Sandra's Heart Tale

Sandra's heart tale episode 11 – finale

By Amah
Joba did not call my Mom back like he said he will.
I told my mom the exact time to reach him so she tried calling him again but he did not pick.
After so much attempt he later answered the call.
My mother spoke to him on how disrespectful his actions were. She also mentioned about the love post his baby mama posted on Facebook and attached their uniform pictures and he blocked me after he was confronted over the issue.
Joba told my Mom that I can not stop his bossom friend or his baby mama from posting on his birthday.
He said his son’s mother was there even before he got married to me so I can’t tell him what to do or dictate who to be in his life. It was all his choice and not mine to make.
My mother was about to say something when Joba hang up the phone.
He ended the call after talking and did not give my mom a chance to speak.
The following day, he unblocked me and told me that I should move on with my life.
He said telling people to call and talk to him won’t change anything.
He has already decided on what exactly he wanted to do and nobody can make him have a change of heart.
Joba also added that he will support me with cash if I intend to do anything but that is just to compensate me for my time but aside that he will suggest I move on because he has moved on with his own life.
I thought I was going to go mad.
I had hope that everything will still work out between us but here he was asking me to move on just like that.
This wasn’t the marriage I planned or desires.
This was not the life I ever prayed to have.
It was not boyfriend/girlfriend relationsh¡p that can end and you move on, this was marriage and I had high expectations.
I thought with the way it all started and we ended up married it was going to be rosy all through.
Who could have thought that things will get this sour.
I never saw it coming until it came. I wasn’t even prepared for such.
I was looking forward to spending a beautiful happily ever after with my husband.
Never was I ready for any of this drama which was why I pleaded with Joba.
Yes, I begged him like my life depends on it.
I told him to forgive me for whatever wrongs he thinks I have done.
I asked him to tell me in whatever way I offended him so that I will know my offence.
I have been a good and submissive wife. Obeying his every command and never question his authorities.
I have loved him and still do. What exactly was my offence?
I kept crying why asking him but he said I didn’t do anything he just suddenly decided on what he really wanted.
He said the wh0le marriage thing is not just working.
Joba also added that he just realized that he wanted to have his kids with only one woman and not two.
since he has a child already with his baby mama it will be better he remains with her and maintain a family with her instead of having children with two different women.
After telling me all this, I couldn’t sleep all through the week. I could not even eat anything.
All I did was to sit and cry.
His reasons wasn’t tangible to me. His explanation sounds childish.
He said I did nothing wrong and yet he treated me this way.
I felt it would have been better if he has told me my fault so that I can amend my ways but Joba main reason was that the marriage wasn’t working out again for him and he wanted one woman to bear his children and not two and the woman was his baby mama.
I called his close friend to talk to him but Joba warned him to mind his business after his friend tried to talk sense into him.
The guy called me and said that he does not want to get involved with anything concerning me and Joba. That he does not like the way my husband spoke to him. That he was really offended with the way Joba warned him to mind his business.
He said he prays we fix things between us but he doesn’t want to get involve again.
My mother inlaw later came to take me to her house.
She was hoping that her son will come to his senses and make things to work out between us.
I was with Joba’s mother for three months and there was no communication from Joba.
He did not call all through my stay there.
I was already giving up the fight to save my marriage.
Joba has moved on and nothing will make him change his mind.
My house rent have not expired because I usually pay yearly.
But my mom asked me to come back to her place.
Staying at Joba’s mother’s side won’t make him change his mind.
She said if i continue staying at his mother’s place it will look like we were forcing him and making him appear like a god.
She called my mother inlaw and told her that she wanted me to come and spend sometime with her.
I later went over to stay with my Mother.
I’m always in tears because it seems my world came crashing on me.
Joba suddenly realized that he wanted one woman to bear his children.
Why did he get married to me and not his baby mama.
All this makes me wonder over a novel I read on Amah’s Heart. “What does my husband really want?
Was he just confused on what he initially wanted but it suddenly occurs to him that his children should be born by one woman.
The same baby mama that he told me he never had anything to do with became his best choice.
Few months later I’m still trying to fully understand why bad thing happened to good people.
Is it that my happiness doesn’t supposed to last? Why is my Joy always temporary.
When I thought God has finally smiled at me then disaster will struck.
I’m trying to forge ahead and not letting Joba’s hurt and betrayal to dictate my happiness.
I have submitted my credentials to different company and awaiting their call.
But while waiting, I have business I’m planing to start up.
I’m glad that I’m not an extravagant spender. I saved money which will help me along the way and also starting my desired business.
My rainbow will be colourful again, I’m certain about that.
I planned going to pack out all my things from the house before the rent expires.
Joba contacted me the other day on social media with a strange Facebook account because I also blocked him in ret-rn on all social media.
He probably viewed my recent pictures that I took during my recent outing with friends and we also visited the beach to have fun.
He sent a friend request with the strange account but I didn’t accept him.
He decided to send a message on messenger to me.
Joba said that I was living a carefree lifestyle and If my plan was to start hanging out with friends and start messing around that i should return his bride price first. That I still belongs to him and I can’t be living anyhow.
I laughed out at his foolishness and told him not to worry that his dummy wife will remain submissive to his authorities because her unblical cord is tied around his manh-od.
He didn’t respond again neither did I say anything after that.
The bride price will be returned to his family soon, I’m working on that and every other necessary thing will be done.
I refused to dwell in safe pity. My crying days are over.
I’m building myself and not letting anything to stop me.
Hope never disappoint and with God I will achieve every of his plan and purpose for me.
I still believe that this my Life tale will not end in sadness or heart break.
None of this is fiction, is my story, my real Life tale.
It has not ended in praise yet but it will certainly when God says is time.
Faith and determination is all I got and becoming better than I ever was is my goal which is not far fetched.

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