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{ Meeting Her Was A Coincidence }

Written by: Cisca. H.

Chapter 39


After the training, everybody held back to their rooms to freshen up, that was when Ashley saw Loreen

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“Hey” Ashley called

“Hey, you did great” Loreen complimented

Ashley smiled “Thanks”

“I will just take a bath” Ashley told Loreen and head to the bathroom

Loreen sat down on Ashley’s bΒ£d thinking of how to tell her that he will be going soon, he didn’t want to leave Ashley’s side but what can they do?? They got to fight their fight for the revenge of the innocent souls that were killed by Victor

Ashley quickly bath and headed to her room, Loreen was still there thinking but immediately Ashley entered, he felt her presΒ£nce and turned to look at her, if it’s not because he didn’t want a situation whereby Ashley will be distracted, he could have made love with her again. He remembered the first time he made love with her, her first time and smiled.

Ashley was wondering why Loreen was smiling but didn’t put much thought on it “The guy can be weird sometimes” she concluded in her mind and dressed up

They both were called for lunch immediately Ashley finished dressing up and they both headed downstairs for lunch

Loreen’s pov

I brought out a chair for Ash to sit down and sat down beside her

“How was the training Ash!????” Mr Agent questioned Ashley

She smiled “It was fine, dad”

“Won’t you tell him that we almost kill a specific wolf” her friend quickly butted in as if she was the Ashley that was being questioned

“Of course we nearly kill Riel even when he was in his wolf form” Ashley said and laughed. I smiled her laugher was contagious

“Really Riel, they won you???” Mrs Johnson asked with a doubting mind

“Yeah I wasn’t on my right state of mind and I can’t hurt the two ladies, they are both important to me. Ashley is Alpha Hale’s girl and Lina is my mate”

“Liar!!” Lina cut him off “That was a big fat lie, I still remembered that he actually tried all his possible best to win but failed woefully”

“Okay fine you caught me, okay you won” both Ashley and her friend busted into laugher

“Riel is surely a chicken” Ashley’s friend mocked. If she was truly Riel’s mate, then I bet he was very unlucky. There is only a perfect girl in this world and I’m so lucky to have her all to myself without having to share her with anybody

“Loreen, when are you leaving, the battle is tonight. We will attack the Moon Walker Pack tonight” Mr Agent said bring me out of my thought

“I’m leaving after lunch” I quickly avoided Ashley’s eyes

“You are leaving soon???” I simply nodded to Ash’s question. I do find it difficult to leave her behind

“Oh!!” She exclaimed and none of us talked again throughout the lunch

After the lunch, Ashley stood up and leave the dining room, I quickly followed her from behind, I overtook her and stood in her front as she wanted to climb the stairs, she tried to pass my side but I held her shoulders asap.

She busted into tears “Why are you always like this, just when I think I’m having you all to myself, then boom! You’ll disappear again without telling me. Don’t you love me again??? If yes then stop playing me” she lamented. I pulled her into a bone crushing hug and sniffed in her cent, so intoxicating

“I’m sorry, I was going to tell you after lunch”

“After you have leave right???”

“No, before I leave”

“I hate it that I love you so much”

“But I love it and I love you so much too”

She calmed down “Why are you leaving this time around??” We started heading outside the camp to the garage where I packed my car

“The battle is tonight so I have to get my warriors ready you know I wanna seek revenge for my mother in-law too” she laughed. Just what I wanted. I opened the driver’s side of my car and wanted to enter when I remembered something

“Oh, I almost forget something” I told Ashley and faced her back

“What???” She asked. I started closing the gaps between us

“This” I said and k-ssed her like it was going to be my last, I ate deeply into her mouth and took my time in exploring her mouth with my t0ngue. “I so much love this girl” I thought

“I have to go” I whispered to her after the k-ss and disΒ£ngaged from her slowly. I quickly entered my car and zoomed off before I changed my mind and stay with her

Mr Agent pov
“Everybody, get ready for the battle. Go and grab any weapon you know that you’ll need, grab anything you know that you can’t do without in war and set them in the car. Go! go!! go!!! go!!!!” I shouted at the top of my voice and everybody started running to and fro carrying one thing or the other

Ashley came to me “Dad what’s going on??”

“Everybody are preparing for the war, it’s tonight remember??”

“Of course”

“Then go and get prepare to”

She left. Mrs Johnson brought the chart to me, I glanced at it and saw that Ashley was in Mrs Johnson’s group and I like it that way, I will carry my cross on my own and she too will carry hers

Everybody came back to meet Mrs Johnson and I

“Are you all ready???”

“Yes sir!”

“Then we’ll move in 5 minutes” I said

“Yes sir”


To Be Continued…

Cisca Writes ❀️

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