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Seducive Amina – Episode 15

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Seducive Amina 18+

Episode 15

“Ebele, please don’t kill me” he cried out, crawling away from the approaching figure.

“You deserve more than death for what you’ve done to me, and my family” the coarse voice sounding more like echo than humanly, Ucha shivered at the sight of the approaching figure. He lunge forward strike his matchet on screaming Ucha.

“Nooooooooo!” The frightened voice echo in the room, the lamp light switch on illuminating the room. Ucha shivered in fear at the sudden light.

“Honey, what is the matter?” His wife who has been waken up by his scream ask, he didn’t say a word. He strode out of the room not saying a word.
He went to his beautiful sitting room, and sit on one of the sofa not wanting to sleep, he switch on the TV with massive screen and started viewing what is on the TV.


Even at his 50’s, the principal of Upaga community Secondary school could be mistaken as someone at his 30’s. His face shaved from hairs and his bald head has given him more reasons to cut off all the hairs on his head. In his office, the principal office is a separate building detached from the staff rooms building, a distance of feet walk. The painted office has a standing fan and a Celine fan, the principal has insisted on the standing fan, to keep his office in a cool temperature.

His head bent and his hands moving in a notable speed on a paper place before him on the table. He shifted his glasses momentarily and continue writing, he is known for saying “hello!” with his resounding bass. nickname Hello by his students.

A soft knock landed on his office’s door, he mumbled “come in”. A teenage girl step in and closed the door behind her, Mr. Okoro didn’t raise his head up.

“Am having a [email protected] ache” the girl said sounding seductively, she busy herself removing her buttons. Her button loose, her pink bra in display.

“Hello! Go meet madam Beatrice to take you to the chemist” he responded without raising his head up, Madam Beatrice is a teacher in the school who is in charge of the school’s first aid.

“The itch will go away if you can squeeze and suck on my n!poles” almost m0aning out those words, Mr. Okoro furious of the disturbance from his student raise his head up to send her out of his office and then think of a better punishment.

She has already unclasp her bra that is lying recklessly on the office floor, Mr. Okoro raise his head. His mouth went dry and his eyeglass left his eyes to the floor, he could only mumble “Hello!”. In his entire life, he has never come across such beautiful twins on her chest, firm round and full. he salivated at mere looking at those perky n!poles on her [email protected]

Her finger press on her lower bottom lips, she suck on it and drag it slowly from her lips to her chest. She grab her [email protected] and squeeze “oh” she m0aned licking her lips. Bead of sweats form on his face, he has never in his life been turned-on like this.

“All these will be yours if Mr. John bull didn’t remove my name in prefectship list” she promised winking at him, the principal swallowed hard.

“What is your name?” He stuttered, struggling with his er£ction.



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Chief Ucha couldn’t believe his ears, when he received a phone call that the police are after him. He climb his stairs hastily, to grab his car key. He had tried releasing the assailant in police net but to his amazement the former Area commander has been transferred. He couldn’t get to bribe the new one ’cause of the people interested in the issues.

“Honey” his wife called out to him, as he jam the door open. He ignored her and pick his car key. He half-ran and half-climb down the stairs, he push the major door entrance.

“Stop there!” Three police men ordered him, a gun pointed at him by one of the police officer. Shocked, he realize he has come to the end of the road.

“Let’s talk about this officers like gentlemen, I can give you 3million naira. Please let me go” he pleaded, proposing a huge amount of money, the three police officers look at each other.


Upaga community Secondary school, is about to close for the section. The third term examination has just been done with and the whole school has assembled in a hall, the principle stood on the podium with other academic staffs and teachers. The D-day to call out those who has been given prefectship positions. He addressed and prayed with the students, after the closing remark. He was given a paper to call from.

“Senior prefect of this great school is Victor Enu” he called out, Victor step forward from the noisy crowd hailing him, mostly the girls that he is very popular among them.

“And the senior prefect girl is . . . Amina Ebele” he called, she step forward like her majesty, the crowd was quiet as never before. A noisy cheer erupt in the crowd of students all of a sudden.




Other prefects were called forward and the Senior prefect was asked to give a speech.

“Is a thing of joy, to witness such a great day in the history of this great school. I don’t know how to express my gratitude with words but on behalf of my fellow prefects we appreciate your trust, and we will serve you in loyalty and accountability” the crowd went haywire with chants.




The crowd was quieten by the principal. He dismiss them.

“Sp girl, see me in my office” he said to Amina, and left the crowd with some of the teachers. He dismissed the teachers and went into his office with lots of naughty thoughts on how fulfill his fantasy on Amina, he chuckled and sat on his chair, he waited patiently at times looking at the door or he will step out to check if she is on her way, hours pass by and the school became quiet like a graveyard.

His hope high, he thought she has mapped out a perfect time to come to his office, towards dusk. The school become busy again, with the youths of Upaga who usually come to the school to play soccer and other sports in the evening. Mr. Okoro was very furious, that a little girl has used him like a puppet, his stomach complaining of starvation. He locked his office and drive out of the school compound vowing to deal with Amina mercilessly when school re-opens next term.


The three officers were very furious at the unrepentant Ucha, the handcuffed him and drag him into their car like a notorious criminal.


Upaga community has a lively nightlife, especially the main town. Kids were allowed to go play at night by their parents, and mostly youths hang around with their peers either gisting or gossiping. The barbers shops do not disappoint with their loudspeakers, and older men hang around in bars drinking and having a nice time with their friends. While some play checkers with their mates and other mind games like whot, there is someone whose evening isn’t friendly like the others.

Dada popularly called Mallam for his ability to speak Hausa and selling of meats, he was swearing under his breath as he pass a lively bar, this road has a footpath to leads to Amina’s home. YouTube, was at this local bar when he sighted him, wondering what he is upto, he hurried out of the bar to meet him.

“Mallam, where you dey go for this kind time?” He said, voice raised to halt the moving Dada. He hasten his footsteps to caught up with him.

“I dey go Amina house” he said furiously, clenching his fist. He had vow to deal with that naughty girl Amina.


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