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Sade’s heart tale episode 7

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Part 7

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One of my happiness is that my parents weren’t responsible for my school fees or any of my university school expenses.

If they were to be footing my school bills and I happened to go against their orders to marry Ayo, I know for sure that paying my school bills will come to an end immediately and I will have to start looking for means to sort myself out.

God has been good to me, right from my tender age.
Before I got admission to enter into the university, that was after I finished writing my jamb then. One of the people I did menial job for called me one day that her neighbor who works in a big 0rg-anisation is asking for a cleaner. Her company needs a janitor.
She said their company cleaner resigned and they urgently needed somebody that can fill in.
I said I will do it and I quickly got ready to go and meet the person.

The lady took me to the big company she worked, she showed me where to clean and wash.
She first asked me if I can do it and I assured her that I can.
I put in all my best in cleaning the entire office, the rest room was not left out.

They were really impressed with my job and said I was young and better.

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One of the major share holder of the company picked interest in me after seeing how much efforts I was putting into working and making sure everywhere was sparkling.
I will wake up early, get ready for work and arrive before everyone.

They started dropping the office keys for me, instead of waiting for them to come and open the office at the security post I was given a key to do that.
By the time they will resume in the morning the wh0l£ offices will be all cleaned and everything put in order.

The madam asked me one day why I wasn’t in school, she asked if I don’t have plan to further my education.
I told her that I have written jamb and my result is out and I did very well but I’m waiting for my parents to gather up money so that I can go for registration and other necessary signing.
She just nodded.

My Dad told me that period that there was no money, he said I have to hold on,
That was almost two weeks before the Madam called me into her office to ask about my education.

She told me that I’m young, smart and very h-rd-working. She will love me to go to school and become a great achiever not just a cleaner.

She asked me to see her the following Monday, because it was a Friday that she called and there was no work during the weekends.

I was praying all through that weekend and thanking God in advance for what he was about to do for me through that woman.

I was hoping to save money from the cleaning job so that I can give it to my Dad to add up and go and register me but I don’t know if he will even want to do that.
But I was hopeful.

I already know that what the woman planned to do, she want to give me some money so that I can go and register because the registration was closing that coming week.
She was just in time for the rescue.

The following Monday, I did all I had to do before the staffs and the madam arrived..

Few hours after she resumed, she called me into her office later and asked me to sit.

There was an envelope in front of her, one was long and another short.
deep down I assumed the small one was for me.
If I can just register and start, I will keep hustling in school or outside to assist my parents in paying my fees.
I just needed money to pay up all the requirements that was needed for me to get in.
Ayo was the one that helped me obtain the forma and few other things but that is where his power stopped.
He can’t go beyond his pocket.
I’m sure if he has the h-uge amount he could have assisted even with half.
He wanted me to go to school and when I told him that my parents said there was no money to pay all my registration fee even after they saw that I did very well in my jamb score and the school I passed into was just within the State.
They asked me to hold on.

The look on Ayomide’s face shows that he wish he could assist.
He felt sad and told me never to stop trusting God for a miracle.
He promised to be praying for me and he meant every word.
He said God will show up and show me mercy. He said God has never failed him before and won’t start now.

It was on his words I put all my faith in God and I did not stop believing that God will make away for me to get into school.

The madam said to me that on behalf of the entire company and staff she was giving me a scholarship.

A scholarship? I scre-med unbelievably.
She said the company will take care of all my education untill I graduate and after graduating I will have to come and work for the company.
she gave me a form and I filled.

She asked me to come with my parents or guardian so that she can hand my scholarship letter over to them.

I thought it was money she wanted to give me, here I was.. getting a scholarship.
The joy in my heart was unexplainable.

I rushed home that day with so much happiness in my heart and told my Mom that my madam at my working place asked her and my father to come.

My Mom began to shout at me that since I have gone there to cause trouble and bring shame to her, she won’t go anywhere.
She kept shouting at me how I was a problematic child and my admission will have to be on hold because they have better things to do with money and haven’t gotten money to waste.

She said if I spoilt anything at my work place I should get it fixed by myself because she and my Dad aren’t going anywhere.

I told her that my madam only wanted to see them because I was awarded a scholarship, her company will take care of my school fees and every of my school expenses untill I graduate.

My mother said is a lie, that such thing isn’t possible.
Even Folake then started making jest of me that I was a big liar.
They were laughing because it was unbelievable. even to me too I was still in shock.
I was in doubts of the wh0l£ thing, It is quiet a shocking news. Never expected it.

When my Dad returned from work, he also had his doubts. He had one or two negative words to say about me.
He even agreed to go with Mom and said if he gets there and is all a lie he will deal with me mercilessly.

We all later went there, getting to the company’s, they were surprised that it was a big place and kept asking me if this was the place I work.
When my madam arrived, she congratulated them for having a blessed, smart and h-rdworking daughter like me.

My parents were grinning from ear to ear as she shakes their hands.
My Mom started telling her how much efforts she put in so that I can turn out great
My madam thanked her, before telling them of how the company has decided to take up my education after picking interest in me.
My Dad said he was already making arrangements for that.
Infact, he wanted to go and register me in few days time.
Is because if how busy he was that made him not to go all this while but he felt relived that he will not have to worry about my fees.
He have other children he will focus on.

My parents thanked my madam as she hand the envelopes over to them.

We later went home and family were all singing my praise and saying I’m such a lucky child.

When I told Ayomide, he was just praising God on my behalf.
He reminded me again that God has never disappointed him and he won’t start with my case.
I joined him in thanking and praising God.

Back to the pres£nt day, The company kept their word and have been responsible for my education for all this years
Once I graduate, i will be going to work for them just as it was agreed upon.

Ayo and I agreed on when to fix our wedding.
I told Ayomide, if we can get a small place to live after wedding but he said he does not have the means at that moment.
He asked me to relax that things will eventually fall in place by God’s grace.
I believed him and our wedding was fixed.
I was about rounding up with school when we started preparing for our wedding.

I noticed that it was Ayo’s family that were sponsoring the wh0l£ thing.
The food, drinks, cloths and other necessary things were all taking care of by Ayo’s family.
It was not something big but they did their best.
My family did not contribute but I wasn’t bothered or surprised.

We wedded in church and reception in church too.
It was not a big wedding but they try to make sure that everyone that came had something to eat and drink.
Bimpe refused to come but Folake and other members of my family were around.

She moved closer to me with smile on her face, I thought she wanted to congratulate me but she said
“The look on your sister In-law’s face is not good. I saw her staring at you with strange face. I bet you she is not happy and so is everyone in Ayo’s family. I also saw her whispering something to the mother or aunt. You’re in for big trouble. It seems you don’t understand what living in a family house is like. Ask questions and you will be surprised at what you will discover. You’re in for It Sade… trust me you will come crying had I know. Regrets is knocking h-rd on your door Sade..”

I looked over at Bolu, my sister in-law, she looks exhausted. I guess she was stressed because she wasn’t really all smily.
Titi was around too and assisted in her little way before leaving.

After now, it will be a life I can’t predict but I’m asking God to make the ride easy.

Ayomide can’t afford anything at the moment, even this wedding was all his family expenses.
I would have so much loved to live separately from his family house but I just have to go with whatever life throws in.

I’m out of my family’s care, now I’m in the care of Ayo and his family.
Whatever comes, I trust God to see me true as he has always done.


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