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Scandal episode 11


Episode 11

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#day3 continues#

“how dare you Charles” David was still furious. He jerked as he spoke. Leaning forward, he was full with rage. He felt betrayed and left alone in the mess.

“im sorry i had to. I had no other choice, i had to pay my way” Charles was on a surgical bed

“you planned this all along, dont give me that bullshit”

“no, i didn’t. Okay, for a fact, i knew about this a long time ago but I couldn’t bring myself to tell. Then when i said you should go look for help, they knew i told you so. I confessed, they wanted to finish me off. I had to. The only way i could free myself was to buy my way. I sold my soul to them, i told them of our plan against Clara too. I had to do it to save my head, since i was already paralysed, i didn’t want to die. Im sorry” Charles still wasn’t feeling remorseful. He wanted to live just like everyone else, he feared death.

David couldn’t help but cry. He was doomed. He didn’t know anyway of escape
“i can pay too, just spare me please” he was desperate

“im sorry David, it doesn’t work that way. You cant do anything” he paused “except you are going to block your brain from pulses, you can’t because even if you shut your eyes, you will still hear what is going on. In two minutes, someone will come to get your body”

“no!!” the TV went blank.
“no, no please no” David felt pained, immeasurable pain. He thought of his family, he hadn’t seen them for long.
He looked around, sniffing his tears. “two minutes” he said still looking around “two minutes” he took some cotton wool and punched in some into his ears. Even if he was going to go deaf, let it be to save his sorry ass. He looked round and saw a plastic sculpture of a pig hung above the height of the door. It had series of horns all around its head. It looked fearful and it frightened him. Everything here was creeping the hell out of him.
Just then the TV came on again, it wasn’t up to two minutes, he thought. The TV showed a hand and a tea cup, it was Clara’s. It stirred the tea cup steadily and after hitting its base twice, “no!” David went unconscious.

The door came open and the black guy cutting woods the other day, came in and untied David. He transfered his body to a wheel chair and rolled his body out, about sealing the door with the pass code, the stopped, as if he had forgotten something, the black guy went inside again.
On coming out, he found the chair empty, he looked around surprised, he turned around and saw him there, holding the plastic sculpture “f–k you” David plunged the horns into him, piercing his body. He twisted it, leaving holes in his body making his blood gush out. He spat on him and walked out. He turned around, 5 meters away, to find the body jerking. He removed the cottons from his ears and heard the black guy growl like a dying dog. He felt frightened but not shocked. He knew he should expect more. He threw the cotton on the floor and left.

He walked, looking at the doors. There were five in the hallway, left and right, facing each other. He saw at the end, that the last door by the right wasn’t locked. He guessed that was the room they always take him whenever they wanted to hypnotise him. He stopped on his tracks as an idea hit him. He went back to where he saw the control switch and turned off all lights. He took a harmer he saw at a corner, the sculpture was still handy. He held both in each hands, hid at a corner, moving slowly. He knew they would come out. But they didn’t. He walked slowly not making a noise. His d–k was dangling along with him but he cared less.

He stopped and scanned the room. There was no one there. He heaved and entered the room. The knew the room led outside and that was his only escape route.
Suddenly he felt a presence. The type he always felt whenever they were around. He quietly moved, heading toward their direction. He saw them seated in their usual style, but this time, engrossed in their businesses. He had to do something, else even if he escaped, they would still come for him, and trust me, second death is the worse…

He looked around and sighted his clothes on the floor close to one of them. He looked back, searching for any weapon but couldn’t find. He looked back at them and saw the place empty. He was shocked. He was so sure he saw them there. He shook his head, and wipes his face and looked at the direction and found it still empty. By now, his heart was already beating faster. He rushed to the place and took his clothes. He went to a corner and wore his trousers. About putting on his shirt, he felt a pierce in his leg, his left leg. He flinched and groaned. Dropping down on the floor, he held his leg. He saw the hand coming again and adverted it, rolling over, he reached for the harmer and plunged it to the person’s stomach. He thought he had missed it and got up only to find the person groaning. He flung the harmer again, hitting her as hard as he can in the head. He kept on hitting till he was sure she was dead. He dragged himself and took his cloth, wearing it as he looked for a corner to hide. He knew they were still around, he knew they were coming for him. And he was ready too. It was now, or never.

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