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sed-cive Amina – Episode 16

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Episode 16

“I dey go Amina them house” he said furiously, clenching his fist. He had vow to deal with that naughty girl Amina.

“She dey owe you?” YouTube asked.

“No” he retorted.

“She say my give am meat say she go come my house” he blurted his pains before realizing, YouTube couldn’t help but laugh at him. Mallam didn’t find it funny, and wonder what is amusing about the issue.

“She pay you” YouTube struggle to curtail his laughter.

“Yes, but the meat plenty pass the money” he said angrily, he wanted to leave but YouTube obstructed him.

“She no owe you, wetin you wan go do there” YouTube question stroke Mallam to his senses, he thought for awhile. Not responding to his question, YouTube talk on.

“Na so that girl dey do for this village, that thing wey she dey use do Shakara, we don plan on how to chop am clean mouth. If you wan revenge join us, even if you go there. Them go disgrace you and the matter sef the elders go blame you, so wetin you talk” YouTube demanded, Mallam was speechless. He thought for awhile and weigh his chances of going to Amina’s house if he could achieve any aim, he shrugged. Anything to revenge what Amina’s has done to him, he is ready to join them.

“I go join ona” he said determined, YouTube hailed him. And they both walk back to the bar were people are drinking and a loud music playing out from speakers.


Mr. Okoro slum on the chair dejectedly, his sitting room is a big one. He built it for several years, he started building his house when he was just a classroom teacher and concluded after a year as a principal. Photos of him and his wife, with four of his children hang around in his parlour.
His last son, who has just finished writing his senior WAEC is the only one at home. The others are either in the university or started their own family just like his first son.

“Oke, get me a glass of water” he called out from the sitting room, that is properly arranged with five chairs and a rug, with TV sets.

“Yes, daddy” a voice responded from in,side the room, Mr. Okoro pulled his shoe, not finding what he has encountered today funny. His son, brought a glass of water to him. He drained it all in one gulp, surprising his son who is standing to receive the glass back.

“Oooh” he breath out, he fall backward on the chair. His face facing the Celine, he thought about were he has just return from. From the school’s board were he received a sudden transfer letter. He has just been transferred to another school not as rich as his present one.


The second week of resumption, is a Monday that every students of Upaga Community Secondary School wouldn’t like to miss. Everyone is present in the devotion hall, as the chapel prefect conducted the devotion. A new face, not a young one stood in the devotion with the chapel prefect as he conducted the devotion. After the National Anthem, he step forward to address the students.

“Am your new principal….” The students erupt a noisy cheer, they were happy about the transfer of the old principal ’cause of his incessant charge of fees. He introduced himself.

“I want you all to meet somebody, my daughter Emily” he called out a girl from the crowd, a beautiful girl, she shy away from the attention given to her by the students.

“Where is the Senior Prefect boy?” The new Principal demanded.

“At the gate” Amina responded.

“Call him for me” he requested, Amina step out of the hall, right at the gate is Victor who stood before the knelt down students.

“You, come forward” he pointed to a boy with a cane in his hand, right beside him is the punctuality prefect. His friend David.

“Turn turn, sharply” he ordered the boy.

“I have sister” the boy said, he stare at the boy. He draw close to David.

“Em sister go well” he whisper to David in his ear, David nodded in response.

“Greet her for me, go go. Don’t come late next time again oh” he tap the cane on his head, he pointed the cane at another late comer.

“I have sister” he said sharply not wanting to be flogged, David and Victor laugh at him. He became confuse.

“Which sister, that your sister wey dey like chimpanzee. Na man your papa go born as girl, c’mon turn sharply” he turned reluctantly, Victor hold his short by the side and wh¡p his ass with four strokes.

“Victor, principal dey call you” Amina appeared at the gate, holding his hand. Not giving him any chance to ask questions, she drag him away. Victor, complained about her acting childish but she didn’t mind.

Before she and Victor could arrive at the devotion, the students are already been dismissed by the new principal of the school. “Who be that girl?” Victor pointed at Emily who is with a group of giggling girls heading to their class, she also turned back and wink at him.

“You go try keep off, before our new principal go cut your pee-pee commot” Amina warned dragging her left ear, “you no go understand” Victor defended. Both of them laughing while heading to the principal’s office since they were told he has left for his office.

Later that day at break time, it is always seen as a competition on who to date a new girl in the school. Emily was under a tree just at the back of the classes building, low grasses surround the tree as field, she sat on a dismantle desk while her friends stood just few feet away talking and laughing. Most of the students are in groups, talking, and some are buying snacks from a woman who stays on the other small field shade by a big mango tree. Three boys walk to the back of the school were Emily is, Obi is among the boys who has determined to shoot his shot for the first day, his friend who are there to witness his victory or disgrace watch him, as he walk shoulder high to were Emily is.

“Pretty girl, it seems you are alone. Can I keep you company?” He said to Emily who didn’t respond, he still persist. He wanted to sit on the same dismantled desk that Emily is sitting, he had only taken a step when his belt loose and drag his trouser down from his wa-ist, he wasn’t putting on a boxer. He bent to drag his trouser back to his wa-ist.

“Oh men, come see black nyash na” one of Obi friend that came with him shouted, everyone around the area were all laughing hærd, Obi ran out of the area in shame. He took his bag and left school in shame, Emily didn’t help matter she was busy explaining how small his black **** is to her friends.


Victor was in the laboratory studying, he has find the laboratory a better place to study for his upcoming WAEC since is the most isolated place in the school. He wonder why he isn’t as brilliant as Amina, who didn’t need to study to be brilliant. The laboratory has many windows and just a door that serves as an entrance, a table and a chair was kept there by him. Amina came in laughing loudly, Victor frown at her.

“Them don **** your colleague up” she said amusing herself, Victor frown in confusion dropping his text book in his hand on the table.

“Which colleague?” He asked in confusion, frowning his face.

“For legging of girls, Obi na” Amina said laughing, Victor find it very interesting.

“How?” He wanted more information, he didn’t go out for break like others. His break is spent with his text books in the laboratory, if he needed to eat something. He will call a passer-by junior student.

“You know Emily?” She asked.

“Who no know her, principal daughter. Talk na!” He urge her to talk impatiently.

“Obi go toast this girl with him friend, 2pac and that Uche wey get open teeth. As em wan go follow the girl talk na so em belt spoil and trouser pull from em nyash. My guy no wear boxer come see black nyash and small dark prick na” Amina said laughing, Victor couldn’t even help but join Amina in laughing.

“I wish say na you” Amina said tapping him on his head.

“I dey wear boxer and I nodey rub girls nyash like Obi, why you go even talk say make that kind thing happen to the love of your life?” He ask raising his eyebrows, Amina push him softly on his head.

“See your big head” she tease him.

“The head, you fall in love with” he retorted, Amina knock him on the head and ran out of the laboratory laughing. He touch the place she had knocked him on his head.

“No come here again oh!” he warned rubbing his head, especially the knocked part..


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