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Scandal episode 10


Episode 10

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#the next day#
#the D day#

“today is the last day, im so excited, you know, we’ll finally be able to use him and receive the rest of the cash”

“yeah, the pay is good, how can you not be excited?” Clara asked filing her nails

“of course, dont you love being rich? And doing it without feeling guilty about it?” Cindy asked

“you know, i do feel guilty sometimes i mean I’m getting tired of it gradually” Clara spoke sincerely, she didn’t raise her head because she knew she would be meeting that look of Cindy

“see this girl oh, you’re tired of money. Come to think of it, even if you’re tired of money, are you not doing this for revenge? Besides i didn’t force you, you chose this from the onset”

“i know, i’m only getting tired of it, thats all” Clara said raising her head to meet Cindy’s gaze

“Okay, we can stop after this”

“really? You would do that for me?” Clara was surprised, Cindy loved doing this Although she was the one that introduced Cindy into it, Cindy has become a pro in it.

“yes, we’re in this together, if you want to back out, we’ll do so together” Clara was beyond words, she hugged her tight…

## . . . . . ## . . . . . ## . . . .

David woke up to see himself tied to a chair, a leather one. He looked around but could not find Charles anywhere. What could they have done to him? Did they kill him? He thought still searching around.

He struggled, trying to free himself from the tight grip of the ropes. He stopped struggling when it flashed back…
In his dark state, he saw people, faces he didn’t know before, about 10 or 12 of them, they where coming after him, begging, but it didn’t seem so much like a plea to him because they were scratching and tearing his skin, shouting his name and demanding for freedom. He kept running, he ran as fast as he could and entered into a forest, everywhere was dark, though it was his subconscious state, he could feel the freezing cold the forest blew. The stopped running as he felt his legs couldn’t carry him anymore, he folded his hands across his chest for warmth but it was useless, he was freezing to death, suddenly he heard their cries again coming toward his direction but he was glued to the spot, he tried running but found himself in the same place, they came shouting and struggling to reach him but it looked like a force pulled them away, he was scared and surprised but he didn’t know what to do.

One by one each faces showed crying, males and females, young and old, all twelve of them had something to say to him but he struggled to hear them, then the last spoke, it was audible but due to his freezing state, he closed his eyes. The voice sounded familiar SAVE ME, he opened his eyes but couldn’t see anyone, the voice was still calling him he looked round and saw a path, it was where the voice was coming from. He struggled with his might approaching the voice, he pushed against the freezing force of the forest still shaking and folding his hands, he saw someone in a pit full of mud, the person was sinking, he stretched out his hand pulling the person out till he saw the face “charles!” he shouted letting go of his hands and opening his eyes to reality.
The cold he felt some seconds ago was replaced by heat all of a sudden, he felt his power was drained by mare trancing without being hypnotised.
He looked around and saw that he was in the same room he woke up earlier to see just that this time, he noticed that it wasn’t the room the kept him days ago.

He scanned everywhere and it looked almost same with the former room, the only difference was that this room was furnished, a sofa at a corner and a TV in front of him, he looked again and saw a door locked. He tried struggling from the grips of the rope to the chair and as usual, it was useless. He looked down at his body to see bruises the same ones he got from the pleaders in his trance, he was [email protected], stark [email protected] He shook his head as a realisation hit him. He always wore clothes before being hypnotised but as soon as he wakes up, there would be none on him. The TV in front of him was as old as in the late 90’s. He wondered what and who could be using such an old gadget. He looked at his body again and his eyes met with the chair, due to his struggles, he had torn open the leather chair so bad that the cotton used in making it was already coming out.
“hypnotism” he said still staring at the devoured chair “my ears”. He looked as his eyes went wide open, a realization hit him. Just then, the TV came on and a man was seen

“hi David, i know you dont know me and you wouldn’t need my info either, you wouldn’t use it anyways. But i’ll still explain so that you wouldn’t be ignorant of what you’ll be used for. I had a contract with your girlfriend and her bestfriend. What you have been experiencing is hypnotism. You are being hypnotised because we want to make use of your body. With the help of the psychological hypnotism, you have been loosing the control of your brain cells, you are in your last stage which will make you completely lose control of your body. You were not eaten or used for other aspect of our contract because we suddenly make a change in plan. I have a client here who is paralysed, he wants your body…” he stopped

“Why males?” David finally found his voice which he thought he has lost since “why?” he asked again tears dripping down

“not only males, i use who ever they bring to me, and some of them still includes females too…” The man stopped waiting for further questions but there was none “you’ll not actually die, with the help of your last stage of hypnotism, you are going to remain in your subconscious state. It depends on how shocked the brain is, for some, they may be seeing them self falling into a vacuum devoid of an end, for some they might start living a life in their head, they might see this as a dream, it all depends” he stopped speaking

“you all cant get away with this, my face will remain my face, people will know that something is wrong, maybe I’ll be revived someday and come back as my self ” David felt smart and smirked

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” of course you’ll still be you, your voice wont change, nothing about you will, except for the way you behave. The new owner of the body knows you, you don’t have anything to be worried about, he has studied you and know what you do, like and where you go. But for some people, the new owner goes away to start a new life in another far away country” The man was smiling this time, showing his dimples. Although he was already aging, it looked good on him.
“have a nice time in your new state. Ohh before i forget, a word from your new owner” the TV went blank and came on few seconds after, with a person displayed on the screen

“im sorry David” the voice said with no expression of regret on his face.
“No, this can’t be, so you’ve been working for them, you traitor, Charles!!” David shouted, his veins rising from his neck, he was pushing forward with the urge of breaking the TV.

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