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Secretary Kim episode 9 – 10

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👠💻 Secretary
Kim 💎👑
Written by Uche Lawrence✍️
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Chapter Nine
He’d wanted to go to that beach but he just can’t.

His phone rang and he checked the caller.
It was Clara.

At first, he didn’t want to pick it but he finally did.

“What the hell did you want again? I thought I told you to stay away from me.”

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“Damien, calm down, will you? I just wanted to ask how you’re doing.” Clara answered.

“Okay. I’m doing good okay? Now, can you leave me alone? I need to rest my ass out right now and I don’t need any disturbance.” He rolled his eyes.

“Fine. I will hang up. But please, take care of yourself, huh? And get enough rest too. I love you, Damien.” Her voice sound so soft at the last part.

Somehow, it made Damien cool down.
“Thank you. Good night and sleep well too.” He replied calmly and unknowingly he’d put a smile on her face because of those words he said to her.

“Alright. I will sleep well. Goodnight.” She hung up.

“Women!” He muttered before dragging himself to his bedroom to sleep.
But he couldn’t sleep as he thought of his Secretary.
Maybe he did the wrong thing by not going to see her. But he has a reason.

Sunday morning, Kimberly yawned as she got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom.

An hour later, she came out to cook breakfast.

She was about to eat when she heard a knock on her door.
She isn’t expecting anyone this morning. Maybe it’s Anita or Chloe.

Kimberly left the food and walked to the door to opened it. Her jaw dropped when she saw who it was.

“Sir Damien?” She called in shock.
How did he get to know her house? Why’s he here?
Damn! She even knew the answers to those questions.

“Won’t you let me in? Or should I go back?” Damien squeezed himself into the house without even waiting for an answer from her.

“I’m…I’m surprised that you are here. I didn’t expect it. Good morning, sir.” She responded as she closed the door and followed him.

“Good morning, Kimberly.”


“Why did you run away from the hospital?” He snapped right away.

“I’m sorry. It just that I can’t stay in that hospital.” She answered.

“You can’t stay there? See, see, see your condition. Look at your body. You’re still badly wounded. You need to take care of your body for crying out loud.”

“Sir, I know. I know you’re worried and you cared for me. But still, I just feel like going to somewhere where I can have a peace of mind. Being in that hospital feels like I’m in a cage.”

Kimberly walked to where she placed her food and sat down to eat. She haven’t eaten since yesterday night and can’t wait any longer.

“I’m only doing what a boss should do to a staff. Where did you go yesterday?”

Even if he knew where she went to, he’d ask again.

“Greenland Beach.” She mumbled due to the food in her mouth.

Damien nodded. He should have come for her to see if she’s doing well but he can’t. Well, at least, he succeeded in meeting her at home.

Silence took over. Damien waited for Kimberly to finish her food before talking again.
He has been roaming his eyes round the room.
A pretty small room she got. He thought.

“Kimberly, what are you going to do now that Nathan left you? I mean….you know what I mean.” He scratched his head.

What’s his concern anyway?

“Nothing. I’m coming to work tomorrow. I’ve forgotten about that already.” Kimberly replied after she came back from the kitchen and sat down.


Just like that?! I mean that’s the most embarrassing and disgracing thing no one would like to happen in their life. Especially, the women.” He scoffed. ” You know, if I were you, I will be finding every means to cut off his d*ck.”

Kimberly laughed. “Boss, that means killing. I just need to leave him to God. No one can change what he did. Not even you.”
She laughed again.

Damien almost laugh too but he replaced it with a smile. He made her laugh. Thats a good thing.

“I know. So, you’re not going to offer me anything?” Damien stood up and walked to the kitchen.

“What are you trying to do?”

“To cook.” He answered.

“What? Going to cook? It’s…i..this kitchen is too small and it’s not like…….”

“Because the kitchen is small or less attractive can’t stop me from cooking. I’m in my secretary’s house.” He said firmly.

“You didn’t ask for permission before entering…….” Damien cut her off again and it made her angry.

“I don’t like it when someone cut me off too much.” She snapped.

“Wow! I like that! Did I just made an emotional woman angry? That’s so bad of me.”

“I’m sorry boss…….”

“No need to be sorry. Sorry, I cut you off again.” He grinned and continuing looking for some ingredients to start cooking.

Kimberly fumed. There’s no need to argue with her boss. She just need to keep her mouth shut.

“You don’t even have any ingredients here. This kitchen is empty. Anyway, I’d order pizza and coke.” He walked out of the kitchen.

He ordered for pizza and coke then was about to sit on the floor when Kimberly ran to him.
“What are you trying to do, sir?” She asked.

How can a multi-billionaire man be sitting on the floor when there are chairs around.


do you think I’m doing? I’m trying to sit amd you’re stopping me.” He rolled his eyes.

“But there are chairs here, you should sit on one and not the floor. You’re gonna dirty your expensive clothes.”

“Stop behaving like my mother. I chose to sit on floor. You can join me too while we wait for the pizza man” He tapped the space beside him.

Kimberly joined him but there was a little space between them both.
She took a quick glance at him.
The last time she remember, her boss is the tough one. Rude and arrogant. But what surprises her now is that, how he is speaking softly with her with no cold attitude.
Maybe it’s because of what happened to her and he doesn’t wanna add more problem with his cold and rude behavior.

‘I don’t think that’s it.’ She shook her head slowly.

“After what happened to you yesterday, I can’t sleep soundly cause it made me remember what happened to me years ago which I don’t want to remember again.”

“What happened if I may ask?” Asked Kimberly.

“I don’t wanna talk about it, Secretary. Like I said earlier, I don’t wanna remember it. It’s…it’s going to take long before it will leave my mind again.” Answered Damien.

“I’m sorry, sir.” She bowed.

“I’m staying with you till tomorrow Monday. I don’t have anyone to spend my Sunday with and since you’re still emotional of what happened yesterday. I decided we should spend it together.”

“Wait! What?! You’re staying here? No way!” Kimberly exclaimed, jumping up.

“You can say that again but I’m not going to change my decision. Let’s just spend this Sunday together.” He tapped her feet.

“I’m coming.” She rushed into her room and came out with a bible.
“You suddenly changed. Did you wash your body with a black soap?”

“Kimberly, what are you trying to do? And what do you mean I’ve changed.” He frowned, knitting his brows together.

“I’ve been noticing your attitude minutes ago. You suddenly changed from the screaming cold and rude boss to a soft and caring boss. You sure have mood swings?” She stepped back ready run cause of the way he was already glaring holes at her.

“You just talked to me like that?! That aside, what’s the bible for?” His eyes went to the bible she held firmly.

“To pray for you.” She replied confidently. “And to thank God for changing you. I hope you won’t go back to been cold and rude again.” She smiled.


flew up to catch Kimberly but she ran away. And that was when they heard a knock.
The pizza man is here.

👠💻 Secretary
Kim 💎👑
Written by Uche Lawrence✍️
📌Do not copy or repost📌

Chapter Ten
Damien flew up to catch Kimberly but she ran away. And that was when they heard a knock.
The pizza man is here.

“Who’s there?” Kimberly asked as she walked to the door and opened it.
“Ohh! The pizza and coke. Boss, the man is here.” She told her boss.

Damien came and paid for the pizza then shut the door before turning to Kimberly.

“Sir, you’re not going to beat me right? I’m too old to receive a beating from someone.” She pouted.

“I wasn’t going to do that. I was only looking at you so you could hand me the pizza.” He stretched his hand out to receive the pizza while she held the coke.
“You can join me if you want.”

“I ate not too long. I don’t want to get fat by eating too much.” She answered and opened the coke to drink.

“I didn’t give you permission to drink that!” Damien uttered.

He got up and grabbed the Coke from her then sat back.
Kimberly scoffed, rolled his eyes and reluctantly sat beside him.

“Now, you’re changing again. From cool to stingy. You can’t allow me, a whole me to drink your coke. I’m your secretary.”

“So now, you have the boldness to talk to me the way you want now? I can change towards you the way I like and I can sack you right now. I’m sure you don’t want that.” He glared, turning to the pizza to take a bite.

“I’m sorry. I thought we are friends already.”

“Friends my foot. I hate friends! They are betrayals!” He snapped right away.
His face turned cold. Now the real Damien is back.
Kimberly blinked and gulped hard.
“I’ve you been betrayed by friends? Maybe once or twice.”
She asked curiously.

“Do you know what kills the cat?” Damien smirked. A devilish smirk.

“Yes. It’s curiosity.” She replied simply.

“And that’s what is going to kill you. Curiosity.”

“But I’m not a cat.” Kimberly blinked again, innocently.

Damien threw a dead glare at her and held her ear.
“You can’t just talk to me anyhow you like now because I’ve been a little playful. Let me eat in peace now.” He faced the pizza to continuing eating and stepped it down with the coke.

Playful? He’s far from playful.

Kimberly watched him as he ate everything right in her face and even finished the Coke.
She has been swallowing her saliva since, her mouth watering and stretching out her neck to see if he’s gonna remain for her but he didn’t.

What kind of boss is he? He won’t blame him cause when she was eating, she didn’t ask him to come eat. She ate the food alone.

“You almost poured saliva on my pizza.” Said Damien.

“How? I didn’t come near you. I’m there and you’re there. So?”

“With the you’re gulping and swallowing down your saliva. Sorry, I didn’t give you. Maybe another day. Not to make this day boring, tell me about yourself, your family.”

Kimberly’s face turned sour. She didn’t want to say anything about her family.
“I’m sorry, sir but I can’t say anything right now. I will tell you another day.” She wanted him to skip the question.

“Did you have a tough time when growing up? Maybe you’re maltreated or something.”

“Yeah, kind of. By my stepfather and stepbrother. I don’t want to say anything about this.” She shook her head.

Kimberly was a happy going girl until Steven and his father came into her life. Making her life miserable. So miserable.

Damien understood. Very well.
It seems like the two of them needs healing.

“I’m staying with you till tomorrow.” He reminded her before going out to receive fresh air.

Somewhere in New York,

“Father, I got the details. She’s in Germany right now.” Steven spoke as he threw the papers to his father.

“She must have grown into a beautiful woman just like her mother.” His father said as he looked into the papers and read.

“What are you still planning to do to her?” Asked Steven.

“You gonna know my plan soon. I know you still want to f*ck her ass. Don’t forget she’s your stepsister. You can do it slowly with her.” He flashed him a smile.

“Whatever! I’m not sure if I’m still going to do that. Dad, I need to get to somewhere right now. I will call Beatrice to take care of you.” Steven left the house.

Somewhere in Italy,

“He’s alive! He survived! I don’t know how but he did. I saw him with my two [email protected] eyes.” A guy ran to the old man in his sixties.

“You mean Damien?!” The old man arched his brows at the guy. In anger.
“I thought we killed him! How come?”

“I don’t know too. I’m surprised as well.”

“You’re going to do everything to get into company as a staff. Not now, i will tell you when to do that. We are starting again.” The old man walked into his chambers.

“How dare he come back to life?!” He groaned.

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Written by Uche Lawrence.

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