Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina 18+ – Episode 10

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 10

Everywhere became silent.

Faint foot-falls, approaching the region were the voices were formerly chatty. The cloud threatened to rain with thunder rumbling, and lightening emanating light that grace lightly on Amina’s face. She flinched.

She quicken her footsteps, cursing the weather under her breath. She wouldn’t have been this late, if Victor didn’t lure her into watching a seasonal movie that made time fly without her knowing, she loves nice movies. She blessed PHCN for the power outage first time in her life. Her mother, she worried. She never notice any awkward moves before her, her anxiety has made her obliviousness of the on-going.

A shiny light beam before her, ‘causing momentarily blindness, she shield her face from the light shone on her face with an open palm.

“Who be that mumu?” She vented her anger, dejectedly.

She felt a strong arm on her neck, before she could take any action. A hanky was on her face, she inhaled an unusual substance and became sub-conscious, slum unconsciously on the arms of her attacker.

The cloud rage with thunderbolts and it drizzle, another of her attacker emerge from the bush to help his partner. They carried her, while the one holding the torch lead the way.

“Youtube, I nofit wait” he said joyously, feeling the buttocks of Amina who lay unconscious on his shoulder. They chant under the heavy downpour as they hurried into an incomplete building.

“This girl fine oh” the one with imposing figure admired Amina’s beauty, YouTube torchlight the lying body of Amina. He unhook his belt, since Amina’s short skirt isn’t tight, he pulled it to her stomach. Lightening persist, as light shadows flash in the uncompleted building room.

“See G-string p-nt” he grinned, in process of pulling her skirt. He revealed rare beads on Amina’s wa-ist with different colors emanating faint light. He gro-ned as he wank on his ****, about to rest his weight on her.

“Na me first” the other one pulled him up, YouTube dropped the torch on the floor. Angered by the interruption, he punch him on his face, he staggered backwards. It followed with retaliation, ensue fight betwixt the duo, YouTube tried to halt them from fighting but didn’t succeed.

“Wake up…” Faint voice in her head, she felt lightheaded, stood and left the trio at each others neck lazily.

“Ona mumu ehnn!” YouTube said loudly, when he has halt them from fighting, breathing heavily.

“Wey Amina?” They chorused at a time, face by surprise. They scattered in search of her.


Amina’s mother walk around in circle, in the sitting room illuminated by a lamp on a table in the centre of the room. Her hands across below her br-ast, she breath uneasily, and feel restless. She slum into the chair frustrated, stood up looking at Amina’s baby picture nailed to the wall, her eyes teary.

“Where this mad girl go?” She said with choked voice, her eyes w-t. The door push open, drenched Amina step in, she stood at the door looking weak and tired.

“Mama!” Her voice sounded almost as whisper, She walk lazily towards her surprised mother, and fainted.


In a darkroom smoke waft in the room, as two individuals holding on to lit cigarette.
The bossy figure on a chair, stood.

“You know what to do?”

The other individual who has been on his feet, drag the cigarette and release dangling smoke in the air.

“Yes, boss!”

He left the room, the light in the dark room came up to reveal Chief Ucha on his feet, he walk to a table in the centre of the room with a smoking cigarette in hand. He pick a picture of Amina on the table.

“You’ll soon be mine”

He said, car-ssing the picture with his thumbs. He dropped the half cigarette on the floor, smash the lit part under his foot.

Took the picture, switch off the light and left the room.


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