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💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games🌸
🍭Chapter 12🍭
By Goddy Francis 🥀🥀
” You own a car?” I ask Judah as I sl¡p |ns!de h¡s car. Not j√$t any car, a fv¢k!ng sport’s car
” You ask so many irrelevant questions, Julie.”
I huff and f*sten my seatbelt.
” So we’re [email protected]¢k to name’s of your ex’s, huh? I’m patienly wait!ng for th£ day you’ll call me Mercedes.” I tell h¡m with©vt look!ng at h¡m.
Judah chuckles silently. I can feel h¡m star!ng at me but I don’t look at h¡m.
” So how much of th£ conversation did you h£ar?” I watch th£ way h£ speeds onto th£ road and h£’s not even wear!ng a seatbelt. h£’s a lunatic, a cute one though.
” A lot.”
” Even wh£n $h£ [email protected]?” Judah asks and turns to look at me. I look away and look ©vt th£ w!ndow. h£’s try!ng to make me feel weird aga!n. I should go to church, it’s been long.
” Look, we’re not gonna talk ab©vt your s€×ual stuff with your girl, i don’t ¢ar£ if $h£’s your slut.”
” You brought it up.” h£ states th£ obvious.
” Because you called me Julie. Julie of all people.”
Judah chuckles. ” It’s cute. Julie isn’t that bad you know.”
I huff and roll my eyes.
What was Judah even do!ng @r0vnd college?
” Were you spy!ng on me?”
h£ raises h¡s eyebrows !n confusion as $h£ stares at me briefly.
” What were you do!ng !n college? I bumped !nto you wh£n I angrily step ©vt of th£ restaurant. What were you do!ng @r0vnd school premises ?” I ask Judah.
h¡s jaw clench£s as h£ [email protected] th£ wh£el. I don’t wanna believe h£’s spy!ng on me.
” Dante?”
” I was driv!ng by.” h£ says.
” To wh£re?”
Judah looks at me and glares at me. I don’t even ¢ar£ ab©vt h¡s !ntimidat!ng looks right now. What was h£ do!ng !n my school at that appropriate time.
” What do you want me to tell you, Serena?” h£ asks. I noticed h£ calls my real name wh£n h£’s angry at me or th£ world entirely.
” Wh£re are you tak!ng me?” I change th£ topic. I’m annoyed and h£’s th£ reason beh!nd it. If I didn’t leave my car at school, I should be hop!ng ©vt of h¡s damn car already.
I look at h¡m wh£n h£ doesn’t answer.
” I’m sorry.” h£ says ©vt of th£ blue.
” What?” I ask surpris!ngly. h£ looks at me like I’ve gone !nsane.
” You h£ard me, Marian.” h£ says and I feel like punch!ng that cute face of h¡s. How dare h£ call me Marian aga!n?
” You know we all have stories we don’t wanna share to th£ world. And I believe we’ve also pa$$ through a lot of shit. You don’t have to act bipolar !n oth£r to avoid reality.”
Judah smirks and chuckles quietly and th£n h£ b¡t£s h¡s l¡p.
” Wh£re’s th¡s motivational speech com!ng from?” Judah asks and smirks wider. h£ knows how to change my mood; from be!ng mad at h¡m and want!ng h¡m.
I chuckle and swat h¡s ch£st. What an a$$h0l£.
” You know I’m right. You should stop stalk!ng me, it’s creepy.”
” I don’t stalk you and I wasn’t ly!ng eith£r. I was driv!ng by, wanted to get coffee from th£ coffee shop and th£n I k!nda saw you. I could tell with th£ hair. I saw you yell!ng and all that bullshit. What happened [email protected]¢k th£re?”
” It’s j√$t some girl stuff. And you’re not a girl…” I smirk and starts ₱|@y!ng with h¡s hair. Thank God I’ve extra hair bands th¡s time !n my bag.
” You should stop do!ng that.” h£ says. It wasn’t offensive but it was flirty.
” What?” I giggle.
” Touch!ng me.”
” Or what?” I ₱|@y along and trail my foref!ng£r on h¡s hair d©wΠ h¡s neck. h£ breath£s !n and I like it.
” Or what, Judah?” I ask and b¡t£ my bottom l¡p.
h£ turns to look at me. Desire fills h¡s eyes and h£ looks super s€×y.
” Or I’m park!ng th¡s car right now and I will fv¢k you right h£re, right now, you won’t be able to walk aga!n. It’s a promise.” h£ says and h£ didn’t smirk.
h£ meant it. I swallow and ₱v|| my [email protected] away. Imag!ne not be!ng able to walk for days because you decide to ₱|@y a game of s€× with th£ devil.
Judah smirks.” Good girl.” h£ looks [email protected]¢k at th£ road.
” Wh£re are we go!ng?”
” Some place.” h£ says and I’m wonder!ng if that’s a name at all. I sit [email protected]¢k properly and fiddle my f!ng£rs. Judah’s promises not leav!ng my h£ad and I’m surprised I’m ab©vt to sweat. I need a distraction.
I turn on h¡s radio and tune it cont!nuously for someth!ng better. I stop wh£n I h£ar my favorite song ₱|@y!ng. I !nternally squeal and ₱v|| my leg to my ch£st. Judah looks at me as I abs£ntly hum th£ lyrics. h£ shakes h¡s h£ad and looks [email protected]¢k at th£ road.
” Favorite song?” h£ asks me and i nod.
” Do you have a favorite song?” I ask h¡m.
” No.”
” You’re weird. I believe almost every person has a favorite song. You should listen m©r£ to th¡s.” I say gestur!ng to th£ radio.
” Ariana?” h£ scoffs.” fv¢k!ng h£ll.”
” God, you’re so bitter.” I roll my eyes and look ©vt th£ w!ndow. I watch cars and objects m©v£ pa$$ us and noth!ng is gett!ng familiar. Wh£re’s h£ tak!ng me to?
” Okay, I really wanna know.” I say and face h¡m. ” Wh£re are we go!ng?”
” You’re s¢ar£d?”
” Judah, I’m not s¢ar£d. I j√$t wanna be sure you’re not tak!ng me to an auction house to sell me.”
” That’s !nhuman, I can’t do that.”
I nod.
” Before I forget, I love your car.”
h£ doesn’t reply as h£ shakes h¡s h£ad with a chuckle.
” So h£ro, h¡s h£ your best friend?”
” What th£ fv¢k! h£’s a friend. Best friend seriously, I’m not a preschool teach£r who needs a best friend.”
” You’re super weird. You hate a lot of th!ngs and a lot of people. Hav!ng best friends doesn’t make you a preschool teach£r. You’re even s¢ar£d of love.” I tell h¡m.
” Aren’t you?” h£ asks and turns to look at me. ” Aren’t you s¢ar£d of love? S¢ar£d of be!ng committed to one person and gett!ng hurt at th£ end?”
h£ chuckles and looks [email protected]¢k at th£ road.
” You haven’t [email protected]||en !n love with someone, have you?”
” I’m always busy, don’t have time for that. You should quit watch!ng th£se bor!ng romantic film’s, its work!ng on you.” h£ says and I’m offended.
” What?” I ask h¡m and turn my b©dy on th£ seat so I’m fac!ng h¡m. Judah looks at me briefly.
” You h£ard me. It makes you th!nk every s!ngle guy are good people. You should quit it.”
” Whatever, fv¢k you. You have problems Judah, I j√$t don’t know what it is.” I say and look ©vt th£ w!ndow.
Ariana’s stuck with you already ended and T!na$h£’s song is ₱|@y!ng. Th£ tension !n th£ car is so thick. I made sure I don’t look at Judah but I can tell h£’s star!ng at me. My phone vibrates !n my bag and I ₱v|| it ©vt. Th£ ID on my screen makes me sick.
From Todd: h£y babe, wh£re are you? Did you leave with Judah aga!n?
I [email protected] silently and reply h¡s text.
To Todd; I need space and time to be alone, Todd. See ya tonight.
I drop my phone |ns!de my bag and glue my face to h¡s w!ndow. Today’s h¡s family’s d!nner and I badly don’t wanna go. I wanna stay at home and cuddle myself all night.
” You’re okay?” Judah breaks th£ silence.
” Yeah, whatever.” I reply with©vt star!ng at h¡m.
Judah chuckles. ” You’re cute wh£n you’re mad. It turns me on.”
I dart my h£ad to look at h¡m at once. h£ smirks at me. I part my l¡ps to say someth!ng but noth!ng forms ©vt of my m©vth.
” Breath£, Margaret, I’m j√$t jok!ng. But you look cuter wh£n you’re mad.”
My ch£eks h£at up and I’m ab©vt to blush. I look [email protected]¢k at th£ road and surpris!ngly it’s busy. We’re ©vt of th£ city cause I’m pretty sure we’ve been driv!ng for almost a hour now. My eyes light up wh£n I see a light !n sky. Fireworks. Th¡s might sound childish but I don’t give a fly!ng fv¢k right now. I wanna shoot one.
” Judah, did you see that?” I ask gestur!ng to th£ road.
” What?”
” Fireworks. It’s like a funfair is go!ng on th£re. ₱v|| over.”
” fv¢k no. What are you, 19?”
” Stop act!ng like my grandpa, ₱v|| over Judah, I wanna shoot a firework.”
” What? Shit, I a!n’t do!ng that.”
” Come on…” I wh!ne. ” You’re so fv¢k!ng mean, j√$t ₱v|| over, I wanna go to that fun fair and shoot a firework. You can stay !n th£ car if you want.”
Judah [email protected] and ₱v|| over.
” I hate th¡s.” h£ mutters.
” You hate a lot of th!ngs, thanks Grandpa.” I giggle and unf*sten my seatbelt.
” You’re not even a fv¢k!ng kid.” I ignore h¡m and run toward th£ fun fair.
I know h£ is def!nitely gonna follow me. I turn @r0vnd and I was right, dude is beh!nd me with h¡s [email protected] !n h¡s pocket as h£ escorts me. h£ looks cute wh£n h£ frowns. I chuckle at h¡s looks and walk f*ster.
” s1©w d©wΠ, will ya?” h£ says beh!nd me.
I huff and stop at a booth to buy fireworks. I can’t remember wh£n last I sh°t th£se. Wh£n I was 14 with Beverly. Th£ rem!nder made me missed h£r and I’m ab©vt to cry aga!n. I ₱ush [email protected]¢k th£ tears and walk away from th£ booth after purchas!ng four. Judah follows beh!nd me [email protected]!ng like a pregnant teenager.
” Yo, watch th¡s.” I say and light two that’s already on th£ ground.
” Th¡s is so fv¢k!ng dumb.” Judah mutters beh!nd me. I ignore h¡m and stand to watch my fireworks shoot.
I giggle wh£n it leaves th£ ground and dis₱|@y it’s beautiful color !n th£ sky.
” Serena.”
” Breath£, Dante and live a little.” I say and light th£ rema!n!ng fireworks. It shoots up and I stare up at it.
” Th¡s is best made wh£n th£ sky is dark. You know that, don’t you?” Judah asks.
” Yeah.”
” Let’s go th£n.”
” No, I wanna buy ice cream and cotton candy.” I say and grab h¡s big forearm and lead h¡m to were th£y sell ice cream.
I bought two big cone of ice cream. Judah paid before I make an attempt.
” You can eat that !n th£ car.”
” I don’t wanna go to ‘some places’ yet.” I p©vt and b¡t£ my l¡p. h£’s defeated as h£ sighs.
” You’re sweet.” I smile at h¡m and go to watch th£ kids and adults who are driv!ng th£ ferris wh£el.
” You’re go!ng [email protected]¢k to school right?” Judah asks beh!nd me.
” Yeah.” I reply with a m©vth filled with ice cream.
” fv¢k.” I h£ar h¡m mutters.
I purposely m©v£ ©vt of that position and walk @r0vnd th£ amusement park j√$t to annoy Judah.
” Serena.” h£ calls after me and follows me.
I turn to look at h¡m with th£ two cones of ice cream !n my [email protected]
” I told you to wait !n th£ car.” I say. I turn @r0vnd to face front but someone bump !nto me mak!ng me spill my ice cream on my hoodie.
Holy h£ll. Th£ guy who bumped !nto me says a quick sorry and runs after h¡s dog. Judah approach£s me and stops !n front of me. h£ looks d©wΠ at th£ mess on my hoodie and th£n [email protected]¢k to my face. I p©vt and look at my ice cream covered [email protected]
” I…uh…”
” Shut up, you act seventeen sometimes.” h£ scolds and grabs my wrist.
” And you act like my grandpa sometimes.” I tell h¡m and let h¡m drag me to God knows wh£re.
” Wh£re are we go!ng?” I wh!ne but h£ doesn’t answer.
Few m!nutes of walk!ng, I’m stand!ng opposite th£ mirror !n a restroom |ns!de th£ fun fair try!ng to wipe off th£ sta!n. It’s fruitless. Of all th£ day I decide to wear a white hoodie and eat a strawberry ice cream. God ru!n my enemies. Judah watch£s me from a corner as I ru!n my hoodie m©r£.
” You’re ru!n!ng it.” h£ says like I don’t know.
” I know right?” I reply sarcastically.
Judah scoffs and walks to me.
” What do you wanna do ab©vt it?”
” I don’t know.” I say and look at h¡m.” Maybe sometimes, I should listen to your advice even if th£y are sick sometimes.” I say and smile.
h£ doesn’t laugh. I thought that was meant to be funny. I watch h¡m rem©v£ h¡s jacket till h£’s left with j√$t h¡s black T-shirt. I trail my eyes d©wΠ h¡s tatted arms.
” Stop star!ng, Gwen.” h£ says and stares at me.
h£ holds th£ h£m of h¡s shirt and ₱v|| it above h¡s h£ad.
” What are you do!ng?” I !nquire.
” j√$t shut up and rem©v£ your hoodie.” h£ says.
” Why?”
Judah sighs. Now h£’s shirtless and stand!ng before me. I look anywh£re but h¡m. h£’s too tempt!ng.
” Take off your hoodie, Serena.” h£ orders calmly. I raise my h£ad to look at h¡m. h£’s not angry, why did h£ say my name. h£’s weird.
” We’re not hav!ng s€×, not now though. j√$t take it off and wear my shirt s!nce yours is sta!ned.” h£ says and give me h¡s shirt.
I look at th£ material !n h¡s [email protected] and sigh.
” Turn @r0vnd.”
h£ smirks and shakes h¡s h£ad and turns @r0vnd.
” And don’t stare at th£ mirror.” I say.
” I won’t , Gwen.”
I rem©v£ my hoodie and drop it on th£ s!nk. I stare at h¡s black shirt !n my [email protected] and I fight [email protected]¢k th£ urge to !nhale h¡s scent. That will be creepy. I ₱ush it d©wΠ my h£ad and put it on. h£’s really tall and big. h¡s T-shirt looks like a nightdress on me.
I stare at my reflection and smile.
” You can turn @r0vnd.”
Judah turns @r0vnd and looks d©wΠ at me. h£ fights a chuckle.
” That looks good on you.”
” Yeah, yeah, whatever. It’s j√$t for th£ day and I’m giv!ng it [email protected]¢k.”
” You can keep it.” h£ says and wears h¡s jacket.
What? Before I can say a word Judah is already leav!ng ©vt th£ door. I hold th£ h£m of h¡s shirt and tie it to a knot !n oth£r to make it look fitt!ng. I look [email protected]¢k at my reflection,
I’m never wash!ng th¡s shirt aga!n.

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