Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina – Episode 5 (18+)

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 5

He killed the engine and removed his eyeglass, Amina look back to confirm if Victor is out of the bush.
Standing beside the stopped car is Amina, experiencing the hot January sun.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to know your name” the young man in the car suggested, gathering the best boyish smile he could muster. His voice devoid of his normal intonation and accent, keeping his British accent in a mid-pitch to gain more admiration from Amina.

Victor stepped out of the bush, wondering why Amina is standing beside the car and quizzing himself about who is in it. He chuckled when Amina look back and wink at him.

“Oga no vex, the sun dey fry me. If you wan toast me, toast me in,side your car” Amina suggest pointing in,side the car, fluttering her natural long eyelashes. Her first and second button has been detached from their h0les, revealing her red b-ra and cle-vage. The young man saw this and think the offer to be a better chance of winning her heart and getting a better view.

“Come in, sweetheart” the young man said proudly revealing his 32 teeth, Amina step into the front and Victor took the back seat. Both in the car, the young man look back to find a boy, a frown find it’s way to his face. He gave Amina a questioning look.

“He is my brother” Amina said, eyeing Victor. Who seem to enjoy the favorable circ-mstance. the young man ignite the engine and drive off, he couldn’t say much since he thought Victor in their company is Amina’s brother. He intend having her number for further discussion when they drop off.

“Thank you sir” they both chorused, opening the door to step down is Amina and Victor.

“Don’t mention, can I have your number. The pretty one that took my heart away?” The young man said flashing his expensive phone to attract Amina curiosity, Victor immediately walk away from the car after thanking the owner offering them privacy.

“Heart Kwa! I no get phone” she said turning back to go after Victor, she sway her ass effortlessly on her dedicated tempo. The young man’s eyes almost left his sockets, he immediately took a picture of her. For easy remembrance, he wore his eyeglass and drive off when Amina disappear from his view.


In a narrow footpath surrounded by low grasses, the road is divided into two footpaths similar to it. At the North side of the road, walking on this footpath is Victor.

“Victor, wait oh”

A voice called out behind him, he abruptly halt and look back to see David his friend running towards him. David is Victor’s friend, taller and fair skinned. They both shake hands, and continue their walk home.

“Our maths teacher no try oh, I submit empty paper” David complained bitterly, at the extreme of the road were the footpath divided into two, a young man emerge from one of the footpath with smoking cigarette in his right hand.

He wore a cap and a clothe, with a trouser that is almost becoming a rag, ripped at both kneel with bathroom slippers that it’s longevity is marked by sewed threads by shoe menders.

“Na Ami I copy from and take paste for my own” Victor said, the smoking young man called Jumbo on hearing this stood before the two students putting on their neatly ironed uniforms.

“Ona nodey shame, when I dey like you. Na me bin dey carry first upadan” he said dragging the cigarette, he puff smoke in the air, Victor and David squeeze their faces in disdain.

“Ehnn.. Jumbo, I fit talk something”

“You fit talk small boy, no shaking” he urged Victor to speak while concentrating more on the cigarette he is smoking.

“You say you dey carry first from Nursery to SSS3, bah?” He nodded, dropping the already finished cigarette on the ground. He place his foot on it, quenching the lit part.

“You for try pass Jamb na, na true say you write am for decades and still no score pass 50?” Victor asked stepping backward, while David was already laughing out his ass out. Jumbo knowing that he has been insulted tried to grab him, but Victor was sharp to decode his reaction and ran away, David was about to run into the bush when Jumbo delved him.

“Oohh– no be me!” He shouted, when Jumbo is on him, lying on the grasses is David who is receiving resounding slaps from Jumbo.


As early as Saturday morning, Amina took her clothes to the backyard with buckets including her mother’s own to wash. Her room is the last one, her window is close to the backyard, she dropped the heap of clothes on the corridor. Then took two buckets to the tap, she filled it with water and carried it back to were she wants to wash. She poured some water into the basin, took the sachet of detergent and cut it open with her hand. She was about adding the detergent in the water that is in the basin when electricity is restored.

A song played out from her speaking system loudly, she nodded to the song humming along. In the room, Nkechi Amina’s mother woke up when the song disturbed her early morning sleep. She yawn and stretch her bones lazily, she stood up and walk to the door.

She walk through the hallway that leads to the backyard, firstly. She went into Amina’s room to find her room empty, she went towards her electronic sets and switch off the socket. When the song went off, Amina’s head pop from the window.

“Ah ah, mama” she complained frowning.

“My mind dey tell me say them switch my pikin for hospital, we dey go see prophet today. Egbesu!” Her mother said loudly cursing her in the process, her eyes still hold sleep. She slept late ’cause she was in a deep thought through the night. She yawn again lazily.

“Mama, no be me and you oooh” Amina said, sitting back at the corridor to continue her washing. She has it in the mind to switch on her speaking system, when her mom leaves her room. Immediately, she heard the door slam shut. She stood up.


Bright has been thinking of the secondary school girl he took her picture without her knowing, when he encountered her on his way to village. He has been staring at the picture non-stop through the night, he find himself continuing the staring of picture routine, has he fallen in love with this strange girl. He has no answer yet.

“Good morning, brother”

“Bridget, how are you?”

“Am fine, brother” the teenage girl respond, she came to check up on her brother on her mother’s command. Bridget, is Amina’s classmate.

“Do you know this girl?” When Bridget is about to leave the room, her brother called her attention showing her the picture on the screen.

“Jesus! Brother, is that not Amina?” She pointed to the screen, with shock on her face. Wondering how her brother got Amina’s picture.


Later that Day

A man and a woman who are both married to each other for years are sitting on the bed, they kept a worried look as they face their first son Bright. Who is sitted opposite his parents on the only chair kept in the bed room. The room is painted, the window is that of the modern one.

Bright’s father cleared his throat loudly, attracting attention.

“My son, I know you have the right to marry whosoever you wish to. But as your parents, who want the best for you” the man who is at his forties look at his wife and son to get an indication that they are getting his message, his wife urged him on.

“But my son, the girl you want isn’t who a true son of this family should marry” the man ended his speech, to allow his wife to speak.

“My son, that girl is very rude and saucy, a renowned fighter in this village. Every man with manh-od in this village has slept with her, my son. Do you want to marry such a public toilet as a wife?” Bright’s mother said, keeping a pleading face to persuade his son from taking such a decision.

“Thank you papa and mama, but mama. Have you seen this girl sleeping with a man before?” Bright asked all of a sudden, the couple look at each other and faced their son again. Wondering if he has been bewitched by Amina.


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