Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina (18+) – Episode 6

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 6

Three people in the room, a bench at the side and a white basin filled with water. A man sitting on a mat, with white gown, his eyes closed and his l-ips moving. Amina and her mother are both standing, bare footed.
Amina’s mother, has threatened Amina of starving her to death if she will not come with her.

The prophet eyes w¡den in shock, he took the rod in his hand and point it to Amina.
“Your daughter is possessed!” He exclaimed loudly, shaking his head. Amina find it hilarious and chuckled, her mother eyed her murderously to compose herself.

The man on white gown stood up, kept a foot on the ground, swing his left leg while he shake his head bend-low making incoherent speech.

“Uhmmm.. papa, ja lu le. Angel Michael…” He bend low, shaking his head. He went into a small room attached to the room they were, he came out with a cane. Amina faced colored up with confusion, her mother caution her with her eyes not to misbehave.

“Woman, excuse us. I want to flog out the water spirit from her, uhmmm… Cha! Jehovah, holy cane” he bend his head swinging it sideways for a while, he tapped the cane on the floor three times. Amina’s mother stood up dragging her ear to warn Amina against any form of mischief she is planning, the prophet deep the cane in the basin and walk round the white basin making incoherent speech.

“Step forward, step into the water in the basin” he instructed, Amina walk to the white basin and deep her feet into the basin with water. She didn’t step down, the prophet went into the storeroom attached to the room and brought ropes to fasten her to the bench in the room. He order Amina to lie on the bench, he closed his eyes moving his wa-ist forward and backward. Amina didn’t lie instead she sat on the bench and placed her hand on the visible boner of the prophet, she knew the effect her short and armless gown has on men before removing the jacket.

The prophet eyes bulged, his mouth curved into a circle symbol when Amina’s palm run freely on his bulge.

“Ooh!” He gro-n pleasurably.

“Na your sugar cane I want” Amina said, licking her l-ips sed-ctively. The cane dropped from his hand, Amina stood up and lock l-ips with him. His hand roam freely on her ass, he grab and squeeze her ass hungrily. Amina grab the hem of his gown and raise it up, his eyes twinkle with lust and hunger for her.

Almost unclad, left with just short. He placed his two palms on Amina’s br-ast and have a feel of it, he squeeze and pressed.

“Aaahh!” Amina mo-n, and deep her hand in his short. He quickly removed the short without being told, he attacked her l-ips again, she objected and instructed him to lie upward on the bench. He quickly lay like a humble disciple, Amina took the rope and fasten his arms and legs to the bench jerking his er-cted **** momentarily.

She took his **** cap in his mouth, his face tightened and his eyes shut. She took a sellotape lying on the floor and sealed his mouth, his eyes bulge in surprise as Amina wore her jacket and took his white gown. He left him tied, with his clothes.

She waited with a seat under an apple tree for her daughter, Amina’s mother was surprised to see Amina walking out of the house painted white dejectedly and slowly towards her. She kept a suspicious look when she sighted the gown of the prophet with her.

“Mama, make we dey go” Amina said slowly, pretending to be weak. Her mother folded her hands.

“What of prophet? No be em clothe be that?” She asked pointing at the gown Amina held betwixt her hand and armpit region.

“No!” She retorted.

“Prophet dey spirit reign, em give me this white gown my use am pray with Psalm every night” she said showing it to her mother, her mother still hold suspicious outlook.

“My go tell am thank you”

“No, you no go like wetin you go see. Em dey talk to angels, em say my tell you say make we go from here. So that the water spirit no go see me again”

“Ehnn.. make we dey go” she gave Amina a bag to put the gown while walk ahead, they both left the compound and wore their foot wears pulled at the entrance of the compound.
Back in the room the prophet struggle to loose himself from the bench he was fastened to by Amina, the bench lost balance and turned sideways making his body slam on the floor.


Two Days Later . .

On a less busy road, it was towards evening when Bridget returned from were she went to borrow a note from a friend of her. It is a path sided by flowers, Amina emerge from her hide out frightening Bridget who almost scre-med and look aghast.

Amina couldn’t help but laugh at Bridget who looks like a frighten little child, her natural hairs park into ponytail with her pink polo and Jean bumshort. Bridget make a hissing sound and wanted to walk pass her, Amina blocked her from going through.

“Bridget, which day you see me sed-ce your brother?” Amina asked face to face with Bridget, arms akimbo with a serious look. Bridget fan herself with the note she held, pressed her nose with two fingers.

“Village champion or pr-stitute, can you smell out….” A resounding slap landed on Bridget face immediately, she raise her hand to retaliate but Amina bend low dodging her palm. She held her by the wa-ist and place a leg between her legs, swing her to her left arm. Bridget landed on the ground, Amina pounced on her.

Amina knelt on her two arms, rendering Bridget face to her mercy. She took a handful of sand and pressed it to her mouth, slapping and pressing her cheek to open her mouth. She tore her gown and stood up from Bridget crying body on the ground.

“In the name of Amina, ona family go mind their business” she said, kicking her at her stomach. She scre-med, Amina left after beating Bridget to her satisfaction.


Back at Bright’s compound, the other night ended badly. Both parties refused to bend to the others will, his parents insist on him leaving the idea of having anything to do with Amina. They threatened if he still go against their will, they will not attend or bless his marriage.

Time: 5:30pm

The major entrance of the bungalow open, Bright step out with his parents behind. He walk to his car, his parents followed behind, they walk silently to his car. He had insist on travelling today even when his parents tried as much they could, to persuade him. He couldn’t stay behind when his presence is needed urgently in the City.

The serene environment was erupt by someone crying loudly, everyone turn intently to the gate ’cause of the recognition of the voice.

“Mama, is that not Bridget’s voice?” Bright asked, before anyone could come up with a respond to his question. Crying Bridget push open the gate.


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