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sed-cive Amina – Episode 11

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Episode 11

Upaga community Secondary is situated at the outskirt of the village, not at the major entrance but at the width of the landscape, spatial at right.

The school is unusually noisy and cheerful, since their exams have already ended. They have a friendly match against their neighbouring village community Secondary School. Every one in groups, playing, running. And the soccer field is utterly des**ted. Ropes tied around the field to earmark restrictions for spectators.

Under a tree is someone who is secluded from others, sitting on a bench under the tree chewing an apple. The school laboratory is built at this side of the school, Amina is the one. Last night, is a night she doesn’t want to remember. She find herself awake on her bed in her room, her mother has already left home when she wakes up, she hurried up from her bed and went into the bathroom, took her bath and hurry to school, she wouldn’t miss school for anything today.

“Amina, wey your friend?” A vibrant young man, on long sleeves and trouser str-de towards her with a long cane. Amina raise her head and smile play on her l-ips.

“Good morning, SP” she greeted, he nodded in acknowledgement.

“Call the two womanizers, hope you know them?” Amina nodded happily, he pointed to the lab., Amina stood up, and walk. She walk around the classes looking for someone, she look down from one of the class in upstairs and saw Victor and a girl walking to the restrooms, secluded from main school buildings. She hurried down.


“Umhh.. will anyone miss you, behind” she smile broadly.

“No” she retorted sharply, Victor grinned.

“Victor!” He heard Amina’s voice calling out to him, he exhale dejectedly. He wonder why she came to school today, they all look back.

“Where you and this fine girl dey go?” Amina asked, raising her eyebrows in suspicion.

“Sweetheart, let me talk to her” he drop a peck on her cheek, she giggle and blush. He walk up to Amina, who is feet away from were he and the girl was formerly standing.

“You go try go back oh, this girl don already gree. Amina I..” he plead anxiously, Amina didn’t allow him to conclude.

“Sp say, my call the school womanizers” his eyebrows gather in confusion.

“Ehem, go carry Ken and Obi, how that one take concern me?” He asked in confusion.

“You leg girls pass them” Amina said laughing loudly, he frown.

“My just chuk, go I dey come” Amina shake her head in disagreement.

“Na you and me dey go together”

He knows within that Amina will not leave without him, and Amina present will rubbish his plans. He whisper something to the girl and she giggle, three of them walk to the school main buildings.


At the lab. Courtyard surrounded by flowers, Amina and Victor with the Sp. Ken and Obi look frustrated sitted on the long bench. The Sp seem to enjoy the situation.

“Victor, why you no go play the match?” Obi asked, Victor hissed irritated by the unnecessarily question.

“My leave all these fine things, go suffer for that field” Amina chuckled at his response, sitted beside him on the bench is Amina.

“Ona wan pass me for womanizing, even my school son, Victor” the SP said, smiling mischievously. He has determined to hold them down in that punishment if they refuse to join the school team in playing the friendly match.

“Victor!!” Some group of girls wearing the neighbouring school uniform scre-m happily, they were just passing the lab. Courtyard and saw him. They wanted to come but they were ask to go back by the Sp, Victor frown.

It didn’t take up to 10minutes, when two girls come around the lab. courtyard “Vicky!” The two girls giggle, coming to meet Victor. All eyes in the courtyard on him.

“Twaa! I no reach you oh!” Ken. Exclaimed.

“I tell you!, na only am need prison break” Obi said laughing.


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