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Scandal episode 5


Episode 5

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#at Charles residence#
“just look at this guy oo” he said pointing at the TV screen referring to a funny scene he just saw on a program he was watching. He was there alone, talking to no one in particular.

He saw another funny scene and laughed hard holding his stomach. He was still laughing when the lights went dim and later, came up again. He went and switch of the TV and proceeded to check what was wrong then he felt a presence. The light went dim again and went off. He reached out for his phone but could not find it were he kept it, close to where he was sitting. He headed for his room to go check if he would find his phone there. Suddenly the lights came on again and immediately went off it went on like that so fast that he felt his eyes turn. He held the wall for support as he closed his eyes. The lights stopped fluctuating and everywhere was dark. He still closed his eyes heading for his bedroom. Then the lights came on again. He started getting scared at this point as sweats were already forming rapidly all over his body. He opened the door leading to his bedroom when he Suddenly saw a figure in front of him.

He couldn’t see the face as it seemed rays of lights were blinding him. He closed his eyes immediately but when he opened it again, he couldn’t find the figure again. He rushed to his bedroom and searched for his phone. He picked his car keys and wore his shoes. But he still could not find his phone. He turned to leave deciding to leave the building first before anything could happen. As he turned, he saw the figure again and couldn’t still look at it. It seemed the figure was radiating light. He wasn’t sure of what he saw. The figure looked more like both feminine and masculine since it had shape like those of a lady but well built muscles like that of a guy who visited the gym every minute. He heard a crashing sound come from the living room and his heart skipped a bit he was surely becoming f—–g scared “who are you and why are you bothering me” he shouted as soon as he could not find the figure again. He walked slowly out of his room heading to the living room where he was going to pass outside. He froze to death when he saw two green lights in one corner of the dark room. “what do you want from me” he asked again in a rather shaky voice. He guessed it was the figure standing there as the two green light seemed floating in air. He started hearing laughter from every where.

It was that of many females together. He rushed sideways to where the dinning was to take the knife he remember he left on the table. He could find his way even when everywhere was dark. The laughter Suddenly stopped as he turned swiftly to where he saw the green eyes earlier, pointing the knife to the direction buy couldn’t find it anymore. He felt a sharp pain in one of his legs as he groaned. He noticed the knife was no longer in his possession. He fell on the ground still groaning dropping everything he was holding. He felt another pain in his other leg as blood gushed out fiercely but something was strange, he heard his blood running into a a container. He sat there groaning as his heart kept thudding fiercely against his chest

The lights came on again and he saw seven containers filled with blood he guessed was his. He started shivering and begging but the more he did, the more he felt pain and the more his felt his blood gushed out. The lights started fluctuating again but this time, rapidly. He heard someone approach, a female. The sound of the shoe clicking could tell. It was a female on heels.

“well look Who’s shivering. I didn’t know you could be this scared” the female’s voice said. He paused as the voice sounded familiar “Cindy?” he called raising his head. “cindy?” he called again to be sure. “stop calling my name you fool. So you can be this pitiful huh, wait until you see more” she drew closer as he shrieked back.

She looked glorious, more beautiful than she used to, extra gorgeousness, he admitted. “why do you have to make me do this” she asked him with all seriousness. So far as she knows, she fought the option of using him. She didn’t really want this after all. She had loved and cherish him but there’s more to love. She has to keep what is sacred, sacred. Anyone who knew anything about them would go in for it. Anyone that hurt her would go in for it too. She rose up after looking at him for a while, he didn’t reply her, he was scared. She walked around him slowly. “what time is it?” she asked but got no response, she grew angry for his constant ignorance of her questions, she slapped him effortlessly but to Charles it seemed like a slap gotten from two well built soldiers as he felt he had gone deaf “i ask a question, you reply get it?” Cindy said as she stopped going round him, he shook his head quickly like a lizard “now answer me, what time is it” she asked again her eyes bloodshot.

He raises his head and looked at the clock that hung opposite “eleven thirty two” he quickly answered in order not to receive another resounding slap from her. “good. We have less than thirty minutes so lets get down to business” at the utterance of this, Charles knew there was trouble. He started regretting cheating, planning against her and making her angry. He feared for his precious life. What did she have in store for him? He scared even more as he never knew this side of Cindy the whole time. She had always been sweet and loving and looked vulnerable but now, he was the victim.

She gestured him to stand up but he couldn’t. He realised he was paralysed. She looked at him angrily and bloodshot “i cant move” he quickly said not wanting to experience the slap she gave him earlier. The thought of receiving another slap made him shriek. He was helpless, couldn’t shout, cant run. For the first time in his life he prayed, silently, for God to spare him. Cindy dragged him on the ground all the way back to his room. She removed his clothes and wore him fresh ones.

She didn’t whine at the sight of his [email protected] body which she always did when ever they wanted to have s*x. She poured the blood into seven different sachets she retrieved from her bag. Tied Charles up and carried him to her car on her shoulder as if carrying a very light object. She drove out of the compound after scanning his apartment to be sure no trace of her would be seen.
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