Seductive Amina

sed-cive Amina – Episode 9 (18+)

sed-cive Amina 18+

Episode 9

“Amina, are you okay?” She asked, alarmed by the situation she find her daughter.

“Co…ld de..y ca. tc.h m.e” she stuttered, shivering under the duvet, her mother walk to the bed and sit on it, touch her forehead with her open palm.

“My go boil hot water for you”

Amina nodded in response, she left the room for the kitchen. Since there is light, she switch on the socket connected with a rectangular electric stove, that has four pots cooker. Poured water to a pot and put it on the electric stove.

She went to her room, took some money in her purse and the house. She didn’t walk long, she find a chemist, bought some tablets with a bottle of mineral, fanta precisely. Amina’s favorite.

She busied herself in the kitchen preparing rice, with hot pepper soup. She took fresh fish, stored in the fridge at the corner of the kitchen. She spoon some pepper soup to a plate, took it to Amina’s room.

“Sit down, so that you go drink” Amina slowly, rest her back on the wall. She open her mouth as her mother spoon filled her.

40 minutes Later . . .

Her mother already dressed, with expensive George wrapper and women’s famous top. Push open Amina’s door. Amina is getting better slowly.

“I wan go church, no forget to take that drugs oh” she instructed Amina, pulled the door closed and left.

An Hour Later . . .

The door flung open by Victor, Amina smiled wearily at him. He was shocked to see Amina shivering under the duvet, he has never in his life heard or seen her sick. Anytime she teased him sicky sicky, he will only complain how she is immune to sickness.

“How come?” Amina chuckled, he felt her pulse, he went into the kitchen and took a bowl poured some hot water he took from the boiling pot on the electric stove. Return back to the room, he took a little shirt and soak it in the bucket.

He squeeze the water out of it, place the warmth shirt on her forehead. And some part of her body, he exhaled afterwards.

“I no know say, you dey caring like this. I go sick oh” Amina joked.

“I no understand” he eyed her, took the bowl and the w-t little shirt. Dried the little shirt on the rope and kept the bowl in the kitchen. He went back to the room, to find Amina on her feet.

“My go brush, so that we go do” she wink at him.

“Why your mouth no follow you sick?” They both laugh, and left the room.


In a sitting room, a television is on. The source of the only sound in the room, Amina who is sitted on a chair. Her flawless long legs wiggling on a wooden table. Viewing the drama acted on the screen, the door to the sitting room open. Her mother step, looking tired and exhausted. She slum on the unoccupied chair, at the side of the door.

Removing her heels.

“Mama welcome” Amina said, took a bite from an apple she held, her mother nodded in response.

“Ehem!” She deep her hand in her handbag, brought typed papers bind together with rubber rings, she dropped it on a table. She is a teacher to primary 3 pupils, in the village community primary school.

“Help me mark am” Amina frown, she removed her wig, and walk sluggishly into the room. Not minding her daughter’s opinion. Is Tuesday, and Amina do not have exams to write and she decided to stay back at home instead of going to the school. she chew the apple quickly, and sneak out of the room.


The night was dark, ’cause the moon wasn’t up to give it’s light. two voices were discussing lowly beside a bush, close to the road, this road of the village rarely have passer-by because is at the outskirt and there is three or less houses inhabited by the villagers who lives in this area. That the road serve as route.

“You sure say she go pass this road?” The one with baritone quiz.

“Yes, I followed her” another smooth voice respond.

“Em go visit that mumu boy” another voice added.

“I go chop that girl turn, turn. She no go ever forget this night” the one with baritone vowed.

“Give me the torch”

“She dey come!”

Everywhere became silent.

TBC . . .

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