Sandra's Heart Tale

Sandra's heart tale episode 9

Part 9.
By Amah
My little boy was so fun and interesting. Taking him as my son and acting like a mother to him makes people who live around our neighborhood to start thinking he was truly my son.
None of them knew that he wasn’t truly mine.
I make sure I prepare what he loves eating and he also calls me “mummy.
We are mostly seeing together. If I’m going to the market, church or anywhere at all he comes with me and I usually buy the same lookalike cloth for both of us.
I dress him and also get dressed in any of our native or English wear that I bought.
I truly loved him like mine and don’t joke with him
His mother found out that his son was staying with me and wanted him back.
She contacted my husband and told him that she wants to get her son.
She said her boy can not be staying with me, she was not comfortable with the idea.
Joba my husband refused. according to him, he told her that she will have to get used to me and the boy.
After all this years she suddenly want to take back the boy. Joba refused to her request.
He said he was making arrangements for me, his wife and his son to join him abroad.
He was arranging our visas and every proper doc-ments.
He also told her that when we finally comes over we will all be living together as one family, so there was no point taking the boy away because he will always be close to me.
But if she insist in taking the boy then she should go right ahead and take him but she should never involve him in taking care of the son’s expenses. She will have to start doing it all alone.
Joba told her that I was a good person and will never hurt the boy. He trust me which was why he entrusted the little boy to my care and I have proven to be a great mother to him.
The lady later dropped the issue and allowed her son to stay with me.
I usually send pictures to Joba on how fresh and big the little boy was getting.
Joba will always thank me for loving the boy as mine.
But it surprises me why I can’t get pregnant.
When Joba returns and spend several months, all my wish was to conceive that period but to no avail.
No sign of pregnancy and I was really worried within me as I looked forward to giving him a second child and knowing what it feels like to carry a child in my womb.
I didn’t give up as I kept hoping that I will someday conceived.
Joba asked me to be a house wife at first, later he said he wanted me to go to a nursing school so that when I come to Join him in abroad I will be able to get a job in the health Care center.
He said I should look for a nursing school that is close by and which won’t interrupt with caring for the little boy.
Because I usually pick him from school and if I happen to go far it will affect the way I care for the boy.
I told him that I wanted to do catering, which I have discussed with him before.
Ever since I graduated from the University, my certificate was just lying there because Joba said I can’t work. So I thought of opening a food vendor someday because I had passion for it.
All I needed was his permission to do this one thing but Joba was against it.
Before, when we talked about it in the past, Joba agreed and it was not an issue but reminding him again of it he totally disagreed.
He asked me if going to a catering school was more important to me than our new family.
He said if i had to do anything then it will be going to a nursing school which will be beneficial when I finally Join him.
We couldn’t agree to a thing immediately but later I have to go with whatever that will please him.
He told me that I will have to wait until he is ready for me to start the nursing school because he wasn’t ready yet.
After sometime I became bored staying at home.
after seeing my little boy off to school in the morning I will have nothing doing until is time to pick him up from school.
I told my husband that I was mostly having nothing to do at home, since the caterer school was close to the house he should allow me to attend for a month or two.
It will never affect my family time with his son and no knowledge is wasted.
Joba replied angrily that if I was tired of taking care of his son I should let him know.
He said I lack nothing in the house, he makes sure he provides everything for me and his son so what exactly is my reasons of thinking of leaving the house to learn a skill that he did not approve off.
I quickly dropped the conversation and promised not to talk about it again.
Anything that will make him happy I had to do it
I really do not want to have issues with my husband so it was better I let it all go and focus on whatever he wants me to do until he is ready for the nursing school or our traveling papers is ready.
After a year in my marriage, I heard from a family friend that my husband baby mama was planing to travel abroad.
I didn’t think much about it because she probably have personal plans of her own and may not be traveling to the same country that my husband was in.
Lucia usually comes around to visit me, my Mom too travels down to check how I’m doing. My brothers comes to spend weekends sometimes.
None of them stay permanently or longer time with me.
Is usually after few days they will travel back.
I was told that my step Dad is mostly on a loghead with Viva.
They argues alot over minor things. Viva will always want to be heard but my step dad hærdly give her way.
I smiled and refused to dwell on anything negative.
My Mom has moved past everything that hurts her in the past.
She was living her best life and does not allow things to bother her again.
I concentrated on my new family as Joba said I should wait because he was still making sure every of my traveling doc-ments and that of his son was getting ready.
He said we will soon join him abroad and is just a matter of time.
With what I heard about his baby mama traveling abroad, I enquired from Joba and he said he doesn’t know anything about her or where she was and he doesn’t really care.
My mind was at peace as I looked forward to joining my husband.
Is over two years of marriage and even though Joba travels down often to see me, I was still not able to conceive.
I was looking forward to joining him and hoping to get pregnant because I was okay medically and wondered what could be the problem.
Gradually Joba began to change, he doesn’t call unlike before and always sounds in a hurry to get off the phone whenever he calls me.
He was changing to a total stranger.
One of my close friends living in abroad who also calls to check up on me, she was very nice to me and she also knew my husband.
Her place was not so far from where my husband was staying. She was schooling over there and sees my husband often.
She called me one day to ask me if I was aware that my husband’s baby mama was in abroad.
I told her yes, and it was not a big deal.
She asked again if I was also aware that she and my husband are living together.
She told me that ever since Joba’s baby mama came, she has been living with my husband and they are often seeing together going out and coming back.
I don’t know what to make out of the sudden realization.
I thought of Joba’s recent behavior and began to wonder if it was because of his baby mama he changed towards me.
I had a lot of thought running through my head on why Joba will allow his baby mama to live with him.
I was angry because it was obvious that getting me a Visa to Join him was not supposed to take this long but Joba was delaying it for whatever reason I really don’t know.
I was angry and planned to confront Joba with what I learnt.
He once told me before that he has nothing with the baby mama.
When I first asked him if he was aware of the baby mama’s coming to abroad, Joba said she can travel to kafachan or to any planet he doesn’t care.
I never knew that the lady traveled to meet him.
The more I think of it the angrier and confused I get on why Joba, my trusted husband will allow such.

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