Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina – Episode 8 (18+)

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 8

“Aminaaa!!!” A voice called out happily behind, Amina turned to be embraced by a girl who is a teenager like her.
“Victor” Amina muttered in surprise.

Amina, refer to Victor’s twin Victoria as Victor. Victoria, stays in the City with her brother but came to the village for the weekend. They both has been friends from childhood hitherto, is through Victoria that Amina became friends with Victor. Amina and Victoria share a rare bond.

“You return, you no bother to come visit the love of your life” Amina frown crossing her hands across her stomach. Standing, a metre away is Victor, who is already stressed by the bag he held.

“Haba, Ami baby. Your husband say you enter PH go do baby nurse for your aunty” Victoria said defensively, Victor chuckled. He thought his sister didn’t subscribe to the lie he told earlier, he wonder the kind of babysitter Amina will be, she will just poison the child he thought.

“You dey mind Vickie, with small carrot” both girls giggle at Amina’s remark, Victor frowned.

“You don see am?” Victoria asked, while they laugh.

“Take your meat” Amina took the nylon from Mallam.

“No forget oh” he said happily, rubbing both palms together.

“I dey craze” Amina retorted.

“The meat plenty” Victoria felt the nylon.

Victor throw a knowing gaze at Amina, while she reciprocate with a wink.

“Come help me buy something” Victoria took Amina by her hand, and they all left the place.


Voices filter in the air, the farm land is mostly constituted with cassava. On the right part of the farm is covered with bushes. At the end and start also, a footpath pass through the left of the farm. And a big mango tree, is presently beside the footpath.

Three people approach the farm land, Victor leading the road without any farm tool. He ran quickly and climb the mango tree to pluck some ripe mangoes for everyone.

Just like the old days, Amina hold a hoe likewise Victoria. Both putting on a wrapper.

“When you dey go?” Amina asked her friend, as they both entered the farm land, to weed the growing grasses in the farm land.

“Na Sunday” they both untie their wrapper, putting on bumshort. They both bend low with the hoes, taking sides.

“Ehem, ona two they date?” Victoria asked, pointing at the mango tree. Amina shrugged.

“Em never ask me out”

“Amebo Victoria, you don come!” Victor exclaimed loudly on the mango tree, cursing under his breathe.
Victoria walk up to Amina, and whisper something to Amina.

Amina look at her with dreamy eyes, she nodded in agreement. They both went back to weeding, chatting randomly catching up old times.


At a sea shore, the moon beaming light rays filter into the sea, the radiation cruise reflection on the moon.
The turbulence sea waves, rage and water rise high-n-low making slacken sounds.

Slow foot-falls approach in a deceleration pace, breathe rush exhale slowly. A figure appear in the dimly lit corner, the moon shone the now illuminated figure. A human on p-nties, Amina look lost in her white p-nties.

“Where am I?” Escaped her l-ips.

She walk slowly on the moist sea sounds, she saw a manly figure facing the sea. She braces herself, walk straight to it, her hands shiver. She made several attempts to pull the figure sideways to face her but couldn’t, she became frustrated. And restless, she felt heavy.

Her eyes flung open, she felt a weight on her, she pushed something off her body. Quickly switch on the head lamp, and find nothing.

p-nting heavily, sweaty. Her b-ra off, and her round br-asts stood firm, moving at her breathing pace. Frighten, Wondering when she wore p-nties. She normally sleep unclad under the sheet.

She felt cold all of a sudden, she stood up shivering. Ransack her wardrobe to get thick clothing, she put them on, lay back on the bed cuddling her pillow under the sheet.


The morning rays filter into the room a shadowy form, Nkechi mother rise from her slumber. Rub her two eyes, she took the Bible place beside her pillow and knelt beside her bed in prayer.
She whisper words of prayer silently for awhile.

Wonder why, Amina didn’t wake her up with her singing or music this Sunday morning. Has she ran away, this time not to esc-rt her to church, she shrug.

She walk to the door, and push it open, stretch herself and yawn lazily. She walk sluggishly to the backyard, wanted to set fire to boil hot water for herself, she decided to still check on Amina if she is in,side.

She push open the door to find her daughter shivering under the bed sheet, gnashing her teeth.

“Amina, are you okay?” She said, alarmed.


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