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Sade’s heart tale episode 5

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Part 5

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I accepted to marry Ayo but I had my little fear about my parents and siblings. None of them were ready to support me, rather they castigate and condemn Ayo, I’m left alone in all this to carry my cross.

Is my choice and I know and trust God to see me through.
It was a difficult for me, I kept thinking of how to pres£nt the news to my people.

After a long thought, there was no better way to break it than to say it as it is.
No matter how I try to paint the words it will still reveal the bitter truth that I was engaged to Ayo.

I was about to start exam then, I decided to wait after my exams I can then break the news to my family.
I don’t want anything that will affect me and there by affecting my second semester exam.

Ayo asked how my family took the news and I told him that I haven’t told them yet.
I want to concentrate and finished my exams first before saying anything.

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He asked me if I was afraid of anything, maybe them not accepting him
“The truth is I’m afraid of many things but I have put it in God’s control. Right now, I don’t want to be distracted in order not to fail my upcoming exam which starts in two days…”

“I totally understand Sade, everything will be fine alright? God will go before us to soften their hearts and make it easy for my proposal to be accepted. Your family matters greatly and every of their opinion counts. I won’t force them to like or accept me but I know with time they will come to understand that I meant well for you, their daughter. Don’t let it bother you please, take your time until you feel ready, I’m not in a haste and won’t rush you either. Your exam is very important and I wish you success… focus on it first, maybe we can both figure out how to go about breaking the news to your family later…”

His words were reliving, I felt at peace as I went on with my exams.

After I was done with everything, my result came out and I did very well. I was relaxed and felt is time.
On the day I wanted to tell them I got discouraged and decided to try another day.
I went to Folake my immediate elder sister and told her first.
Bimpe was busy at the moment with her wedding plans.

Folake began to laugh and told me that I was joking.
“Since you’re not insane, this will be the biggest joke of this year. Tell me that you’re joking Sade…all what you said is a joke right..? Folake said as she stood and fold her hands in akimbo fashion.

Maybe informing her was a mistake. I shouldn’t have let her know first because this attitude she was pulling was getting me worked up

“Yes, is a joke Folake. I was only joking…”
I replied, trying to dismiss the wh0le talk as quick as possible

She pretend to gasp out in relief.
“Don’t pull that kind of expensive joke again. Is not even funny.. if you think of it. You can’t be joking with such thing because nature may decide to make your words come true but God forbids it. I forbids such from coming true in your life. You won’t end up with a nobody, a wretched teacher that can’t take care of himself talk more of taking care of you…”

“,Is enough already Folake, I said is a joke… now let’s drop the topic. There’s no need for the insult. Ayo has done nothing wrong to you or anyone, please stop insulting him…” I told her trying to control my anger.

“I can insult him all I want. He is a nobody, a poor stinking dead rat. He has done everything wrong, from the moment he began thinking that you’re the one for him is the moment he stepped on our toes. He bite more than he can chew, he wants to hang his cloth high where the rich and famous hangs there’s. I will pounds him like pounded yam, sweep him off like dirts. For your information, everybody in this family are targeting high, nobody is settling for less. Bimpe is getting married soon, next two weeks is her wedding ceremony. Look at Deji, the man that she’s getting married to… you saw him right? See class, see level… that guy second name is money. He is doing very well for himself and Bimpe caught a big fish. Bimpe being the first born has pave way for us to get married to wealthy men, so start aiming high and moving with big boys so that you will attract a well to do man…”

I laughed sarcastically.
“I thought you’re wise, judging men based on their pocket size? So the size of a man’s pocket, influence, wealth makes him an eligible bachelor or husband? Our criteria on that is different Folake. I’m happy for Bimpe but what works for her may not work for me. You can’t even advice me because you got nothin to offer me in that regards. I made a mistake coming to you in the first place. I’m out of here…”

I started walking to the door while replying few if her insults.
She was raining insults and threats on me.
I did not totally ignored, I fired back few of mine before walking out.

I was very angry but I’m glad I left when I did otherwise it would have resulted to something more.

Bimpe doesn’t live with us in the house, she stays with Deji, meeting her means I have to go over to her end.

I decided to wait after her wedding ceremony by then she will have time to listen to me and may even come to understand because she will be thinking as a married woman and will understand things better than before.

On Bimpe’s wedding we were all there, happy and supportive.
My parents were overjoyed as they dressed well for the occasion as parents of the bride.
Everywhere were decorated, cars parked as men and women tripped in.
Bimpe’s friends dressed in their asoebi attire. It seems they wanted to look better than the other. Their dress were well tailored and comes with different classy design.

We her siblings dressed beautifully for the occasion.
Folake whispered to my ear “I can see you like what you’re seeing today? I just saw as your eyes is traveling everywhere seeing beautiful faces. This is money talking and I believe you’re feeling proud that Bimpe, the bride is your sister and she is the reason we’re all gathered here. See how Mum and Dad can’t stop laughing…they kept smiling. Bimpe has made them very proud and already got their blessings. My boyfriend, Tunde is around and did you see how happy mummy looks when I took him to greet her? He gave them envelope which I know has a lot of money inside. They are all happy and I’m super excited. Now, let me ask you… why didn’t you invite your man over for the occasion? Don’t answer because I have options for you to pick from. Is it because you’re not proud of him and can’t show him off, because he is a wretched teacher and does not belong to our class, because he is ugly, poor, old smelly man and will cause havoc if he shows his face here…? I believe all the options are correct so you will rather tick “all of the above”. Be wise Sade, settling for less does not make you better than others it only makes you stupid with low life mentality. I’m off to sit with my man, I can see him looking in my direction. Search for a handsome, rich bros and sit with, maybe something new will begin from there. Look at your left, there is a guy watching you closely, he likes you obviously. He is one of Bimpe’s husband’s friend. He came with a fine ride, his car is nice and he is a fine guy. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Go and catch that big fish Sade… I’m off to meet my sweetheart…”

She stood up and left. I heaved a sigh of relief.
I don’t know between Bimpe and Folake who is more like a pain in my neck.

Folake is just like my Mum, very difficult to stay with and will condemn and kick off anything she doesn’t approve off.

The wedding was moving fine and everyone seems happy and classy too..

Somebody tapped me gently on my shoulder, when I turned it was one of my cousin.
He pointed at a guy standing far from the canopies and said he wanted to see me.
My cousin left and I did not stand up from my seat.

The person later s£nt another person to call me but I did not go.
That was the guy Folake was initially referring to. One of Deji’s friend.

He later came by himself and that was the time I needed to join other young girls serving food and drink.
I stood to go and help out, he said he needed to speak to me.
I try to be polite, after greeting him i asked him concerning what. He said he wants to get to know me better, he likes me and can’t take his eyes off me.
I thanked him before telling him that I got someone and already engaged.

He surprisedly said that my sister never mentioned anything like that to him.

“She probably forgot..” I replied with a smile before walking away.

I don’t know which of my sister he was referring to but I don’t want to know.

Ayo is the man for me and I’m sticking with him.

After the Bimpe’s wedding, I decided to wait for maybe a week before going to meet her.
By then she must have settled in well.

When Ayo asked me if I have been able to tell my people, I told him that I was working on that.
He should give me time. He said no problem, that I should take my time.

I’m hoping my meeting with Bimpe will go well because she will be the one to talk to my parents on my behalf.


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