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Seduction episode 26


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Twenty Six🌺🌺

Written By; Goddy Francis



With my earbuds plugged in my ears, I put on my running shoes and race down the sidewalk. I wave at mama Gina and don’t even look at Judah’s apartment. He’s such an asshole. How can he play me? I mean I know what we had isn’t something, but that doesn’t mean he had to throw it at my face after having s£x with me. Not just any kind of s£x. He fvcking took my v-card.

I wish I knew the meaning of his word when he said he was gonna ruin me. How can he be such an asshole. And also good looking at the same time. fvck him.

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It’s 6:15 am in the morning and the entire street is not yet busy. I run down the sidewalk without a care in this world. Danileigh rap music blares through my earbuds and it makes me feel good.

After I stormed out of Judah’s penthouse last night. We haven’t talked. He didn’t call me and I didn’t bother to drop a call. He’s a jerk and i need to stay away from him. Even if he isn’t willing to tell me anything, I have a strong feeling Judah has a connection with my family’s murder case. It’s either he’s working with them, or for them, or he’s got something in common with them.

It hurts to know he’s lying to my face, when he knows the information that can actually help with my family’s homicide. I stop by at a park to catch my breath. I’ve been running for almost one hour and I can’t feel my legs. I enter a coffee shop and thank God the woman’s just opening her cafe. I bought coffee and stroll around the park.

Wind blows the papers around on the park and I find a bench to sit down. The steam of the coffee fans my face as I gulp the coffee. I wipe the tears away at the corners of my eyes and look around the park.

” It’s nice to meet you again, Serena.” A familiar voice says beside me. I swiftly turn around in shock and I’m faced with this familiar scarred man. He smiles at me. Not a death smile, but a warm friendly smile.

This is the first time I’m getting a clear picture of Zayn’s face. He’s kinda cute for a criminal or to be scarred. Zayn got a pair of blue eyes. Too blue for a person like him. I swallow and move away from him.

” You don’t have to be scared of me.” He sighs and looks away from me.

” Why are you stalking me?” I ask him as i turn to look at him.

” I’m not. I usually hang around here.” He adamantly says.

” Look I don’t know the game you’re playing with Judah, I don’t care. But I want you to stay away from me.”

” Judah. What are you guys ? fvcking or making love?” He asks and smirks at me. What’s this, another pervert?

” What do you want from me?”

” You’re easily distracted Serena, it’s not nice.” He says. What does he mean by that?

” How did you even know my name? How did you find me?”

” How did I know your name?” He asks my question and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He takes out one stick and lights it.

” You’re this tiny little rich girl living amongst criminals. That shit hurts I know. Your father was an incredible man. Tried his possible best to hide you and your twin sister away from the world. Away from people like Judah and maybe me. He’s gonna be disappointed in his grave to see his daughter fvcking the same man he tried to hide his daughter from. So fvcking ironic.” He chuckles.

What’s he talking about?
What’s that supposed to mean?
Dad hid me from Judah?

” What are you talking about? What do you even want from me?”

” You should talk to Judah more often. He has always wanted you, you know. Always wanted you to be underneath him. And he’s such a fantastic liar. I bet he must have told you you’re the first girl he’s ever kissed.” Zayn chuckles.

Oh my God!
That stings. Please someone tell me Zayn’s lying. I might be his fling thing but what Zayn just said hurts like hell. Oh my God.

” fvck you, you lying prick.”

” Why don’t you ask yourself why he moved nextdoor to you huh? He just got out of jail before your parents were murdered and boom he’s living nextdoor to you in a fvcking neighborhood.” Zayn huffs. ” Judah would never rent an apartment considering the fact he owns a penthouse. That dude got class. ” Zayn says. I hate the way he smirks at me.

What’s going on?
What’s nobody telling me?

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” I don’t believe you. Judah left jail after my parents got murdered. He might be an asshole but he’s not a fvcking murderer.”

” fvck, Serena, what has he done to you? What the fvck did he tell you?” Zayn shakes his head and throws away his smoked cigarette.

” You’re pretty and naive.” He stands up. ” You should get rid of your family’s heirloom if you want to live. They will haunt you and they won’t stop till they get what they want.” Zayn says and turns to leave.

I’m already scared.
I don’t even know what my life has turned to. I don’t wanna believe whatever thing Zayn said is true. For fvck’s sake i just gave Judah my virginity.

” Wait, Zayn.” I call after Zayn. He stops and turns to look at me.

” Who killed my family?” I ask. Zayn smirks. For once he looks down at me like he’s just seeing what I wore. He turns around to walk away.

” Ask Judah.” He mutters as he walks down the street.

I feel like passing out.


” Judah Dante Luther…” I type on my laptop.

I wait for it to load.
No records found.

” fvck…” I huff and throw my head back against the headboard.

I keep my laptop aside and walk to my bedroom window. No sign of Judah in his bedroom. I’m pretty sure he’s in his penthouse right now having s£x with a new girl. That stings my heart and I’m heartbroken. I badly wanna throw up and bury my face in the toilet. He warned me. He knew I was vulnerable and weak and easily emotional. He warned me. But I wanted him to have his way with me. Do to me what he wanted. Just few days into this benefits shit, I’m already feeling heartbroken.

I badly wanna confront him.
Talk to him about what Zayn said.
Did he lie when he told me I’m his first kiss? I don’t even know what to believe anymore? I’ve been living a lie all my life. I sit on my bed and grab my phone to call Phoebe. She picks up at the third ring.

” Serena?”

” Hey Phoebe.” I sigh on the phone.

” How are you? Are you okay?”

” I’m not. I need to know what my parents are hiding.”

There’s silence on the phone before she speaks.

” I don’t really know about that Serena. Did something happened?” She asks.

I sigh on the phone.” Nothing happened. I just wanted to know. Was my father involved with Zayn Arthur?”

” Well… with the few information I discovered, Albert actually fought with your father over business matters. We’re trying to investigate Jacob and ask Genevieve some questions. And about Zayn, he actually worked with Albert before. After he left jail last year, he’s been hiding.” She says and I nod.

I want to ask about Judah. If she knows anything about Judah, but I let it slide.

” Thanks. You can just help me find out about any information that connects with Albert and my dad. Anything at all.”

” Sure. You sure you’re okay?”

” Yeah, Phoebe. I’m fine.” I hang up and throw my phone on the bed.

I search the internet for any information about Judah. Nothing. I groan and slump on my bed. I got distracted by the FaceTime icon on my laptop.

” Aunt Adele.” I mutter and click on it.

Her face appears on my screen and she’s smiling at me. I make sure I don’t cry cause I can’t explain to her what transpired between me and Judah.

” Serena…” she smiles at me.

” Hey Aunt.” I greet her.

” Okay, you don’t look good. You look like a teenage girl who just lost her virginity.” Yeah, right. I said it. She was definitely gonna talk about Judah.

I roll my eyes and force a quiet chuckle. I can’t let her know I just had the most awkward conversation with a guy Judah doesn’t like. And the weirdest friends with benefits with a man I so much admired.

” You’re no longer a virgin, are you?” She asks as she points her forefinger to my screen.

I bite my lip and shake my head sideways.

” fvck girl. Tell me it’s Judah.”

” Yeah, It’s the prick.”

” You don’t sound happy.” She says. I sigh and sit up straighter. I carry my laptop and sit it on my lap.

” What happened?” She asks.

” We fought…” I sigh and tuck my strands of hair behind my hair. ” We had an argument just after we had s£x. It was an awkward kinda fight. He just threw it at my face that I’m just his plaything and nothing serious.”

” What?” She mutters , even if it’s not audible, I actually read her lips.

” He called you that?” Adele asks.

” I asked him something and he just snapped. He said ‘ we’re just fvcking, nothing serious.’ I mean I know we’re just having s£x, I hate it when he reminds me I’m nothing to him but just his plaything.”

” When did that happened?”

” Last night.”

” Did he apologized?”

I huff.” Maybe. I didn’t let him speak. I was angry he had to say that to my face after having s£x with me. It hurts.”

I wanna talk to her about what Zayn said. But what am I gonna tell her? That Judah said I was his first kiss but some other guy who sound like he knew Judah way before me said he was just lying to me. I need to confront Judah. He needs to tell me what’s going on that I don’t know of.

” Serena…” I blink my eyes rapidly when I see Adele snaps her fingers at my laptop screen.

” You blacked out, kid. What you thinking about?”

” I’m sorry. What did you say?”

” I was asking if he’s called you yet to maybe apologize or talk to you?”

” He hasn’t. I haven’t seen him yet. Aunt, Judah is mysterious. He’s always hiding these things. Things he’s not willing to share.”

” Serena.” Aunt Adele sighs on the background and rubs her temple.
” Did you go about asking him about his personal life?”

Yeah right. I probably might have mistaken relationship for friends with benefits. I shrug and pout

” You did?” Aunt Adele inquires. ” Why?”

” I was just curious. I wanted to know more about him.”

” No Serena. You don’t have to know more about him. He’s not your best friend. He’s not even your boyfriend. He’s just some guy next door you’re s£xually attracted to and you’re having s£x because you both like each other. s£xually.” She emphasizes.

” Aunt…”

” Serena…” she smiles at me and uses her right hand to cup her cheek.

” When getting involved with stuff like that, you don’t ask personal questions. And the guy I saw the other day, he doesn’t look like someone who likes to be pressured. You should let him be and quit asking him personal questions. If he feels you two are close enough, he will tell you himself.”

I nod. ” I was just asking him some questions that has to do with my families homicide.”

” Why? Why would you ask him that?”

” Maybe because he seems to know a lot about me and I believe he’s connected to some bad guys who murdered our family.”

Adele is quiet as she thinks about something.

” How did you know that?”

” I don’t know. I assume a lot of things and I don’t know what to believe. You won’t believe the very first day we kissed, he said I was the first girl he had kissed.”

” What! He told you that?”

” Yeah and I believed him.”

” Wait, is it the Judah i saw? The tatted man riding a car?”

” That’s the one.” I point out.

” And he’s never kissed a girl before? What is he, Fourteen?”

I sigh and rub my temple. I’m about to have a headache. I’ve been thinking too much.

” I met a guy today. He knows Judah and they hated each other. He’s been stalking me for a long time now and he said Judah is just playing me. You won’t believe Judah owns a penthouse. And it’s expensive.”

” Holy baby Jesus. What’s he? Santa Claus? His a myth or what?”

” I don’t know. Judah is weird and he’s not telling me anything. Now you know why I ask him a lot of questions. It’s not like I care that much, it’s just that they are connected with what happened to mom, Beverly, dad and even Victor.” The scene makes me cry.

Beverly lying dead on the floor covered in her own pool of blood. My mother and father brutally gunned down by some psychotic assassin. Reasons I always have nightmares. The picture isn’t leaving my head anytime soon.

” Breathe alright? Everything will be fine. Maybe you should sit Judah down and talk to him. If he’s being an asshole, you should probably stay the fvck away from him. What’s wrong with good looking people. I’m calling Genevieve and she needs to tell me about what’s going on.”

” Don’t talk to her about Judah. Please.” I give her a small smile.

” Are you falling in love with him already?”

” I don’t even know what love is. I really like him. He might be a jerk but he’s a good man. A good man filled with secrets he’s not willing to let out.”

” You sound like you’re in love already. I understand, he’s pretty hot himself.” She says and I blush.

I don’t even know what he did to me. Despite his shitty life, I still want Judah. He’s definitely messed up my mind I can’t think of any other thing than Judah.

” Damn, is that your niece?” Someone’s voice snaps me back to reality.

I stare at my laptop and someone lay next to Adele. That must be her boyfriend, Liam.

” Shut up, Liam. She’s off limits. Don’t you fvcking look at her.” Adele warns and i chuckle.

” I gotta go Aunt.” I smile at and end the call.

I close my laptop and stand up to go to my window. I can’t find Judah in his bedroom. I sigh tiredly and close the drapes.


I stayed at home that day. I don’t have any will power left in me to go to school. Considering the fact that I’m not in the mood, I’m a little sore from last night and I can’t face Todd. I don’t know why but I pity him. He looks like he’s battling with his inner demons that are trying to control him.

Since I’m lazy to cook, i ordered Chinese takeouts and lay on my couch to eat. I pull my knees to my chest and watch TV. Thomas and Chloe won’t stop texting. They are yet to discuss about Bree and Thomas. Are they like together or what? I chuckle at Chloe’s text on my phone and i text back. They are dropping by later today.

My doorbell rings and I groan loudly. I’m not expecting anybody, it’s not like I have friends either. I’m messed up inside I don’t even feel like seeing anyone. I drop my takeout on the coffee table and stand up to get the door. I open the door and the man who has cost me nothing but pain stands outside.

” Candy.” He says my name. Well not my name. Likely one of his numerous names he likes calling me.

I badly wanna shut the door at his face. Yell at him for being so good looking, and having me wrapped around his fingers, and also for being an asshole. But I don’t do that. This man always have his way with me. He knows what he’s doing to me and I can’t help but like every of his dangerous games.

I let my eyes run down his favorite color. All black. His hands stays down his pockets as he watches me.

” What are you doing here?” I ask him.

He smirks and take one step so he’s standing close to me.

” Are you gonna let me in or not?”

Can’t Judah be more formal and apologize?

” You’re not coming in.” I tell him and he chuckles. What’s even funny.

I look at his eyes and he doesn’t look normal. His eyes are red, like some one who’s high as hell. What did he take?

” What did you take?” I ask him.

He shrugs casually and strides inside my apartment. His feet is a little wobbly and I have to hold him. This man weighs a lot.

” I love the way you touch me, Margaret.” He smiles at me and tucks my strands of hair behind my ear.

” What did you take Judah?” I ask him and shut my door behind Judah. I wrap my arms around his torso to hold him still.

” You caused it. You made me this way Serena.” He sighs and leans his head on my shoulder.

” How can you be so fvcking perfect?” He mutters. I run my fingers down his soft hair.
What did he do to himself?
Was it because of me?
Who gave him drugs?

” What are you doing to me Serena? Why can’t I stay the fvck away from you?” He mutters, his head still resting on my shoulder.

” It’s okay. I should probably get you water.” God he’s so vulnerable leaning against me. I try to move with Judah. It’s impossible. He weighs like a bag of stone.

” I don’t want water.” He whispers as his arms wraps around my waist.

” I just want you. You make me feel this awkward feelings I’ve never felt before. What are you doing to me Serena?”


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