Roxanna – Episode 8

(Her quest for revenge)

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



Immediately the bell ranged signalling that it’s closing time, the girls walked out of the school and there they saw a car. Suzy’s mom was standing in front of the car with her shades making her look like a model.

She removed it as she saw the girls walking towards them.

“Mom” Suzy said and gave her mother a hug.

They broke the hug and Roxanna smiled at her, she smiled in return.

Suzy’s mom then looked noticed four other girls standing behind them and she smiled satisfactorily.

“Cool, you all are here. That’s just what I needed, come on get in car. I’m taking you all somewhere” She said and entered the car

The girls looked at each other confusedly before entering, Suzy already knew where they were going.

She drove off with them. The drive was pretty long. After an hour drive, they arrived at their destination.

They all alighted the car and looked around the area. It was super quiet, the only building present in the area was a factory, and abandoned one.

“Follow me girls” She said and she entered the building. The girls followed shortly…

They kept walking while scanning round the area. Suzy’s mother stopped in front of what looked like an elevator.

From the look of it, it was old, rusty and abandoned.

Suzy’s mother pressed a button and the elevator opened. She walked in and was waiting for the girls to walk in to.

After some minutes of thinking, the girls entered the elevator too. She then pressed a button and removed her shades.

A scanner scanned her eyeballs and after some seconds it said.

“Welcome agent V” The scanner said and the elevator began moving downwards.

The girls were more confused as they heard a scanner speak. Suzy almost laughed at the look on their faces.

After some minutes, the elevator opened and the girls gasped as they saw many workers they were all dressed in black and there was a lot of computers, cameras, in fact a lot of technological devices.

Suzy’s mother turned to them and said.

“Welcome to my secret company, it is called the G empire”

The girls looked at her with dumbfounded expression on their faces.

“I know you all are wondering what this place is or why I bought you guys here. This company is top secret company designed for helping the police force when situation gets too complicated. You know in this world, the police are sometime useless so I built this company in order to fight for justice”She said.

“Wow” The girls chorused.

“Now, the reason why I bought you girls here is because I see potential in you”

She walked and stood in front of Jennifer

“Jennifer Davis, I have observed you and I know you are very good in technology. You can be our professional hacker”

She walked and stood in front of Catherine.

“Same goes with you Catherine Jones”

She walked and stood in front of Yvonne

“Yvonne Simmons, I know what happened to you in your past and I know you want to make that person pay. That’s why I’m willing to help you and train you to become a skilled fighter and professional spy” She said.

“Olivia Harris, I also see in you the will and zeal to protect your dear Yvonne. You’re willing to fight for justice and that’s the kind of spirit we need in this company. I would want you to become a skilled fighter and professional spy too” She said.

She finally stopped in front of Roxanna.

“You Roxanna Martinez, I can see a huge fire of anger, revenge. You want to make them pay for what they did to your family, you want to bring justice to other people who were victim of their tyranny. I will train you to become a skilled fighter too and a spy of course” She said

“You girls have the kind of spirit that is highly needed in this company. Of course I won’t force you to join the company, the decision is all yours. I would give you two days to think about it” She said…

“I’m in” Yvonne said.

“If Yvonne is in then count me in too” Olivia said.

“Well I’m in too” Jennifer said

“Me too!” Catherine said

“I’ll join you guys too” Roxanna said.

“Wow that was fast, welcome to the G empire. Your training starts tomorrow, for now, Suzy will show you around and also when we’re in her you address me as agent V which stands for agent Victoria Guzman. You girls will also me addressed the same way.” She said and they nodded.

Suzy tour them round the company showing them the different department in the company.

After the tour, they where handed a bag which contained the company uniform, ear bud, trackers, scope lenses and so on…

After that they walked out of the company.

“So in which company are you Suzy” Olivia asked.

“Same as you, I’m a fighter/ spy” She replied.

They boarded the car and the driver dropped them to their different homes.

__________Next day (afternoon)

Immediately after school, the driver drove them to the company.

They got dressed in their uniform and then went for training while Catherine and Jennifer went for their tutorial.

They entered a room and met Suzy’s mother (agent V) standing dressed ready to fight.

“Your first training is that you attack me” She said.

They looked at each other, confused before launching at her. She effortlessly dodged their attacks and gave some kicks and punches at the same time…

“You girls have to toughen up yourself. Use what happened to you girls as driving force” Agent V said as she dodged their attacks…

___________Two years later ___________

Gunshots were heard in a quiet room. A man ducked and shot his gun towards a direction.

“Agent R, the main target is escaping” Catherine spoke through the ear bud Roxanna was wearing as she was pressing the keyboard of a computer.

“Copied. Agent Y, cover me” Roxanna said.

“Okay” Yvonne said.

She ran out of her hideout and Yvonne began shooting at those who tried to shoot Roxanna.

She saw a car zoom of the area driving at a mad speed.

“I won’t let you escape” Roxanna said to no one in particular.

She s₱0tted one of his men climbing on his motorcycle. She ran to him and hit him on the neck he passed out.

She boarded the bike and drove off speedily tailing the car behind.

The men driving the car peeped their head out of the car and began shooting at Roxanna.

Roxanna made some crazy twist and turns. She removed her gun and aimed it at one of the men shooting, she shot him on the arm and he fell out of the car window.

She then aimed at the other man and shot him but he quickly entered the the car.

She then aimed at the car wheels and shot on one it began slowing down. She then shot on the other and the car turned and hit a tree.

Roxanna alighted from the bike and walked up to them aiming her gun at the car.

“Get out of the car” She said.

Two men came out of the car with an old man dressed in black suit.

“Please we can settle this peacefully, how much do you want. I’m willing to give you” The old man said.

“I don’t need your filthy money” Roxanna spatted.

One of the men made to shoot at her but she was fast, she shot his hand.

“When I say don’t move, I really mean it” She said.

Not long after, the sirens of the police cars were heard.

They parked behind her and arrested the old man with his two men.

“Thanks a bunch miss, you’re indeed a great help to the police force” One of the cops said to her.

“That’s no big deal, you call me agent R” Roxanna said and boarded her bike before zooming off.

Actually the man they arrested was a politician, rumors where heard that he embezzles the state money but no proof have been found. The G empire succeded on finding the proof which they sent it to the police who came and arrested him

Roxanna arrived at their headquarter and walked in through the elevator. As she arrived they she removed the mask she was putting on. They always put on a mask inorder to protect their safety and identity.

“Well done Roxy, you nailed it! High five” Suzy said and they struck hands together.

“Well I wouldn’t have done it without you guys help, let’s just say it’s team work.” Roxanna said.

“Come on girls, we’ll be late for our concert!!” Olivia said.

They quickly did some makeup and drove to where the concert was held.

They walked to the back stage and changed quickly.

“Go girls you guys will be awesome” Jennifer said as her and Catherine waved at the girls.

They walked up stage looking as gorgeous as ever. The hall was filled to the brick as shout, cheers were heard.

🎤Hello everyone!!! How are you doing??” Roxanna said cheerfully.

It was responded with shout and whistles.

🎤 We’ve brought you guys a new hit and y’all are gonna love it! 1, 2, 3 go!

The lights went out and shone only on them as they sang:

Party is over!!
But I do still love you like insanely!
I can’t even sleep….
Cuz everytime I close my eyes,
The memories comes back

From the very first day I always knew…
That one day my fears will come through…
But even though I saw the signs
I love you insanely

Aaaahh…I can’t take no more…
Aaaahh…I’m gonna burn it up….
I keep thinking
I keep dreaming all about you…
But you took my heart and broke it into pieces….
Aaahh!! Give me fire!!!!

Light it up baby,
I’m gonna burn it up yeah!


Hey, waiting for you at our hideout!
Give you all of this and give you all of that…
And make sure that you never never forget about me…
Awn, and after break you all up in piece
This is ROXY
Kinda FOXY
Everything I do is JUICY
You remember
That I’m not that kinda girl you’re messing with.
Ooops awn you’re so cute.
I love you like insanely.

Light it up baby
I’m gonna burn it up yeah!!


ROSY girls
My love for you gave me strength
My love for you gave me joy
In the end
My love made me weak

Party is over
But I still love you like insanely….

🎤 Thanks y’all we love you from ROSY girl” Olivia said as they walked downstairs.

“Girls you nailed it!!” Catherine said as they hugged themselves.

Roxanna’s phone began ringing

“Sorry let me attend to this call” She said and walked away.

Almost immediately, Nathaniel, Chris, Mason and Dylan came.

“Come here sis let me give you a big hug” Mason said and Olivia hugged him tightly.

“I’m proud of you sis” Chris said and ruffled Yvonne hair. She smiled happily.

“I’ll always be proud of you my Jenny” Nathaniel said as he hugged Jennifer.

“Where’s Roxanna?” Kelvin asked.

“Who’s Roxanna?” Nathaniel, Chris and Mason chorused.

“The girl you said she was hot” Kelvin said to Nathaniel.

“I didn’t say that!” He lied.

They began laughing…

“I need to use the restroom. I’ll be back, we have to celebrate this” Nathaniel said and walked away heading to the restroom.

After he was done urinating, he washed his hands and wiped it on the towel before walking out.

In the girl’s restroom, Roxanna was answering a phone call. It was her aunty Margo. She said she will come visit next two weeks with her daughter.

Roxanna walked out of the bathroom while fixing her hair properly. She suddenly bumped into someone making her loose balance.

She closed her eyes as she was awaiting to land on the floor but a hand held her wa-ist and drew her closer. She landed on the person chest.

She opened her eyes and looked at who saved her and her heart began beating fast as she saw who it was.

“You’re the girl I saved two years ago” Nathaniel said.


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