Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina – Episode 3 (18+)

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 3

The two elders were shocked, jaws-dropped like famished bull-dogs.

“Aru!” One of them exclaimed, Ucha was unperturbed by Amina’s unwelcome gesture, He stood up licking his l-ips, staring at Amina lustfully.

“I am active more than all those mama thank you boys that use tramadol to satisfy you, am natural. After our marriage you will confirm.” He said demonstrating how he will hold her wa-ist and moving his own wa-ist to-fro. Everyone look at him with disgust, Amina spit on the ground.

“Ucha or whatever they add to your stupid title, who even told you that I want to marry a **** of 47years is mad like you too. Hiaa!, Make ona delete this Ogbomosho bamboo from this compound ooh” she warned dragging her ear, she walk into the house afterwards.

“My elders you have heard from the horse’s mouth, you can go with this pot-belle gorilla” Amina’s mother said, standing up. The visitors were all silent.

“Nkechi! You dare insult me, I was the one who borrowed your husband to pay your bride Price” he pride himself by beating his chest, Amina’s mother ignored him totally.

“Eehhnn.. Ucha, we have lost the battle. The best is to live with shame, or don’t you have any iota of shame?”

“I wonder!” contrariwise his fellow elder chorused.

Ucha eyed both of them and walk into his car, and order his driver to drive away.

“Our son, are you leaving us here” Ucha sighed, and the car moved away leaving the gifts and the two elders standing there.

After the visitors have left, Amina and her mother took all the gifts in,side their storeroom.

Amina entered the sitting room were her mom has been busy watching the television, with her school uniform. A white shirt and black skirt, well ironed. Fitting her majestically.

“Ami” her mom teased.

“Hope this one you are going to school this early morning, isn’t to end up in that stupid boy’s house oh” her mom said eyeing her from head to toe, Amina frowned.

“Mama, good morning” she wore her sandals quickly and ran away not waiting for response, her mom stood up and went in,side the room without responding.


Standing under a mango tree watching the school compound like eagle is Victor, he looks like he is expecting someone. The compound is scanty ’cause is first day of resumption of a new term, few people wearing all Whites and blacks are seen walking around the compound.

“Vicky!” Amina exclaimed embracing him warmly, his heart skipped. His face squeeze, They disengaged.

“Is Vic, not Vicky. You don come again” he said unhappily, he wish she could just disappear.

“Vicky or Vic, all na the same thing. I bin check you for ona house, you no even wait for me, So you no miss me ehnn?” She said fluttering her false pair of eyelashes. He chuckled uneasily, and check the direction he has been expecting someone.

“I miss you na? Abeg, go first before you go spoil my show” he pleaded.

“Me your first wife, I nodey commot here without you oh” Amina said, looking disappointed and tapping her foot on the ground.

“You go try be second wife oh, ’cause I dey expect first wife wey I go benefit something” she laugh happily, she drag him away forcefully, even when he resisted.

“Ami, stop na” he pleaded but she refused to listen, he just have to kowtow or she will destroy his plans.


Amina walk to the restrooms which are distanced from the school, the toilet is structured with zinc. She felt the need to use the restroom, after taken excuse from the maths teacher in the class.

She was close to the structure when she suddenly stopped and listen quietly.

“Aaahh, oohh– am feeling it”

The mo-ning increased, all of a sudden it stopped, She waited patiently for the victims to come out.

“Sp girl” she scre-med.

As the two people open the toilet door and step out.

“And you Vicky, you dey solve your own maths for sp girl body when we get blackboard for class” she said clapping her hands and laughing mockery.


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