Seduced By The Alpha Billionaire

sed-cED BY THE ALPHA BILLIONAIRE episode 36 – 37

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🌳🥀{ Meeting Her Was A Coincidence }🌳🥀

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 36:

Loreen ✓

Stopping at the parking lot we stepped out of the car. “Wow! ” She exclaimed softly. ” Seems like you made new changes in the house. ”

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” Yeah, thought it would be better for the new month. ”

We left the parking lot to the building, her eyes has been admiring the outside until we got in. ” Do you still mind for anything? ” I asked her.

” Loreen… ” She stressed the word, staring widely at me. ” What do you take me for? Why would you think I will still mind for anything? ”

” Most girls do mind for things after their hang out. ” I said with a shrug.

” Well, poor thing, I ain’t most girls. Phew, I guess I need a shower. ”

” You wait here while I call someone to esc-rt you to your room. ”

” Okay. ”

I went to Nanny Gracie’s room, to call her. She has been the best nanny in the house and has likewise served my father until my turn. I sometimes take her as a mother, and I will admit, it’s disgraceful to say she treats me like a kid.

She was sewing her favourite sweater when I walked in, causing her to stop. ” Hey, son. ” She greeted with a smile.

” Hi, Mrs Gracie. ” I replied the smile.

” Guess you’re here to give me an assignment. ”

” You know you’re the only one I can trust in this… assignment. ”

” So, what is it? ”

” I brought my girlfriend. So, I want you to assist her in the shower will I work on some stuffs. ”

” Okay. Which room should I take her to? ” She asked me.

” Take her to my room, ill be there in a minute or two. ”

” Okay. ”

” Thanks. ” I left my room down to my office.

Ashley ✓

An old woman almost in her late 50’s showed up in the sitting room where I waited. Loreen wasn’t with her, maybe he’s busy with some business stuffs, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem now.

What matters is, I need a damn shower now.

” Hello, Miss. ” She greeted with a smile which reached from ear to ear.

” Hello, ma’am. ” I greeted back. ” Please call me Ashley. ”

” Nice to meet you, Miss Ashley. ”

” A pleasure to meet you too… ”

” Gracie. ”

” Mrs Gracie. ” I completed.

” Mr Loreen instructed me to esc-rt you to your room. Please follow me. ” She said and I followed after her.

We passed through three staircases, leading to a room built at the middle of different rooms. She fixed the key into the key h0le, gently twisting it three times. She opened the door, letting us in.

” What temperature of water do you want? ” She asked.

” Cold please. ” I answered.

” Okay, I’ll get your water ready in a bit. ” She left to the bathroom, while I sat on the wide king-sized b£d, dropping my purse on the lamb stand.

While I waited patiently for her, my eyes scanned the well furnished room. It was extra gorgeous from the other room I stayed the last time I came here.

” Your water is ready, Ashley. ” She informed, interrupting me from my little thought.

I walked into the bathroom, deepening myself into the icy cold water. I sighed softly as I felt the coldness against my skin.

” Your dress is on the b£d, ” she informed. ” Is there any other thing I can do for you? ” She asked..

” No. You’ve done more than enough, thanks. ”

” A pleasure. ” I heard the sound of the door open and close.

I scrubb£d my skin with the soap and sponge, taking forty minutes of my time. I stepped out of the bathtub, with one towel tied around my chest and another, vigorously making its way in my hair.

I stared at the b£d she had kept my free night dress. ” Wow,” I exclaimed softly, still staring at the gown.

I held the knot of the towel, about to untie it, when I heard the sound of the door open. At first, I thought it was Mrs Gracie, but when I turned to see who it was, my eyes flew open to see Loreen walk into the room.

Involuntary, the towel sl-ipped out of my grip, freely falling to the ground. He took of his gaze, smirking while I quickly bent to pick up the towel.


” Loreen, what are you doing in here? ” I fastened the knot of the towel, throwing him a h-rd glance.

He returned his gaze back at me, ” What are you smirking for? ” I questioned, still a bit angry at him. ” And besides, you shouldn’t see me while I change. ”

He ignored me, instead walking close to where I stood. ” It’s okay to change in my pres£nce, besides it’s just the two of us. ”

” What… Are you… ? ” I scoffed. ” It’s a crime to behold a woman’s uncladness, especially when she isn’t married yet. So, turn around. ” I used my first f-nger to demonstrate the action for him to understand what I actually meant.

” Maybe, you aren’t single anymore. ” My eyes widened at his words. And it just widened the more at his gradual clos£ness.

He held the knot of the towel, my heart making a hundred beats at the same time but my eyes failed to leave his.

He loos£ned the towel, letting it fall to the ground leaving me standing stake unclad right before him. He studied me from head to toe, then back to my face, staring into my eyes.

” You look damn beautiful when you are unclad. ” I was out of words. He gently k-ssed my lower l-ips, then he released his l-ips from mine, again staring into my eyes.

And I just realized how desperate I wanted his l-ips pressed on mine. Desperately wanting his body on me. ” Loreen… ” the word came out softly. ” I… I… ”

” You what? ” He whispered, his l-ips k-ssing my neck.

” I… I… ” I couldn’t say the words out, but I desperately needed what I want to say.

” Say it, and I’ll do whatever it is. ”

” C… Can we make love tonight? I wanna make love with you. ” I finally said, not realizing how hungry I sounded.

He smirked evilly. ” k-ss me, Loreen. k-ss me. ”

( And the rest of it was history 🤣🤣)


🌳🥀{ Meeting Her Was A Coincidence }🌳🥀

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 37:

He pulled her on the b£d, his hands rested above her head. The fear almost clouded her eyes, she has never been into this before. She has likewise never done it before.

The look on his face was as unhindered, and she has never seen that look before. n*k*d, and a small bit desperate.

He could hear her breath, or thought he could. It felt like a soft wind touched his face. He could smell her, the scent of her avacado cream, and he felt suddenly wolf-like and feral. Longing changed to outright hunger.

He wanted her. He needed her.

” I’ll give it to you. ” He murmured, and his hands moved lightly on her. A touch. Then another. ” I will give it all to you. But you’ll take it from me tenderly. ”

” No, Loreen, I don’t want tenderness. ”

” I hear that well enough, ” he said, with a hint of grimness. ” I shall give you more than that, like it or not. ”

He licked on his lower l-ips as he eyed her stature with intimate pleasure and want.

He clung unto her, k-ssing her bare neck, hunger burned in the way he k-ssed her. The undying pleasure as he rubb£d his l-ips at every sides of her soft loathed skin.

” I wish I can take it damn easy with you, Ashley but… ”

She placed a hand upon his cheeks, her thumb grazing the soft contour of his mouth. ” Take me, and do to me whatever you want. ” She said in between mo-ns.

Her breath shaky. Although her heart was racing but she was damn ready for tonight.

He was meant to be gentle. Very gentle. He had planned it with care, worrying each step of the long way home. He plugged in and out, and again, he came back into her. Strongly enough that she gave a small, high pitched cry of relief.

She was broken, and he took his time to handle her innocent th-ighs. He has to be careful in gluing back her shattered bit. He stared into her eyes, and he discovered that she wished for no part of gentleness, of mating.

She wished directness. She wished for him to invade in her. All of him in her.

If she was broken, it would be from him and no other man. She rakes his back, and he could feel her nails h-rd on his skin. He knew that was good, and that was exactly what he wanted. How he wanted it to be.

” Loreen… ” Her voice was too light to reach his ears, his l-ips has left hers, seeking for a place to halt. From her neck, it slowly moved to her chest, making a stop at her br-ast bone.

He stared at those two balls, as they begged for him. His touch. His t0ngues on her. He grabb£d her n-pples, s-cking h-rd on it. She was mo-ning, yes, he could hear it, just loud and clear.

Her hands grabb£d his hair, not trying to pull him away, but to prevent him from pulling away. And he never thought of doing that by the way. He was ready to take in much of her, until he has all of her to himself.

He wasn’t done. And neither was he satisfied.

A hand moved down to her wa-ist, making a stop in between her both th-ighs. A feeling from his touch caused her to mo-n, a light mo-n able to wake the animal in him.

His f-ngers sank into her, and this time, not just a mo-n but a cry escaped her l-ips. ” Uh,,, Loreen… Aahh. ”

” c-m for me, kitten, c-m for me. ” He kept fussing his f-ngers in and out, not too h-rd and not to slow. She held the sheets of the blanket, squ-eesing it in her grip. ” Beg me, kitten, beg me. ” He whispered, she felt $h¡verys run through her spin.

Her stomach rumbling in excitement of every movement of his f-ngers in her spot. She was heating, like oven. The mesmerizing moves of his nails around the curves of her br-asts made her body ache the more.

” Don’t stop c-mming, sweetheart, don’t stop. ” She finally let it out, staining his f-ngers with her c-m. As if it had been a heavy burden to her, she let out a heavy sigh. Her breath increasing, and he smile evilly as he stared at his w€t stained f-ngers.

He licked it. He had just tasted her. A halfway smile played on his face, he loved the taste of her on his t0ngue. She tasted real sweet than he thought. He buried a k-ss on her l-ips, and she tasted a part of her w€tness on his l-ips. She has just realized how sweet she tasted.

She was desperate to have him once again in her, this time, she wanted him h-rder without stopping, without consideration until nature takes her away. As if he had just read her mind, now his animal and her animal we’re ready. Ready to have each other.

He let his h-rd d**k find it’s way in, h-rder he thr-usted in and out and the only thing he could hear was her cry and his name accompanied. ” Loreen…”

And everything turned blur…


Ashley ✓

I woke up, turning to Loreen’s side. He was awake, smiling as he kept watching me. I chuckled softly, ” How long have you been watching me? ”

” Long enough. ” He said, ” You look beautiful while you sleep. ”

I blushed shyly. ” Thank you. ”

” How was your night? ”

” It was great. What about yours? ” I asked back.

” Memorable. ”

I looked at the cloud, it was getting bright. I frowned at him, ” It’s morning already, why didn’t you wake me up? ”

” I thought you needed some rest, ” I’ll need that during weekend.

I stepped out of the b£d, rushing into the bathroom. ” Would you mind if I bathe with you? ” He asked, making a sed-ctive smile.

” Of course. Thought you’d never ask. ”


To Be Continued…

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