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sed-cive Amina – Episode 14

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 14

“Since, the girl is ‘causing us much trouble to get, why don’t we capture her mother, she will have no choice than to marry you for her mother’s freedom” the young man suggested, Ucha find his suggestion thrilling. He wonder why he hasn’t thought of that for a longtime ago.

“Nice one Spiff, I never thought of that. Humming, I want you to make arrangements for that. But execute it when school is in section, understood”

“Yes, boss” Spiff respond, bow and left. A smile play on Ucha’s face. He brought out a picture from his pocket.

“You never know what you worth Amina, either ways. Am going to have you” he said proudly.

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The room has a taste of womanly arrangement, most of it design is girly colours. Wearing just a bumshort and a girly singlet is Amina, she lay on her bed with a pillow place beneath her, reading a book. Her door open, she look towards the door.

“Vicky!” She scre-m happily, ran into his arms. Hugging him tight.

“Em done do, you no even sabi hug” he said laughing, she grab the package in his hand and brought out a phone packet.

“Which kind old fashion be this, na only Nokia torch dey the market?” She said frowning.

“You no Sabi T H A N K” he spelled it out, laughing loudly.

She brought out the phone from it package with charger, since there is light she charged the phone. Victor, lie on her bed and brought out another phone, which is Android from his pocket.

“Our two go use this one” he said, Amina jump on him happily. She struggle to get the phone from him, since he is preventing her from getting it. They roll on the bed, flipping each other over vu.

“See your prick don stand for this small play” he took his hand off from the phone and covered his groin with his palms, chuckling. Amina couldn’t stop laughing.

She took the phone and tap on the screen, the light came alive. She tap and scroll on the screen.

“Ah aah!” sounds playing out of the phone, Victor snatch the phone from her hand.

“Na wetin you go check first” he put the phone inside his pocket, chuckling.

“Wetin p-rn dey do inside your phone?” She asked arms akimbo.

“For new styles” he respond nonchalantly. Hit by intuition.

“Ehem, which prefectship you dey vouch for?” He asked sitting on her bed, Amina who has been standing thought for awhile.

“Sp Girl” she said smiling sheepishly.

“God no go gree, try go for another position” he retorted sharply, looking shocked by the revelation.

“Na that one, I dey go for and I go get am” she insist.

“I go spoil am for you” he said standing up to leave, she pounce on him tickling him, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing insanely.

“Amina, stop na” he plead laughing, he removed the phone in his pocket and stood up, he ran out of the room. Amina took the phone, and went through the door also.



Upaga community primary and nursery school is fenced round, built close to the village express way. With a gate which serves as entrance and exit from the school main compound and police by a gateman, the gate is normally closed by the gateman when the pupils are in their various classes and open when the school’s closes for the day which is 12noon. a car divert from the road and park by the gate. One of the occup-nts step down from the car, walk to the gate and knock.

“Who be that?” An old man roughly at his 60’s, at his grey days. Walk to the gate, open the small entrance through the gate. The young man lower his hand holding a gun to his stomach. The old man raise his hands high up in the sky with freight.

Eventually, the busy road has mobile police officers plying into the village at this occurrence. They slow down and divert parking beside the gate when they suspected the car and the gateman raising his hands high up.

“s***!” He quickly tug his gun in his belt, and wanted to go in. But the gateman ran out of the gate pointing at him. Two police officers jump down from the van and ran after him, a gun shot fired from the car formerly park the bullet hitting the gateman at his head, he fell and bled to death. Three other police officers in the van, jump down raining bullets on the car, the driver ignite the engine, swerve the car with shattered glasses towards the busy road and sped off, running on the main road.

The other assailant who ran into the school, ran into the security house built close to the gate. He jammed the door and tried to bolt it, but the lock is already damaged, he pressed his weight on the door. He was confused on what to do, when the first bang hit the door hard, he made a precipitation move to shoot anyone he finds when he opens the door.

He drag the door open, throwing caution to the wind. He was hit by a log of wood on his hand and his gun fell off.

“Ah!” He gro-n in pain, from the impact. The gun was taken by one of
the police officer.

“Don’t move!” Threatened the other police officer holding the gun pointed at him, he was handcuffed and dragged away.

The school that day has something to talk on.


Heavy breath and heavy foot-falls, the moonlight was at its best. Shedding light rays, a man bare footed. With just boxer and singlet, hold fear and lost in his eyes, look around the valley, not knowing where to go.

“Chai oohh–” he panicked as his pursuer ran after him with great energy brandishing a shiny matchet, Chief Ucha ran downwards on the sloppy downhills. He lost his balance and tumble down, his pursuer jumped down like non-human.

“Ebele, don’t kill me” he cried out, crawling away from the approaching figure.


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