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sed-cive Amina – Episode 18

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Episode 18

She pulled her heels and took it by her hands, started running bare-footed on the tarred road. The bikeman emerge from the high bushes with four other men, charging out of the bush, they look upward the road and saw Amina running “hey, hey! Stop there” one of them shouted as two pursue after her, the other three climb the bike but it refused to start.

“Let’s run after her” one of the men who tried to fix the bike suggested, “oya na, let’s go!” He beckon on the other two with him, they pursue after Amina on foot.

“Haa– Ha—” she exhale rapidly. As she tried to out-run her pursuer who are closing in on her, her pursuer are quite determined to get her, nothing could deter them. Approaching Northward is a car beaming it headlights, the driver wonder why someone will park a bike at this kind of place in this odd hour, he shrugged and drive pass listening to a Christmas song, singing along. He drive pass three other men who are running relentlessly, he didn’t drive much of a distance when he saw two other men running after a girl.

Her legs ache and feels weak, she wanted to stop running on the highway and run into the bush to hide, she thought. The approaching car change everything as she wave vigorously at the scared driver who wanted to sped pass her “help m–” she breathe out, Bright step on the brake, while Amina hurried into the front seat “go go, please” she pleaded with freight in her eyes.

“This girl don escape again” furious YouTube hit his palm on the tarred road, “ah-” he gro-n in pain, and message his palm. Mallam arms akimbo as his breathe quicken, he wh¡p out beads of sweat on his face with his back palm, disappointed at their plans. They turned back to return to were they have dropped their motorcycles, they met the three other of their men running towards them.

“Wey the girl?” One of them asked his palms pressed on his kneels breathing heavily, “ona don tie am?” The other one holding his wa-ist press further. “For where? The girl don enter that car wey pass us, God go punish that driver” YouTube cursed loudly, all of them walk to were their motorcycles are with grumpy faces, as they walk and tried to strategize another means of getting Amina.

“Wey the bike na, na here we park am?” The owner of the motorcycle lamented as he look around the place like Eagle, he made an uncalculated movements as he swap the grasses back and front. Mallam ran into the bush that they were before, “my new bike ooh! Amina has killed me!” His hands on his head as he scre-med in the bush almost crying.

The drive home was awkwardly quiet, Bright couldn’t take his eyes off Amina, she looks gorgeous on her sky blue gown, he couldn’t take his mind off her l-ips. He wanted to k-ss her warmly in his arms, “why are they after you?” He asked not knowing who he is talking to, his mind was busy roaming all over her body not for recognition but for admiration. Amina look at his face, she swallowed hærd. Realization hit him, he gro-n in frustration as his heart beat rapidly and steady “thank you” she mumble.

He took a sharp turn into another route, the noisy community come to life. As different music filter in the air and street lights, display several alluring colors. “I don’t know” Amina said pouting her l-ips, Bright couldn’t fight his urge anymore he took her fully with his l-ips as his tongue nudge her mouth open, his arms roaming all over her back. “Oh—” she mo-n into his mouth, Bright gro-n as he find her gown zip and tried to zip it down. Amina pulled out of the k-ss, and step out of the car, Bright inhaled in frustration.

Bright had a rethink of whom Amina is, he wanted to really find out all he heard about her is true, if is true why is she backing out. “Why do you allow me k-ss you?” He asked in confusion, Amina laugh lightly “if I don’t, you will feel bad and I’ll be seen as ingrate by you, am sorry about your sister. I hate when unholy people tried to paint me black, goodnight” she said and walk away, Bright couldn’t believe his ears. Does it mean all what he heard isn’t true, her l-ips “oh strawberry” he breathe out, and her voice soft, enchanting and musical to the ears as fluent English rolled off her mouth. He vow to marry her with or without his parents consent, as he gear his car out of the premises.

Five men sprawl on the tarred road as they got toUpaga Community junction, they were those men who wanted to capture Amina. They couldn’t find their bike and after waiting for hours to get a commercial motorcycle or even a car, they find none. Neither a helper, they took the strenuous task to trek back to the village, the journey back wasn’t friendly at all as skeeters feed on their skins, their legs aching badly as their feet couldn’t carry them anymore. Everyone of them sprawl on the tarred road breathing and sweating profusely at the Entrance of the village. “Kai! Amina, Amina, Amina, you don kill me!” Mallam cried out.


In an ancient cave, writings carved on the walls. Verily dark even as very old lanterns placed on the walls illuminate the cave with their faint lights, a woman sat on an ancient stool that could pass for a country treasure in a National Museum, a woman covered with ripped sackcloth sat in the centre of the middle of the cave, her nails long and sharp, her face bent low culminating dark energy.

Faint foot-falls re-echo in the cave, “Emily, the daughter of the night” the old cave lady announced with an aged voice. “Yes, mother” Emily step out of the dark like a furious cat, her neck, wa-ist, and legs adore with fine gold. She step forward bare-footed and poured blood from an ancient cup into a pot boiling without fire. “You’ve done well, to bring the children of those who mate with you, ask a favor my child” the old Cave Lady raise her head, her eyes shiny blue light.

“More beauty”

“Granted my child” the Old Cave Lady wave her right hand.

“And powers to subdue Amina”

“. . . . . .”

The old Cave Lady remain mute, Emily adore like a bride in a black apparel wondered “you can’t defeat her, she is chosen by a paleolithic forces that have refused to reveal it’s face” the Cave Lady spoke with venom in her voice “but mothe—” “ask no more” she retorted with note of finality as the writings on the walls lit fire illuminating everything in the Cave, especially human skulls.


Bright got home that day, fully determined to carry forth his decision, he took his bath and decided to call his family together in the morning to inform them of his next step of arranging a marriage visit to Amina’s family. He was too happy that he pass his dinner for sleep after taking his shower, he only wants a dream of him and Amina forever.

“Miss Amina, will you take Bright as your lawful husband?” The priest announce, at the alter stood Bright with a blemish white suite beaming with smile and right before him is Amina glowing like the Morning sun in her white wedding gown, covered with a transparent veil, she smiled and said “yes”.

All of a sudden everywhere became dark and Bright find himself trending on a narrow footpath, his white suite gave faint light that illuminate his footsteps. He got to an extent of the road that is divided into two, there was a notice on the roads, he wanted to take the footpath that reads “I’ll marry Amina” a voice yell “no” at him. an old man stood with his third leg, his head staring into the dark sky “grandfather!” David called out with a note of surprise, “don’t take that footpath” the old man on a black suite advices, Bright step back shaking his head “I love her” as he turned and step in.

“You want to take my wife!” A voice yelled at the trembling unclad Bright, “wh. .o are yo..u” he stuttered, he look around but find nothing, only darkness everywhere. He felt a sharp pain “ewooo!” Bright scre-m on the floor, he wake up to see himself on the floor as invincible strokes descend on him. “Pleas.. aaahh” he scre-med louder “help oh” his voice piercing into the quiet night. His door burst open as his room’s light came on, Bridget find his brother scre-ming and wincing in pains on the floor “mamaaa, papaaa!” She ran back to call her parents.


The door to Amina’s mother’s sitting room push open by Amina who held her heels in her hand. A visitor that likely looks like Amina is sitted opposite her mother sipping from a can drink, her black skin glow under the light “Aminaaa!” She scre-med happily and ran into her arms. “You wan fall am for ground?” Amina’s mother warned finding their attitude too childish as they yell out their names in surprise, like they haven’t seen each other in decades.

“Lucy, sas you fine now, you don forget me na” Amina complained, Lucy drag her into the room preventing Amina’s mother from commenting on their discussions “no na, your mama no gree my come last Christmas, what of your Victor na?” She demanded expectantly as her eyebrows raised up, Amina knowing the long crush she had on her bestie, she nudge her with her elbow.

“I go just put your Ghana must go bag for your head, pastor pikin at that matter” Amina said jokingly, as Lucy dropped on the bed laughing loudly.

“Asking about am no mean say I don take am from you, chin chin don full your brain” Lucy defended herself laughing at angry Amina, who took a pillow from the bed and hit her. Both engage themselves in pillow fight.

the door push open by Nkechi Amina’s mother “Amina, Lucy you don come again, if ona wan play l-sbian play nobe for my roof oh, make ona warn ona sef” Amina’s mother warned standing at the door, she left the door when they have remain quiet, the two girls grinned, Lucy stood up and threw the pillow at Amina and ran out of the room.


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