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Seduction episode 25


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games🌸

Chapter Twenty Five🌺🌺

By Goddy Francis 🥀🥀





I can’t believe I lost her for good.
Not to any person but Judah. And it has to be Judah. I tap my fingers on the steering wheel and groan at the red light.

I caused this. I let dad controlled me as always and now I’ve lost her. I might be a jerk but Serena is one of the girl I’ve truly liked. It was when she walked away with Judah , I realized I really cared about her. What made me hit her?
What was wrong with me?

I just let my anger take the best side of me. The light turns to green and I drive to my father’s estate. I park my car and get down. I shut the door and ignore one of his many guards that greeted me.

” You are now friends with that slut, huh?” I hear my father’s voice yells.

He’s probably yelling at Diana.

” You don’t tell me who to be friends with.” She yells back at him.

Dad raised his hand and slapped her. She’s already used to it. We all are used to his abuse. We can’t stop him. I can’t. The day I tried it, I found myself in a mental asylum with a report from my dad saying I’m suffering from a mental issue and I’m highly deranged. I stayed there for a year. It was terrible. Imagine trying to explain to a doctor that you’re not psychotic. Who would wanna believe a mad patient?

My mom is the worse victim. She suffered everything. Judah was the only person who almost ruined him for all his bad shit. But he wasn’t smart enough, he let his guard down and my dad took advantage of it. He sent the asshole to jail. Him coming back his a threat to my dad and I’m assured my father won’t stop until Judah’s down.

” How the fvck did you end up as my daughter? You haven’t achieved anything since I gave birth to you. All you do is spend time in that useless sorority house of yours.” Dad yells at her. My mom whimpers beside my dad.

” Go to your room now and find your whip.” Dad tells Diana.

She blinks back her tears and looks at mom. My mom whispers to her to go.

” Now!” Dad yells.

She turns on her heels and walks away.

” Todd.”

” Hey Dad.”

” Charlotte, get our son a glass of water.” Dad tells mom. She nods and walks out.

” Is she taking you back?” Dad asks as he stares at me.

” I’m in love with her.”

” No you’re not. She’s Judah’s tiny slut now. How can she stupid enough to think Judah’s better. That bad fvck owes me his life.” Dad says.

” Go change, we have a plan to set up.” He adds and I sigh. I can’t continue doing this.



” I can’t right now. I’m busy.” I hear Judah’s voice.

I open my eyes and look around the room for Judah.

” What the fvck Ransom.” He yells on the phone.

I breathe in at the slight pain in between my legs as I sit up. I pick up Judah’s t-shirt from the floor and put it on. I’m just getting the view of his penthouse bedroom. Who knew Judah owns a penthouse. Heaven’s sake he lives next door to me and he rides a motorcycle.

How did he afford a penthouse and a sport’s car. Judah is weird. If he’s this rich why live next door to me? I stand up and drag Judah’s shirt down. It actually looks like a gown considering the fact that it stops mid-thigh on my body.

I push aside his drapes and ogle at the city. It looks beautiful from the top. It’s already evening and the city is busy. The street light illuminate the city as different cars drive by. How long have I been sleeping? Judah made love to me twice before letting me fall asleep. I smile at the thought as I walk out of his bedroom. I can’t believe I finally got rid of it with Judah.

I go to the kitchen and Judah stands close to the kitchen counter holding a mug.

” So who drinks coffee in the evening?” I ask as he turns to look at me. He’s not on the phone anymore.

He’s shirtless, just with his black sweatpants. I notice the ashtray on the countertop and the two smoked cigarette. He smiles at me and motion me to come inside. I walk in as Judah pulls me to himself and wraps his arms around my waist.

” Hey…”

” Hi.” I reply.

” You’re okay?” He asks and brush his hand up my thighs. I breathe in and nod.

Judah kisses my forehead and my nose as he takes my lips in his. His right hand grabs my booty through the shirt I’m wearing, as he groans in between the kiss.

” You’re not wearing panties?” He smirks and slides his hand underneath the T-shirt I’m wearing to feel me bare.

” fvck…” he bites my neck and smirk.

” What are you trying to do? Seduce me again, huh?” He whispers against my neck.

” I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I smile at him.

” Really? I’m fvcking hard right now.” He whispers and I clench my legs together. He’s making me want him again.

Judah turns me around.

” Feel what you do to me…” he whispers and kisses my neck.

I feel his arousal pressed against my lower back as I bite my bottom lip. Judah kisses my neck as his hands slip under the tshirt to squeeze my b00b.

” Shit.” He mutters and slide his hand out to pull my shirt above my head.

Now I’m [email protected] in front of Judah with my back against his chest. Judah’s fingers slide inside of me to feel my w€tness. He kisses my shoulder blade as his fingers thrusts in and out of me slowly.

” Oh my God…” I m0an.

Judah gently bites my shoulder blade and I shudder.

” What do you want, babe?” He asks as he kisses my neck, his fingers thrusting in and out of me.

” I want you to fvck me daddy.” I m0an out.

Judah pulls out his fingers and turns around. His hand wraps around my neck as he kisses me harshly. I m0an in his mouth and part my lips for him to take charge. Our tongues glides against each other. He preses me against the counter and bites my lip.

” fvck, you’re so beautiful…” he says , his hand still gripping my neck.

” Do you like it when I choke you?” Judah asks and I nod quickly. How did he do this to me?

How did I end up craving for this man.

” I want you to talk.” He says as he bites his bottom lip.

” Yes…” I breathe out.

He smiles. Not just any friendly smile, a sinister smirk.

” Get on the fvcking counter.” He orders as he turns me around again.

He lay me down on the counter as I lay on my belly. Judah pulls me back so that I’m close to the edge as he kisses my back. I turn around to look at him and he’s already getting his sweatpants off. Judah’s lips worships my skin as he kisses my back to my butt.

I gasp out a m0an as he slowly thrusts into me.

” Oh shit…” I m0an out.

” fvck…” Judah breathes out.

He grips tightly to my waist as he rams in and out of me.

” Oh God…” I m0an loudly.

My butt slams against his body as I grip to the edge of the counter. My knees fails me and I’m already loosing balance. He pushes back my knees as he continues his penetration. I’m already sweating as Judah grabs a fistful of my hair. He leans forward to kiss my shoulders down my back.

I giggle when he smacks my butt.

” fvck, you’re so amazing…” Judah praises as he continues thrusting in to me.

My legs are already shaky and it can’t hold down my weight. Judah pulls out and turns me around so that I’m sitting on the counter. He leans down to kiss me as he thrusts back inside me. I wrap my arms around his shoulder and my hand tug his hair.

” fvck Serena…” he m0ans my name as he kisses my neck.

I am definitely getting marked by Judah before dawn. My legs wrap around his waist as my nails marks his back. Judah grabs my hips and looks down to where our bodies meet. His eyes meet mine and he kisses me again.

” I’m close…” I tell him as we kiss.

” fvck, me too.” He breathes out.

With one final hard thrust, Judah spills inside of me. With my arms around his shoulders, I lean my head on his shoulder as I try to catch my breath. We stay that way with Judah still inside of me. His forefinger runs down my spine as he lifts me off the counter.

” Judah?”

” Yes…” he answers as he continues walking.

” Will you get bored of me?” I ask as he enters his bedroom.

” I don’t know.” He says as he goes to the bathroom with me in his arms. I sigh.

” I love your pvssy if that’s what you wanna know. You feel good.” He says. He’s so dirty. I roll my eyes and smile on his shoulder.

Judah set my feet down on my feet inside the glass shower. I look at the two big faucets and switched it on.

” When did you get a penthouse?” I ask him and stand under one faucet as the warm water cascades my skin. Judah stands under the other faucet.

” Three years ago.”

” What?” I turn to look at him.

” Yeah.” He doesn’t look at me.

” Why move next door to me?” I ask him as I turn to look at him.

He shrugs and looks away.

” fvck, how can I be so stupid.” I mutter and look away.

” I liked the neighborhood if that will please you.”

” You fvcking liar. You own a penthouse, Judah. I’m not dumb, this shit costs a lot of million. And then you went to jail and got out after two years, and the next thing you’re living next door to me. Judah what are you not telling me?”

” Serena, quit it. I don’t know what you want me to say. I wanted a fresh start that’s why I moved to your neighborhood.”

” Who’s Ransom? I heard you talking to him this morning.”

He groans and steps out of the shower. ” We’re not talking about Ransom alright? We’re just fvcking, nothing serious.” He says as he turns to look at me.

That hurt my feelings and he knows it. I hold back the tears and turn off the water.

‘ we’re just fvcking, nothing serious.’

Great Serena, you’ve just been played again.

” It’s not what you think.” He tries to speak.

” Yeah, well, fvck you.” I walk out of his bathroom and walk past him. He grabs my arms but I turn around and slapped me.

” You lying asshole. You can’t just fvck me and take my virginity and lie to my face. You’re a jerk. Just leave me alone, you lying idiot.” I snatch my hand away from his and walk out of his bathroom.

” Serena.” Judah calls after me.

” Leave me alone.” I tell him and hurriedly put on my clothes.

I don’t even know what time is it, but I’m getting the hell outta here.


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