought as he tried to run away from them.

Roxanna stood still as she continued staring at the direction he took, completely lost in thoughts.

“Wow girl, looks like luck is on your side. Can’t believe you got saved by your crush” Catherine said…

“Come on let’s go before another vehicle tries to kill you” Catherine said as she dragged her out of the area.


Mr Martinez punched the wall angrily as they got back from the mission.

“Can’t believe they got away,” He said.

“Don’t worry, well catch them next time” One of his colleagues said.

“You’re right, there’s always a next time” He said as he began calming down.

He looked at the time and it was getting late.

“I have to go right now, my family might be waiting for me” He said as he picked his coat and walked out of the police station.

He entered his car and drove off, unknown to him that another car was tailing behind him.

He parked his car and alighted it before walking in his house.

The other two men who were in the car that was following him remove the phone and dialed a number.


we followed him like you said. What next?” He said as he looked at the house.

“Good job, now I want you to go to that house tomorrow and kill everyone in that house. It’s not a pathetic family that will ruin my plans” He said from the phone.

“Okay boss” He hung up and drove off….


“Mela, Roxy, daddy is home” Mr Martinez said.

“Dad!!” Roxanna said from her room. She ran downstairs and jumped on her dad, hugging him tightly.

Camella came downstairs and hugged her dad too.

“Looks like you guys missed me” He said and chuckled…

They released him, he then walked up to his wife and kissed her deeply.

“Awwn love” Camella and Roxanna said as they made faces…

They broke the kiss and laughed.

They then walked to the dining room and settled, ready to eat.

“Dad, you won’t believe what just happened to me. The famous singer, Nathaniel Davis saved me” Roxanna said as she munched on her food.

“That your crush again?” Her mother said as she stabbed her meat bringing it to her mouth.

“Mum, he’s not my crush. I just like his music that’s all” Roxanna said.

“Yeah, you much like his music that you have his picture all round your room. You made his picture your wallpaper. You smile each time they mention his name. Wow, that’s a great way of showing how you love someone music” Camella said sarcastically.

Roxanna scoffed and continued eating her meal as they other laughed…

__________Next day (afternoon)

Roxanna walked out of her bathroom with a towel round her body. She sat on a seat and applied her cream. She then wore a white top with a pink skirt and then she wore her white sneakers.

She took her brush and brushed her hair and made sure to fix her bangs properly and she smiled at her reflection.


then picked her phone and walked out of her room.

Since it’s Saturday, her father is at home.

“Mom, dad, I’m going out with Cat.” She said as she entered the living room.

“Sure baby, have fun and don’t stay for too long” Her mother said as she cuddled with her father while watching TV.

She smiled as she saw the cute actions they displayed to each other.

*I wish that someday, someone will love me just the same way dad loves mum* She thought.

She shrugged and quickly walked out of the house. She saw Camella walking to the gate.

“Sis!!” She called and ran to her.

“Roxy, are you also going out?” Camella asked and she nodded.

“Alright come on let’s go.” Camella said and they walked out of the house

They took a cab which dropped Roxanna infront of Catherine house. She waved at Camella and the cab drove off.

Immediately Catherine walked out of her house.

“Wow, you look s£xy. Any occasion?” Roxanna asked.

“Come on, stop flattering me. Compared to you I look like rotten tomato.” Catherine said which made Roxanna chuckle.

“You’re crazy” She said as they began walking to the direction of the zoo.

They reached at the zoo and they took many funny pictures with the variety of animals there.

After the zoo, they went to the club where they danced like mad people. That’s just the way they are always crazy.

At one point the bartender saw them.

“Hey you two what are you doing here. This is a club reserved for adults” He screamed.

“Run!” Roxanna said and they began running, pushing the people out of their way.

They ran out of the club and sat down at a nearby bench as they caught their breath.

They looked at each other and began laughing loudly.

“Come on, the fun has just began” Catherine said and they stood up, walking to skate park.

They borrowed some skateboard and then they began skating.

“Yoo hoo!! Yeah!!” Roxanna screamed…

The time limit was over and they had to return the skate board to the owners…

They bought the ice cream and they licked it while walking back home.

“Today was amazing, thanks Roxy” Catherine said.

“Anytime bess” She replied.

Roxanna escorted Catherine home and then continued walking. She reached home and saw fleets of police cars with an ambulance.

Her heart began beating fast and she ran to into her house.

She made to run in the living room but a cop obstructed her.

“Sorry, you can’t pass this limit. The area is currently under investigation” The cop said.


are you talking about? This is my house? I have the right to do what I want” She ranted.

Roxanna looked at her side and saw Camella crying. Dylan was trying to console her.

She ran up to them with a worried expression…

“Sis, what’s happening. What’s the meaning of all these?” Roxanna asked.

“Roxy, you have to be strong. Mum and dad, they’re dead. They were killed!!!” Camella said and broke into mor tears…


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