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sed-cive Amina – Episode 17

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 17

“No come here again oh!” he warned rubbing his head, especially the knocked part..


Two weeks later, Victor was at his usual place battling with a mathematics text book. He was never friend with equation and he couldn’t wait to get over it, he threw a paper at the door and it hit somebody who just step in.
Emily, has always notice he has stop coming out of the laboratory on break time ever since she came to the school, so she decided to pay a s-nsational visit. Her tight skirt hug her tightly exposing all her curves, her long legs grace the floor as gently as an angel, her white shirt quite transparent than normal white exposing the color of her b-ra, her two buttons removed intensionally by her. On sighting her, Victor frown, wondering what she is doing here.

“Uhmmm.. are you avoiding me?” She said in a low voice standing on the door without moving, he ignored her not wanting to say anything to her. Lots of things are happening in the school ever since she came to the school, the other time is Obi and currently two boys has been caught in the bathroom having s€×, a teacher has lost his job also ’cause he flogged her. She accused him of rape and boom he is in jail, gnashing his teeth. He thought, scre-ming in his head why is no one seeing this beautiful principal’s daughter as a witch.

“I heard you are good in f****** girls hard in the toilet, I am here for my turn and you won’t say no” she said with a low voice, Victor was infuriated on such audacity. Many things going on in his mind, he didn’t care if she is the principal daughter or not, she is his junior student and she has to respect him, witch or no witch.

“Get out of h….” He choke at his words, as she fold her left palm. It felt like a hand is strangling his neck, the cane in he held drop off his hand as he cough vigorously, he push the table aside as he drop on the floor crawling to get through the door. She close the laboratory door and draw a sign on the door to ward off anybody with a red chalk. She smile weakly, throw a red ball in his mouth.

She bent low at the redden eyes Victor, who is struggling on the floor with his life “k-ss me, and you will be fine” she said, smiling broadly.


In a dark wilderness, smoke environ the area, as every sounds echo. Vultures flaunt in circle in the air, as it seems the place is burnt but swampy, something magical about it. Someone sat at the middle of the wilderness, head bent.

“Help me” he cried out, he raise his head and scre-med holding his ears, his eyes flowing mammoth tears. Amina’s eyes open, widen in shock like someone who hasn’t been sleeping, her head rested on the desk. “Victor!” Repeated, scampering out of the class room.

He couldn’t endure the pain, he k-ss her fully in the lips “ooh!” She mo-ned softly letting the red ball she took in her mouth fell into Victor’s mouth, his eyes sparkle with a red light radiation. He carried her with great energy and sat her on the table, he k-ss her neck and she threw her head backward pushing him further to herself, her palm place on his head. She drag his shirt off loosening all the buttons with just a drag, he pop open her buttons hastily. He unclasp her b-ra, took her both br-asts in his palms and fondle roughly “aaahh! Yes, baby” she mo-n slowly, he took her left n-pples into his mouth and s-ck, her hands scratching on his back.

The door burst open, furious Amina brisk in “release him!” She thundered at the shock Emily, she was surprised on her she get in. She push him off as he fell on the floor and became unconscious, she stretch her open palm in the air expecting something to happen but nothing did, Amina’s paleolithic beads emanate faint light energy “who are you?” She asked in confusion.

“I said release him now!” Amina ordered moving towards her, she quickly bent down and touch his chest immediately the red ball rolled out of his mouth. She button her clothe and walk pass Amina majestically with a smile plaster on her face, she wink at her and left the laboratory. Amina bent down and took Victor into her arms as his eyes open slowly.

“Wetin happen?” He asked his voice almost a whisper “you just act Jesus now now” she responded, both chuckle softly.


It was a school day after the incident that took place betwixt Victor and Emily, they were both in their seats in the class when the bell was jingled for break time. The students came alive after they had been taught by their Economic teacher on what they consider boring topic, Amina stood up stretching herself, while Victor eyes is on her not wanting to be left behind. She left the class, while Victor hurried after her with a big Holy Bible.

“I no understand, why you dey follow follow me upadan?” Amina turned to see Victor trailing behind her, arms akimbo she demanded an explanation.

“Prevention is better than cure, the fear of Emily na wisdom pee” Victor defended defiantly, Amina chuckle lightly. He hasn’t left her sight a minute ever since she saved him from Emily, the one he nicknamed Karashika house girl.

“The Bible nkor?” She pointed at the Bible he held strongly to himself.

“I no wan die young oh, his words is lamp unto my feet” he said looking scared, as he scan around the place they stood if Emily is really coming. He left the school with a T-shirt yesterday, since all the buttons on his uniform has been cut.

“You go settle, I nofit be your bodyguard for free” Amina said stretching her palm, he didn’t permit her to render her request when he dropped the Android phone in his pocket in her open palm.

“You go take me out for Christmas, deal or no deal” Amina requested for more, he would have said no if is on a normal day. Amina is someone who brings trouble to where there is no trouble, he agreed sharply not wanting her to start her own witchcraft too in a broad daylight.


The Christmas Eve in Upaga community brought sons and daughters of Upaga home from around Nigeria and abroad, it was a remarkable feast as new faces are seen in the community moving about enjoying the memorable nightlife of Upaga community. It has click 24th of December on the calendar as two churches in the community stage their harvest Carol, one of them is Victor’s church. Amina tag along as they march round the community with harvest carol choruses, going to their member’s houses and open shops, to re-inform them on the activity that will happen in church tomorrow. They were compensated by those they visited with change to be shared among them, when they were done with the carol they all went to the church to share the money except sleepy Amina who went home instead.


The next day.

“Where you go since? I dey fine you since so that you go carry this money go give Anthony mother” Amina’s mother poured out her frustration on her daughter, who looks as beautiful as the first year new moon on her light blue gown.

“I from harvest na” Amina defended frowning her beautiful face, her hairs prettily plaited with a dark woven, neatly bonded with a sky blue band at her back. Allowing all eyes to graciously feed on beautiful face.

“Oya take” she push wad of cash into her palm.

“If you like branch enter your kabukabu boyfriend house, our two go put leg for the same trouser if you come back for night” she warned dragging her left ear to stress the message, Amina too the cash and left the compound.


“Bike!” Amina flagged a moving bike man, she look at her wristwatch strapped on her left wrist and frown. The day is far spent as the watch indicate 7:05pm. The woman wasn’t at home when she arrived at house in the neighbouring village, wondering why she lives in a place isolated in from the main village, if it wasn’t one of those young boys that claim to be village champion, she wouldn’t have arrived in her house. The painful thing to her is, she wasn’t even at home. She as to stick with his annoying first son who insist on showing her annoying affection that isn’t needed at all.

“Take your 200hundred naira make we dey go!” Amina said, not wanting more drama as the harmattan cold grace her skin. The bike man throttle the bike and gear it into moving on the un-tarred road, he ride into the main road and sped off. He halt all of a sudden on an isolated place, high bushes on by the sides, it will take an hour walk to see a nearby house north and south.

“Why you stop here na?” Amina asked not finding the sudden stop funny.

“I wan go write WAEC” he grab his butt and ran into the high bush covered with fog, Amina stood frustrated beside the bike.

“My mind dey tell me say my tuwama from here oh!” she said aloud to herself, she thought about how she come about entering this bike. Because the only compound in that side of the village is the compound she left before seeing the bike coming behind her.

She pulled her heels and took it by her hands, started running bare-footed on the tarred road. The bikeman emerge from the high bushes with four other men, charging out of the bush, they look upward the road and saw Amina running “hey, hey! Stop there” one of them shouted as two pursue after her, the other three climb the bike but it refused to start.


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