Sandra's Heart Tale

Sandra's heart tale episode 8

Part 8.
By Amah
Lucia rounded up with school and was waiting for graduation.
I Could not wait for my own day to come when I will be a graduate as well.
I return to school with the help of my mother.
things were moving on well again which includes studies.
One day I visited one of my close friend Lupeni who was also my course mate.
I met her elder brother in the house who was based abroad but traveled down to spend time with his family.
He was very nice as we all engaged in a normal discussion, his sister inclusive.
I saw him as a big brother too just like Lupeni.
We talked and laughed. He was lively and fun to be with.
My friend had told me about him before and meeting him and getting to know more about him felt great.
I later told them it was time to take my leave.
They wanted me to spend more time but I have to go because I have reading to do that night and need to be on my way despite how fun it was in my friend’s house.
I stood and took my bag, they saw that they couldn’t talk me out of leaving and decided to see me off.
Joba, my friend’s brother volunteered to drop me off at my hostel but I told him not to bother.
He insisted to drive me down but I was head bent and refused.
They waved me goodbye as I left.
Few days later, I and my friend Lupeni were coming back from lecture hall, she started talking about her brother.
Lupeni said all that her brother talks about now is me, he just can’t keep calm. Peni as she is fondly called said Joba requested for my number but she wanted to ask me first if it was okay by me.
I told her to go ahead and give him that it was fine by me.
That same night while i was at my hostel Joba called and we got talking.
He doesn’t miss a day without calling and sending messages to me.
He will send me several messages and I will try and respond whenever I’m less busy.
Joba came visiting me in my hostel, he asked me to get dressed and he took me out to a fancy restaurant.
He later asked me to join his family and see him off to the airport because he was traveling back the following day.
He pleaded that I should be on time with his family before his plane will take off.
But I declined, I couldn’t agree to the offer because I had classes which i can’t afford to miss.
I gave him my reasons why I can’t see him off to the airport and he understands and did not push futher.
He later traveled and I was one of the first person he called to inform of his safe arrival.
He makes it a habit to always call me.
He calls daily and also send messages daily.
I was always on phone with him. His calls was constant and I got used to it. I was already attracted to him.
He told me that he had a son, who is about 5years old.
Joba said him and his baby mama seperated after the birth of his son but he has custody of the boy.
He was not in contact with his son’s mother. Is been five years they both went their different path.
He said him and his son’s mother seperated long time ago even before he finally got his Visa to travel abroad.
I later asked Lupeni my friend and she confirmed it and said everything the brother said was true.
He didn’t want to keep any secret from me because she told him how much I hate secrets.
He wanted to bare out his heart and come out open so that I will know the kind of person he is and accept him for who he was. It was one of his wish that I will become part of his life.
Even their mother likes me and wish I will someday become part of the family.
No day will pass by without Joba calling, he want to know what I’m doing at every point in time and to be sure I was alright.
I got used to him and the way he cared so much about me.
He started sending me money without me asking him for a dime.
He was taking care of my needs and will always tell me not to hesitate to ask him if I needed anything.
I’m the type of person that doesn’t ask or demand for anything. Even if I’m in need I will rather hustle for a way or I ask my Mom.
Joba noticed the kind of person I was and took it upon himself to always send me money without me asking.
He will even send me money to give to my mother and my siblings.
As my birthday approached, he told me that he will fly down Just for my birthday.
I told him not to do that, him flying down for my birthday was a big expenses.
I asked him to just wish me well over the phone instead of flying down.
Joba surprised me and traveled all the way down during my birthday.
I was shocked that he still went ahead to travel down.
It was a beautiful moments as few family and friends gathered including his own family and he celebrated my birthday in a grand style and to crown it all Joba proposed to me on the same day.
He brought out the engagement ring and asked me to marry him.
I was speechless because it all took me by surprise.
I said yes and he slide the ring with Joy into my finger.
After then, Joba paid my Mom a visit. My Mom was pleased to Finally meet him.
He stayed in the country for three weeks before he finally traveled back.
His family loved me and accepted me as part of them
His mother and siblings were very nice and I felt really loved and kept thanking God for everything.
My final year in school came to an end.
Two months later Joba came into the country and we began our marriage preparation.
The marriage plan was going on smoothly and I felt so lucky to have a man like Joba.
I went to see my step father and I informed him about my upcoming wedding and also showed him the man I was getting married to.
I also informed my late father’s family and they all gave me their support.
My late father’s brother stood in as a father for me on my wedding day. How I wish Palo was alive to witness such a remarkable day in my life.
Everything was beautiful. My wedding decorations was on point, my make-up was flawless.
All my bridesmaids were all looking beautiful.
My husband and his groom’s men were not left out.
Lucia, my kid sister was my maid of honor and was seated beside me.
We did our traditional wedding which was the main wedding, the following day we did our civil marriage.
Everything went so well and I couldn’t have asked for a better man.
I felt like God blessed me with a good and caring husband.
Joba was enough and I was indeed blessed to have him but he kept saying he was the blessed one to have me.
He rented a big apartment for me after our wedding and make sure it was well equipped with everything I needed.
He made the house so comfortable for me so that I won’t lack anything.
He took his little son from his family and brought him to me so that he can stay with me.
I was very happy to have the little boy and begin my first motherly role with him.
We bonded together like mother and son.
Joba later traveled back to abroad and increased the communication style.
It became more than before because he will always call to check up on me and his little boy whom i took as my son.
I even asked my Mom to come over and stay with me because there was enough room and i wanted her close but she declined.
She insisted to remain at her place.
She asked me to get used to being married and enjoy every moment as it comes and keep praying to God to blessed my home with every good thing, children inclusive.
Since it was only me and Dani, Joba’s son, I gave him everything he could ever ask for.
I cared for him like my blood and makes sure he lacks nothing.
Joba was very pleased the way I was taking care of Dani even his family loved me even more.
Joba flys down to see us, he will stay for several months before traveling back.
I hope to conceived for Joba someday and give birth to a child from my womb.
This was one of my prayers.
Life was begining to make sense and I was enjoying my new home and hoping to be a real mother when God decide to  smile on us.
I also hope this beautiful moments never ends and that my husband remains the angel that he has proven to be.

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