Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina – Episode 7

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Episode 7

With her torn gown and scattered hairs, stained with sand. Bridget walk sluggishly into the compound, weeping and crying loudly, everyone was shocked to see her in a disorg-nized manner.

“Who did this to you?”

“Brother, is Amina oooh” her right hand, across her stomach as she drag her footsteps into the painted bungalow. Bright’s parents gave him ‘I told you look” and wished him farewell and went after their leaping daughter, Bright entered his car and reminisce on the feelings he is developing for Amina. His heart raced and miserably dejected by what he just witness, the biggest question he has unanswered is. Is the girl in question worth fighting for, he shrugged and roared his car engine to life.


A Month Later . . .

Amina was just coming from the field were she has been with Victor to watch a match, she didn’t know how he went into the blue when he told her he is in love with a girl they both met on the pitch. She left when she couldn’t find him.
She was singing in a low tone to herself as she walk home.


A voice called behind her, she recognized the voice to be that of the usher she had an encounter during the last time she went to church with her mother. She continued singing and walking away, without responding. He hasten his footsteps and caught up with her, grabbed her by her hand.

“Are you not sister Amina, is me. Brother Rufus” he identified himself, Amina eyed him ruthlessly, that he release her from his hold.

“Why do you stop coming to church for Months, now?”

“I no understand, gorilla or b-ra Rufus. If I go hell fire, you go follow me?” She asked irritated by his meddling behaviour. The man was taken aback by her reaction, he couldn’t respond.

“Short engine, I no resemble those upcoming br-ast and toto. You dey press for church” she warned, pointing a finger to his face. His mouth agape as he stare motionlessly at Amina, who walk away.


A Month Later . . .

Under the roof of a local kitchen, normally hold by four woods that serve as pillars. A pot is placed on a round iron, with stands. It harbours the pot, while their is plenty of dried woods that serve as a means of fire. Boiling sound coming from the pot and vapour, Nkechi is by the side of the pot.

A tray placed between her laps, by her side is a basin filled with water, vegetables leaves. On the tray is a short rectangular wood, and a knife both serves as mechanism for slicing the leaves into a palatable shape.

The dusk of the day is almost at hand, when Amina emerge from the house. She looks graciously beautiful that the sun sets on her beauty, her braided hairs run down to her wa-ist region, her flawless skin glow effortlessly. She wore a Jean trouser, that her curves and h¡ps is obviously conceived by any eye. Her round b-obs stood firm in the white polo she wore.

“Mama, I don do finish”

She disrupt her mother’s whistling.

“Take that five hundred naira, buy meat three hundred naira own, no go sleep for there. The way you go sleep for bathroom, I beg you” Amina bend low to pick the five hundred naira note, lying beside her mother’s feet while her mother continue chopping the leaves.

“Ehem, mama. Them say, make we pay our exam fee, or we them no go gree allow us write Monday paper” Amina said frowning, her mother dropped the knife in her hand and look at her daughter.

“When you don finish that farm, I go give you the money” her mother respond, Amina grumble. Nkechi dropped the tray, on the ground.

“Mama, farm again. I dey period oh” Amina complained.

“Come help me pour this water” Amina mother pointed to the basin beside her, Amina quickly ran away. Nkechi stood up and carried the basin, that she has kept the vegetables leaves earlier for slicing and poured the water in it away


Upaga market, is a large market were many kind of foodstuffs are bought. Mostly, arranged in order of easy accessibility. At the extreme of the market, which is behind, are kept for those whose wares are meats, all kinds. Their wares are arranged on tables.

Amina stood before a table.

“Mallam, cut three hundred naira meat for me” she requested, the man behind the table took two knives and collide it in sharpening the other one on his right hand, he took a chunk of meat, and slice it into two.

“If you do me well, I go come your house for night”

“You know my house?” Mallam asked surprised by the sudden offer. His eyes w¡den in surprise as Amina nodded, he had an er-ction immediately when Amina bite her lower l-ips sed-ctively.

“Aminaaa!!!” A voice called out…


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