Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina (18+) – Episode 20

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 20

“Na Emily, that girl sweet die. She be cheerful giver, why you never collect”
David said, sitting beside Victor on the bench. Who shake his head sideways.

“I no wan collect” Victor responded flipping the page of the text book in his hands, David saw the Bible on his laps and wonder why he has been with a Bible every time in school since resumption.

“You don join Jano?” He said grinning broadly, pointing at the bible. Jano is what he nicknamed Jehovah Witness Church.

“No, I don give my life to Christ” he retorted, both of them turned when Amina said “haba!”. She have just hit the mango slightly and it refuse to drop to the ground.

“This one you dey follow your wife upadan, ona don do the wedding?” David said looking at Amina who has been frustrated on the strenuous activity she is doing.

“Na Emily engage and officiate our wedding” David laugh hysterically, Amina pick up the mango and start walking to the school tap that is distance away from were they are. Victor saw her and ran after her leaving David behind.


SSSCE have just ended, Victor have travelled to Port-Harcourt immediately he finished his papers not wanting another encounter with Emily, bored Amina couldn’t stay at home alone and she decided to go with her mother to the school she teaches.

“No kill this children ooh, my go see the headmistress” Amina’s mother warned leaving her daughter with her pupils, the class is primary 3. She has a chair and a table, while Amina sat on a chair close to the window, playing a game with the Nokia torch in her hand and looking at what her mother normally does with her pupils.

Immediately her mother left the class, Amina stood up looking very angry. She pick up the cane her mom dropped on the table “all of you stand up!” She thundered, every one in the class remain quiet and quickly hurried on their feet, terrified by Amina.

“All of you should greet me aunty Amina” she warned pointing the cane at the scared children who shouted “good morning, aunty Amina!” She smiled “again again” she instructed, the children continued as the greetings sound musical to their ears.


Amina ran out of the house to the kitchen were her mother is preparing dinner, her mother insist on many occasions to be the one to cook even when Amina offer to, She will refuse. She pick up the ringing phone from the table in the sitting room.

“Na who dey call?” Her mother asked.

“Aunty Edna” Amina responded handling the phone over to her mother, who pressed the green button to answer.

“We dey okay, how your husband and you?” Amina’s mother said into the phone, Amina stick around listening to their conversation.

“Your aunty say make you come stay with am for Port-Harcourt, she go soon born pikin” her mother said to Amina.

“Yeeeaaaaa!” She shouted, jumping up happily. she took the phone and went in,side the house.


“Honey, meet my younger sister Amina” Edna said to her sitted husband whose eyes refuse to leave Amina’s body. She has taken the stress of bringing Amina all the way from the village down to the city with her car.

“Good evening, sir” Amina greeted bending her kneels a little in courtesy, she notice how the man stare lustily at her. The man acknowledge her with a nod and continue watching the television in pretence, immediately his pregnant wife and Amina went upstairs. The staircase landing is in the sittingroom, Amina following closely behind his pregnant wife.

“Wonderful ass” he said, looking at Amina’s ass as she climb the stairs. He walk to the bar, and took a glass of wine. He wondered why his wife niece is so beautiful.


Amina knock on the gate heavily.

“Who be that pesin?” Musa, who was listening to a radio pressed to his left ear sitted on a white plastic chair at the security post, demanded sharply with his husky voice having thick Hausa accent, he str-de to the gate leaving the radio he has been listening to on the chair.

“Na me, Musa” Amina responded, he unlock the small entrance on the gate and Amina step in.

“Yo wa, fine small anty” he said folding his hands and licking his l-ips, he is tall and slim. Amina glare at him, Musa didn’t flinch as he continue ogling her. She wore a white gown stretching around her body, revealing her curves. Amina went to the house major entrance, and open the door slowly, he pause at the door, scanning the room ’cause she smelt a foul smell.

“Beg me to **** you, slowly. Ooohh–” Oliver gro-n loudly, his eyes shut and his mouth open in gasp. He held a provocative picture of Amina, his belt loose and his hærd **** encircled by his right hand as he jerk furiously. His briefcase beside him on the cushion.

He had return home and saw the album of photos Amina dropped on the table in sitting room, she received a call while going through her pictures from her aunt who sent her to the market. Oliver, returned to find those pictures on the table. He surf through them, and the particular one he held turned him on. That he couldn’t hold his urge.

“Aah! Aaah! Aaahh!!” He mo-n spurting loads of c-m on the cushion, sweaty on his corporate. As he breathe heavily from the exercise.
Amina sneak out of the sitting room quietly through the major entrance door, she had held on to the doorknob.
She took the backyard door, that is the kitchen’s door.


A week later, Edna was in the hospital. She was in labor, her husband drove her to the hospital with the help of Amina and Musa in the evening. The wh0le house was quiet since her aunt isn’t around, they mostly stay up into the night watching movies and talking that is what they have in common. She feel bored without her aunty, feeling sleepy and tired of the movie. She went to her room upstairs and put on her nightie, and lay on her bed.

“Pooo- – pooooh-” the car horn blare at the gate, Oliver have quickly left the hospital and hurried down home leaving his pregnant wife there. He drove in and park by the parking lot, he took the car’s keys and went into the house, he went to his master’s bedroom and took off his clothes.

“Uhmmm… Uhmm…, Today is the day..” he sang as he wash himself in the bathtub, he took his towel and wrap around his wa-ist. He went into his room and pulled the towel off his wa-ist revealing a hærd c*ck, the thought of having Amina drives him crazy. The girl always lock her room’s door and his wife is the keeper of all the house keys, if she were to be at home he wouldn’t have access to them, he thought.

Amina was still rolling on her bed restlessly, wondering how her aunt is faring in the hospital. Her eyes wide open in the dark room, her door knob turned and she heard a footsteps coming towards her, the light in her room was switch on by her aunt’s husband Oliver. Who wore a singlet and boxer, Amina remained silent as he walk to her bed and sit with his obvious bulge.

“Uncle, I want to tell you something?” Amina said breaking the silent, Oliver was about making his first move.

“What is it?” He ask harshly.

“I love you” Amina said covering her face, Oliver smile broadly like someone who had won lottery.

WATCH OUT FOR PART 2, only if there is comment before this story continues


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