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sed-cive Amina – Episode 13

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 13

“Who tell you, I come na. You no been dey around, okay. Just do this one well, na 4rounds we go do” Amina said sed-ctively, her voice soothing as never before. His walls fallen by her words.

“This girl go kill me oh!” He said jubilantly, Amina smirk. He took chunk of meat on the table, slit it into two and start cutting it into a sizeable pieces. He put it in,side a nylon and gave it to her. She gave him 500naira note.

“Haba, you no need to pay na. Just give me am later” he wink at her, Amina insist on paying.

“Nobe free meat go make me come your house, I hear say your amu big na em make” Amina lied, what on Earth will make her ask of this man’s ****. He looks like forgotten pig, and his pot-belle, humming, how this one wan take perform, she thought. Mallam was overjoyed by what Amina said.


Upaga community market isn’t located in the community main town, instead is located at the outskirt not too distance from the main town but it takes metres to reach the both side, it was built by Upaga son who was given a position in the government. The road is rough with poth0les since major construction hasn’t been done on the road.

A car park at this road, a man roughly young sitting on the bonnet, smoking. He wore a black cap concealing most of his face, three others in the car.
One on the wheel, while two are in the back seats. Just a distance on the same road, leading to the village, water flow from nearby bush and creep into one of the poth0le forming a stagnant water.

“Oboy, this girl go well” his mouth agape as he admired the girl wearing a trouser and one handed polo, his cigarette dropped on the ground. He thought against making a move since they are there for a purpose, he took the cigarette he dropped on the ground and sit on the bonnet again. The glass of the car is tinted, in the car. The back occup-nts are loaded with guns.

His phone rang.

“Spider, the babe never show” he said into the receiver.

“Ona head don knock, the babe just pass me now. Ona be nama, make ona appear here before I change am for ona” the caller shouted, the call ended with immediacy, he walk briskly and open the car’s door and delve in.

The engine came alive, and the car was reverse hastily making the car’s tyres screech. Car fast run on many poth0les, making unhealthy sounds. The driver tried to make a curve and one of the tyre ran into the pot h0le with stagnant water, he lost control and the car swerve into the bush running into a tree.


Nkechi arms akimbo as she look at the approaching figure of her daughter running into her compound, her slippers in her hand. Bare footed Amina stopped before her mother trying to catch her breathe, beads of sweat forming on her flawless beautiful face.

“When our village start to get ghosts wey dey pursue human being?” Amina’s mother asked.

“Ma . . Ma” she exhaled.

“Kidnappers” she breathe out.

Amina’s mother wasn’t happy about this, her daughter freedom of movement has been threatened with rapes and now kidnappers are on her neck. She went in,side, tied a nice wrapper and ask her daughter to prepare the soup. She is heading to the village chief house.


Chief Ucha sat in the courtyard, enjoying the garden. A table before him with exotics drinks, he sip from the glass as he glance at his phone expecting a call, his phone ring. Excitement build up, he quickly pick the call.

“Are you guys with the girl?” He sang into the phone, with sharp and commanding tone not allowing the caller an itch of normal courtesy.

“No Chief, we lost some of our men we sent after her to accident” the receiver replied with sorrowful tone, he didn’t find it funny and touchy as the caller expected.

“Fools, c’mon small girl. Ona nofit kidnap, incompetent bamboos. Don’t call me, if you haven’t gotten the girl” he slammed, ending the call unceremoniously. His jaws charge in anger, he hit his fist on the table, stood up and slam the table with his palms, and str-de into the gigantic building.


Upaga still use the old means of communication, through the town crier. A tall man with just singlet, and a trouser folded on his right leg moves around in the village at night with a gong, Upaga nightlife wasn’t as usual since there is power failure, he got to a junction. Raise the gong and hit it with his fists.

“Make ona listen ooh, anybody wey go try rape any Upaga daughter. That person go die, na wetin the elders agree and them don pour drink for this matter, too much talk talk nodey full basket, na warning…” He moves on till he got to the final junction and depart to his house.


Chief Ucha in his usual courtyard admiring the serenity of his garden, he stood and walk around in meditation. A young man approach him wearing a black shirt and trouser, with a dark shade.

“Spiff!” He called out.

“Yes boss” he bow in recognition.

“Since, the girl is ‘causing us much trouble to get, why don’t we capture her mother, she will have no choice than to marry you for her mother’s freedom” the young man suggested, Ucha find his suggestion thrilling. He wonder why he hasn’t thought of that for a longtime ago.


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