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Sade’s heart tale episode 14

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Part 14

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I knew baba was behind it, I stood and saw him through the window again, the side that wasn’t closed, he was beckoning on me to come out

I rushed out angrily but he was no more at the window. I ran to the room that he was and saw him sitting and chanting some strange things.
Pigeon feathers were scattered everywhere.
“Baba, my husband is…

He put hand in his mouth asking me to be silent.
He asked me to look into a Calabash, I looked but saw nothing. He covered the Calabash with a red material and ordered I should look again.
I was more concerned about Ayomide and was not interested in whatever baba was doing.
I looked but still saw nothing.

“You don’t need to worry about your husband, your husband is powerful, even if I wanted to hurt him I can’t because strong forces are guarding him. I wanted to come yesterday but getting to your door a very strong pres£nce s£nt me back. I couldn’t proceed front, I try to overcome but it was way too strong. I had to return back and get well equipped for whatever forces your husband was using. I heard him praying that yesterday and if they can open your spiritual eyes to see the power on his head you will know how much guarded your husband is. He is untouchable, relax your mind I can’t harm him. I only managed to make him dozed off for about an hour so that he won’t spoil all my efforts but if you keep delaying he may pull back to the natural because he is a very strong man…”
He paused and then continued, he began to speak quietly
“… I’m here to help you and make you smile again. Trust me you will always remember this day, you will enjoy knowing me. Funke told me about your husband but I never believed untill I encountered, I underestimated him. You want something important right? something that you have been praying and doing all you can for? I’m here to help you and you will have it all… trust me. Hurry, there’s no time again. Your husband can’t wake up yet or he may counter, spoil everything I have worked so h-rd for. We need to try and see if his inner man can help out. Focus and look into this pot again…”

I swallowed h-rd and look into the pot.
He removed the red cloth and ordered me to look closely. I looked into the uncovered pot and saw money, h-rd currencies.
Dollars, pounds, Euros where inside the pot.
I s¢r-amed in shock and told the baba that I never told him I wanted money ritual.
I asked him if he was mistaking me because I don’t need money ritual, the reason I came to him is because I needed a child, I want to be a mother not to get rich, I don’t need money ritual.

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Baba replied that he only wanted to help me. He wants to assist me in becoming rich. After I become rich then I can start seeking for a child and my husband will be under me.
He began to talk while trying to convince me why I need to be rich, how I can subdue everyone and put them under my feet including my husband.

I s¢r-amed “The blood of Jesus” the baba shun me and said I should stop shouting.
I began to pray inwardly while praying that Ayomide should wake up because is obvious that only him can stop the baba.
I felt cold, fear gripped me, my head felt way bigger than it normal size.
It seems I was hearing a sound coming from the sitting room and I know it must be Ayomide.
I began to pray even h-rder, pleading the blood of Jesus even more.
Even as the baba scolded me not to s¢r-am or make noise before my husband wakes or before I spoil his work I kept praying in my mind.

Baba told me that the money inside the pot was harmless and asked me to touch it but I refused and told him boldly that I was contented with what I have and very satisfied with whatever my husband brings.

He looked at me surprised and said he had never heard any woman say such to him. He said women always want more, big cars, fine house, travel overseas and love fashion.
He said even as Funke is rich, she still wants more. so, every woman loves money and he has not seen anyone who doesn’t want a little more even when they have it all.
He said my type is rare but since he has done so much work on it, I still have to claim what is mine before another takes it.
I told him that I won’t. And I don’t want any part of whatever he has to offer again.
He asked me to be quiet but since he couldn’t shut my inner being up, I continued praying
I kept praying inside my mind.

Baba said that I should watch and see how he will pick up the money, he will show me that the money was harmless and it will be all mine if I can open my mind to it and even my husband will worship me that’s if I still need a husband after I become very wealthy.

I watched him in silent as he tried to pick up the money, there was lightening strike.
It was in form of thunder, but it was a big scary lightening that seems to shake the foundation of the house.
Immediately baba fell to the ground with a heavy thud and passed out.
Oh Jesus, baba went cold and the house went silent.
I called but no response. I quietly touched him but he was as stiff as a stone
I have to start shaking him but baba was gone, he was cold.
I ran out as my leg can carry me to the sitting room.
I was s¢r-aming Ayomide’s name that night as I ran to the sitting room as fast as I could.


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