Sade's Heart Tale

Sade’s heart tale episode 8

Part 8.

Marriage, is being a year and six months already and by next week Saturday it will be a year and seven months.

Wow, I’m loving this married life, marriage is interesting and sweet. Everyday with Ayo is memorable. He is like a God’s gift to me and I’m so happy that I agree to marry him without considering what my family got to say about him.
I’m glad I did not settle in with their discouraging words and actions and miss out in being with Ayo because he was not wealthy.
I feel at peace and I feel loved too.
His family have been amazing, they loved me as their own and Ayo makes sure that no one and nothing bothers me.

I know it may seem a little early to start shouting for joy but is almost too years of being married, I don’t think is that early again.

I also try to contribute my little, although Ayo does not care about what I receive because he makes sure he provides as the man of the house.
Without him asking, I know I have to support him.
I’m supposed to be his helpmate and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

It’s been good so far and I have rounded up with school, graduated and started working with the company that sponsored my education.
I seriously thank God for that scholarsh¡p which saw me through school.
Without such means I doubts if I will be a graduate today.

I’m one of their staff now, not as a cleaner but I have a higher position and office of my own.
The salary was okay too but not much.
Working for them now is my way of paying back, so whatever I see I take without complaining.
They were very good to me, is time for me to also show my gratitude.

Although I never signed bond or contract with them because I was just a naive, desperate girl. I was already out of teenage hood around then and still doesn’t know much about the world.

They did not take advantage of my naiveness or force me to sign anything that will affect my future.
They took care of my education and I only agreed in words to come work after I round up with school and that was exactly what I did.
I don’t have reason to complain over the pay, it was okay and I can also take care of the house expenses.

Ayomide was still teaching, we live in the family house and it may not be all rosy but is not as bad as the fear I initially had.

Ayomide has been applying for a better teaching Job in different schools, bigger and better schools

He has gone for interviews and waiting to be called for the major one he was targeting on.

Ayomide said this time he wasn’t going to settle for less, he was aiming very high and won’t let any discouragement come in his way.

Some already called him to come resume work but he did not agree with the payment they were offering him and he did not relent or stop believing that he will get it.

At a point I asked him to go and resume at one because the salary was about three times more than what he was getting but he refused.
Ayomide said he knows what he was doing and he had this strong faith that he will get what he wants.
He told me that his trust in God does not start today and God haven’t failed him before

with his years of experience and how brilliant he was I’m hoping it becomes positive. I love how strongly rooted he was in God and that also improved my stand with God

Ayomide later got his dream teaching job, the salary was good just like he wanted and he resumed without wasting time.
He reminded me of God’s faithfulness and how he trusted and believed that he will get his desired job.
I celebrated with him, he was very happy and I was also happy that things are gradually turning around for our good.

My parents and siblings are waiting to hear bad news but they will wait forever because nothing bad will happen to my marriage.

They have probably waited for a while and their patience were running out, they decided to send Folake to come take a peep at what is happening in my life and marriage.

It was on a Saturday, after laundry I was trying to clean up the house and cook.
Just when I set out my pot to start cooking Folake came in unannounced.

I haven’t seen her for almost two years and I was actually very happy to see her.

I asked about everyone and how she was doing.
I didn’t hide my happiness and I was truly excited that she came around.
I quickly made food and serve her with lots of meat because I know Folake likes meat.
She was happy seeing the big meats in her food but just when she hurriedly picked up one to eat she suddenly remembered something and dropped it back to the plate.
“What happened..? I asked. She haven’t even tasted the food yet, so I can’t possibly say is because of pepper or something else.

She replied “nothing..”

I try to know if I should get her another thing but she said she was filled up already before coming and there was no space to eat another.
I know it was a clear lie but I decided not to prob further.

I asked her about her boyfriend Tunde. She mentioned she wasn’t with him anymore. They break up long time ago and she was engaged and will be doing her introduction soon.
I told her congratulations that she should try and let me know whenever the date is fixed.
She asked about Ayo and how much I was getting paid.
If there have been any fight between us. She asked of his family members and wondered how I was coping with them, because she knows fully well that they were a pain in my neck.
I told her there was no such thing. We all live in harmony and Ayo makes sure I’m comfortable, no one dares bothers me.

When she was done interrogating and I was not giving her the answer she seeks, she stood up to leave but I noticed how her eyes keep flashing towards the food on the table.
She refused to eat, saying that she was already filled before coming but the way she was looking at it means she really wanted it but something was holding her back.

Does she think we don’t have more food after this? Because my family mentality is that we will beg for food and won’t have enough to feed on.
Probably Folake is pitying us by not wanting to eat our supposed last meal in the house.
Or did she think I added something bad in the food just to hurt her.
She can’t possibly be thinking such a thing.

I picked one of the meat and began to eat as I carried the food up
“Do you still want the food because I’m returning it back to the kitchen, I will eat it later..”

She was indecisive at first, I started heading towards the kitchen because I can’t be begging her to eat in my house and she is feeling like there was something wrong with the food I’m offering or with my house.

She suddenly asked me to wait and I did, Folake came and grabbed the food in my hand.
She sat down and began to eat the meat first.
I brought cold Pepsi for her because that’s Folake’s favorite drink.
She opened the Pepsi and gulp down half of the bottle before going back to the food.
The sweetness of the food got into her head and she began to say some things while eating, and it all began to make sense.

“I almost missed out on this delicious food, is not too sweet but I will manage it like that because you know I’m a better cook. Although Mom warned me not to taste anything in your house, but I can’t close my eyes to all of this big meats. Anyway, she does not have to know…I will eat and clean mouth. You have to be careful the way you cook and eat before you finish Ayomide’s remaining small money or your own salary that you supposed to be saving for baby things when you become pregnant. And that reminds me…why haven’t you gotten pregnant yet or Ayomide doesn’t know how to shoot the shot? Time is going and no news of pregnancy…why is that?

“Is none of your business Folake. Ayo and I want to make sure everything is in place before babies start coming, eat that food that’s sweetining you and stop disturbing me with questions before I start asking you my own…”

I know I try not to think much about not getting pregnant by this time but is actually one of those things that was begining to trouble me.

I got married as a v-rg-n, Ayomide was my first and he confirmed it too. We never slept together during our relationsh¡p or courtsh¡p.
He didn’t not believe in that and never for once asked me to indulge.

I was a pure v-rg-n when I got married to Ayomide and was expecting pregnancy in the first or second months but up to now no sign of it.
Ayomide said I should stop worrying over it that maybe before the second year runs out I will conceive but is almost two years yet nothing.

I went to the hospital to check if something is wrong with me but everything is fine so why am I not getting pregnant?
Folake came and raise the very dust I hate to think about.
I lied that we want to put everything in place before making babies, the same lie I will tell anyone that dare to ask.
I hate to think about it because it worries me greatly just like now.

Even after Folake finished all her food and asked for more Pepsi which she put in her bag to drink on her way home.
even after she left, I was still thinking about it and the more I think the more worried and sad I get.

I never thought there will be any kind of delay, because being a v-rg-n supposed gives me quick access to pregnancy right?
So why is my own case different.

The second part of the year is about to be complete, Ayo said I should have faith.
Well, I have faith that in this three months remaining for my marriage to be two years I will be pregnant.
But what if…?


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