Sandra's Heart Tale

Sandra's heart tale episode 7

Part 7
By Amah
As school was about to resume, I left my mother’s place and return to my father’s house. I wanted to spend the remaining one week at his place before proceeding to school.
I bond so well with my Dad and he doesn’t joke with me. He will always advice me to concentrate on my studies and I shouldn’t hesitate to inform him whenever I need anything.
I was mostly grateful to God for sending him on my way when all my hope of ever going to school and having all my needs met was far fetched.
My Dad loved and cared for my step mom. The only problem was not having a child with her.
To me all hope was not lost, I know they have been married for many years and tried to conceived but to no avail but God is still doing miracle. my everyday prayer is that God will open the womb of my step Mom and she will become a mother.
Palo, my Dad is a good man. A good father to me and great husband to his wife. My desires is to make him proud and put a real smile on his face.
My step mother wasn’t friendly or appear happy whenever I’m around or when I’m having a conversation with my Dad which was the reason I will always stay in my room.
I don’t Join them to watch television in the parlour or to sit in the sitting room. I spend most of my time in my room.
Once I’m done cleaning the wh0le house, I will return to my room and will only leave when I have something to do outside the room
Only my Dad comes to check up on me, he will ask me to come out and watch some TV programs in the sitting room but I will assure him that I was okay being on my own.
After one week was over,I returned to my hostel and resumed school.
It was my second year at the university and studies was moving on smoothly as usual with the help of my father who make sure I lacked nothing.
My dad makes sure that he send my allowance, and extra upkeep money. I lacked nothing in school all thanks to my Dad. I don’t spend extravagantly, I make sure I save some money.
That year, My first semester was almost coming to an end.
it was on a Sunday around 7pm, I called my Dad to check up on him because I did not hear from him all weekend.
It was unlike him but I assume he was busy and I hærdly call him at night because he may be with my step mom.
She may see my call and another quarrel with her and my Dad will start.
I don’t want to be the reason for any misunderstanding between them which was why I had to use wisdom.
When I called him that Sunday evening around 7pm, he picked and said that he will call me back because he was in a meeting.
I don’t know if it was a family meeting or office meeting.
But I decided to patiently wait when he will call back.
Around 8:45pm that same night, I got a call.
The caller said that my Dad was involved in an accident.
The person said it was a fatal motor accident and people did not rush him to the hospital immediately instead they were making videos and taking pictures of the bloody sight.
but he was later rushed to the hospital and before he will get to the hospital he gave up the ghost.
The caller said my Dad died before he could even be attended to.
It was shocking unbelievable, I asked of the hospital and was given the address. I quickly rushed out.
I went to the said hospital and it was true. Palo, my father was dead.
His car was completely damaged.
I was finally allowed to see him because I demanded and was almost creating a scene that I wanted to see my Dad.
I saw him lying so still, covered up in his own blood. His hand and some other parts of his body was broken and smashed.
At that moment my world came crashing. I don’t know what happened to me, I fell to the ground and passed out.
I woke up in a hospital bed, I try to remember what I was doing there at first.
It quickly occured to me that my father was gone.
I broke down completely and scre-med with tears rushing down my face.
My mother was called and she came to take me to her place.
My father was put in the mortuary while I went home with my Mom.
His death came as a heavy shock and I began to wish it was a nightmare that I will wake up from.
But days fly into weeks and I realized that my Dad is never coming back. He was gone.
He was my hero, he was my hope for a better tomorrow. I studied hærd because I really wanted to make him proud and watch him smile for all his sacrifice and love towards me.
I can’t put my pain into words, I was devastated. I had to suspend studies for some time as I went over to stay with my Mom.
I could not stop crying. I thought I will also die
It felt like my entire world has come to end.
After two years of having my real father who cared deeply and showered me with love and everything a parent can give to a child…. everything I could ask for, Palo gave it all to me and just like unexpected waywind, it snapped him off, leaving me so broken and shattered.
A day was fixed for his funeral, I traveled to his house to see how things were moving and if I can help out with anything possible.
On his burial day, my Mom, Lucia, my ex boyfriend even though we have nothing going on and few of my school friends were all around to support and console me during such a hærd period.
I went back to school few days to my exams. This time around my result was not encouraging at all. i failed most of my curses.
A day won’t passed without me crying.
Things were gradually changing, I couldn’t depend on my Mom alone because her business wasn’t a big one but my mother was very supportive and I added with my own saving.
I usually save some of the allowance that my Dad used to send for me before his death.
I don’t spend everything and wait for another to be sent to me.
I spend what I suppose to spend and save the remaining.
I wasn’t living a flashy lifestyle in school and my moderate living help me during those hærd time that my Dad was no more.
God was kind as I resit for the papers that I failed during the exam, I passed all my courses.
I was trying to live everyday at a time despite how difficult it was.
Visiting my father’s house was not even an option because I know his wife will give me tough time.
I also wanted to know how she was coping with my dad’s death.
Since I can’t go to the house, I decided to check up on her over the phone.
I called her but she didn’t answer my call.
I decided to send her a message and she replied that she was doing great.
That was all I wanted to know. Is a good thing that she was alright.
As another semester holiday came, I traveled back to my mother’s place.
We both joined hands together in doing extra business aside the beverages store. We buy goods in large quantities and sell off to retailers so that my school fees, hostel fee and few other expenses can be paid.
My Mom was very supportive and we were able to raise enough money during that period.
Despite Palo, my dear father and supporter was gone, I won’t fold my hands and wait for some manner to fall on me. I have to do whatever legal business I can do just to remain standing.
Palo maybe gone but I hope to still make him proud someday.
He remains a great father that only comes once in a lifetime.
His death remains a mystery but I’m focusing on the future and won’t let anything hinder my progress.

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