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Scandal episode 13


Episode 13

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They stormed at Clara’s house but no one was around. They knocked several times with no answer, then they broke in.

“search thoroughly” the I. P. O. commanded and they all flung into action. After few minutes one of the searchers officer came out, he brought with him an evidence nylon containing a paper. Without opening it, the I. P. O read it from the transparent nylon “LET’S TALK NORMAL, NO IMPLICATING SPEECH, THEY HAVE US RECORDED I EVEN THINK THEY ARE TRACKING MY PHONE, SO WHATEVER WE DO FROM NOW LETS ACT DISCRETELY” he looked at it once more and shook his head, this thus was one evidence. After a while, they stopped the search and the I. P. O told both Margaret and Cardin to go home “not one of this should be said to anyone” they agreed and left . He placed his men at various places outside Cindy’s apartment to watch her and her friend. He placed cameras this time at a more concealing position. After making sure everywhere was normal, without creating any suspicion, they left, watching carefully from their station. If they could say something like this, something was definitely not right about these girls.

#back at the outskirts#

David shifted backwards till he hit the wall. He was afraid but he had to face it, he tried as much as he can to avoid their gaze. He looked round and saw a rope, nothing else he wondered what he could possibly use the rope for.
“you killed my sister” the other female said, her voice sounding coarse and very old, contrary to how she looked, she looked very young, 22, 23, David estimated, shocked, she was the white lady. This was the first time anyone spoke to him in this building except from Charles.
He swallowed hard as he thought of how he could escape. “not only your f—–g sister but others. The three of you” he paused, swallowing again his saliva. Pointing to them, he continued, buying himself some time “the three of you are the only ones remaining. I killed the rest, all of them. Don’t play with me, i can be very dangerous grandma” he suddenly felt brave. He composed himself and took a step forward even though he felt so much pain from his left leg, he did it anyways.
He looked at them this time, eye to eye. He knew if he was afraid, they have an added advantage. “i am not afraid of you, any of you” he said shaking inside with fear. This might be his last night on earth
Cindy was furious and shocked at the same time. Clara just continued staring at him, she was ready for anything but was afraid too. She didn’t like the way everything was turning out to be.
They shifted backwards when he moved forward again. Cindy looked over to the other side of the room and saw the tea cup. David followed her gaze and knew what she was thinking. As she moved to collect it, he flung his harmer toward her. It went straight to waist hitting her hard, already half way, she dropped on the ground squeezing.
“get him grandma” Clara shouted as she made for the cup.
David calculated it, the approaching lady grandma of the tea cup? he moved towards the cup and flung the plastic sculpture, wanting it to pierce Clara but he missed it. It landed on the tea cup pushing it down from the table and smashing it into pieces on the ground. Clara turned furiously as David made to run away. The white lady caught him by his legs dragging him. He turned over, using his right leg, he played her head like a ball kicking it hard. She let go as she groaned on the floor. He had hit her in the eye. She covered her face with her palm.
Clara rushed towards him as he was trying to stand up. She aimed for his knee and stepped on it, mashing him. He groaned falling again to the ground. The white Lady approached them, furious “no grandma, go help Cindy” Clara told the white lady and she obeyed.
She stood over David looking at him furiously. He was dragging himself backwards but it was of no use she took his legs upwards and broke it. He screamed all he can, crying, blood gushed out. She took the other one and raised it up smiling “you are going to die gradually my love, feel the pain you caused me the day you cheated”
“im sorry” he said whispering underneath his tears but she paid deaf ears. She brought down her face to his and kissed him deeply. He flinched but he couldn’t resist.
He felt something close to his hand and took it. As she pulled away from the kiss, she smiled again, devilishly. He brought his head towards her again, crying more “im sorry” he pierced her, tearing her down till he couldn’t. The thought of killing her was making his tears gush more.
She fell on him, dying slowly. She held her stomach as blood flowed. He held her, crying even more. He kissed her, flipping her hair backwards, he kissed her again.
The white lady turned around and saw what happened, she looked at him, blood shot. She flung herself down growling like a hungry dog. She came towards him and made to bite his leg. He smiled at her, if he could kill his fiancee, she wasn’t anything. He kicked her and flung the knife he retrieved from Clara’s body towards her. She tried adverting it but her vision was too blur for that. It pierced her as she growled, strangling on the ground. She layed there dying slowly.

David looked around. Everywhere was scattered, tables turned upside down, the place was a mess “i just killed seven people” was all he kept telling himself still lying on the ground, Clara on him…
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