Sacrifice Of Love

Sacrifice Of Love – Episode 10

“What kind of help?” Liam asked
“You know what happened few days ago and as a result of it, Richærd sacked me, I want you to put your eyes on Richærd whatever he do and wherever he goes and bring me feedback.” Jordan said
“I guess I know why.” Liam said.
“You do?” He asked.
“Yes, some days back, Caleb and Jackie called me and Dina saying that they want us to work for them so I asked them what kind of work, they said they want us to help them kill Richærd and bring you and Betty down.” Liam said.
“So what then did you tell them?” He asked.
“I agreed but down in me I can’t kill Richærd, he is a good guy he hasn’t done anything wrong.” Liam said.
“And Dina, what did she said?” He asked.
“She also agreed but I don’t know what’s in her mind, am telling you this because I want us to work together and save Richærd before he so call consin and uncle kill him.” Liam said
“You are right and we are working towards it, you are going to pretend as if you truly wants to work with them and whatever information you have you will come tell me and I will give you an audio recorder whenever they are talking always put on the Recoder, Richærd must not die.” He said .
“Ok I will do as you said.” Liam said and his phone start ringing, he starred at the phone and look at Jordan.
“Caleb Is the one calling me.” He said.
“Pick it and put it on speaker, let me get my recorder.” Jordan said as he reached to his recorder and out it on while Liam picked the call and put it on speaker.
“Hello boss.” Liam said… Caleb likes when people address him as boss and that’s why he wants Richærd dead by all means so that he can enquiry more wealth and powers.
“Where are you?” Caleb asked.
“I went to get something.” Liam replied.
“Ok, come over to my house we have a meeting, everybody is here except you.” Caleb said.
“Ok, am on my way.” Liam said.
“Ok bye.” Caleb said and end the call, Liam turned to Jordan.
“I think I have to be going now.” He said standing up.
“Yes let me give you the recorder and make sure you turn it on before you enter that house and also I need feedback from you.” Jordan said.
“I sure will.” He replied.
“Ok go well.” Jordan said.
“Alright bye ” Liam said and left.
In 35 minutes drive he was already in Caleb’s house, he turned on the audio recorder and put it in,side his inner pocket before he pulled out from the car and went in,side, he entered the living room, he met Caleb and the others waiting for him.
“Good dad sir, Good day boss.” He greeted Caleb and his father.
“Yea you are welcome please sit.” Mr Benjamin said as Caleb nod while Liam sat down.
“Alright!! The reason for this meeting is for us to discuss our next plan on how Richærd Bruno will die, since we have succeeded with the last plan, so what do you guys have to say?”. Mr Benjamin said.
“Well to me, since we have be able to take Betty and Jordan away from Richærd, killing him is very simple.” Jackie said.
“Give us the details.” Caleb said.
“First, Dina will get closer to Richærd, make him trust her without doubting her after that, tell him that she wants to take him out for dinner or lunch.. when he accepted, Liam will be their driver meanwhile they will informed us before they leave, on their way to any restaurant, Zac and his boys will attrack them and take them to the building where we will be waiting for them and when they arrive we send Richærd to where his father is.” Jackie said.
“Hmm, when I call you master planner don’t argue with me.” Caleb said.
“You are indeed a master planner.” Mr Benjamin said.
“This is just a perfect plan.” Dina said.
“Yes it’s, so when are we going to strike?” Liam asked.
“Let’s wait a bit for like two to three weeks.” Mr Benjamin said.
“Ah dad, that’s too long.” Caleb said.
“Yea I know but we have to wait till then so that everywhere will be calm..” Mr Benjamin said.
“Alright no problem.” Caleb said.
After their meeting they all departed, Liam went to Jordan and gave him the record and feedback, Jackie went home and invites Zac who happens to be her boyfriend, she actually want Caleb to kill Richærd thereafter she will kill Caleb and his father and run away with the money to another country with her boyfriend.
Zac entered her room and she jumped on him with only p-nt and b-ra and they landed on bed.
“Baby, I miss you.” She said.
“I missed you too, tell me, what was the out come of your meeting with Caleb and his father?” Zac asked.
“Trust your girl the master planner herself.” She said.
“I trust you baby, I can’t wait for the both consin and Mr Benjamin to die so that we can leave this country to another country to start a new life.” Zac said.
“Same here but don’t worry everything is in control.” She said.
“Are you sure?” Zac asked.
“Yes sugar.” She said calmly.
“Then come here let’s merry.” Zac said and they start k-ssing.
On the other hand, Jordan had sent the record which Liam had bought to him to Olivia, Carla, barista Daniel and Charles. They couldn’t believe it that Dina could betrayed Richærd just because of money, Betty kept crying and blaming herself for everything, she wish she hadn’t agreed to Caleb and Jackie’s evil plan things wouldn’t have be like this but it wasn’t her fault.
The next day, Betty decided to go to Richærd’s company to see him and also tell him what happened because Richærd and his mother believe that Betty was truly the one that sent those guys to kidnapped her. She dressed in black and put on long black jacket and went to the company,She got there too early and decided to wait.
At exactly 7:45am she sight Richærd’s car and walked to him, Richærd was surprised and angry to see her.
“What are you doing here?” He asked as soon as he came out from the car.
“Good morning my love.” She greeted.
“Save your greetings, what have you come here to do?” He asked angrily.
“I came to explain what…..”
“To explain what? Oh you want to explain how you sent your boys to kidnapped my mum and how you want me dead?” Richærd interuppted her.
“No that’s not true, I will never do anything to hurt you, listen your life is at risk, your enemies are behind you, they want you dead your consin is……”
“Shut your mouth! My consin has done nothing wrong, Caleb and I grew up together.” He interuppted her again.
“Richærd, please listen to me, I don’t want you to die, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” She said already crying.
“Now get out of here the police are everywhere looking for you else I will hand you over them nonsense.” He said and left. Liam came out from the car and rushed to Betty.
“Listen up, you have to leave now, all you have to do is to plan how you will save his life, just go ok.” He said to her and she nod before she left.


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