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Seduction episode 28


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Twenty Eight🍭🍭

By Goddy Francis 🥀🥀



His he serious?
Okay, I don’t have bad memories. I can literally recall him telling me his father died of an overdose, including his mom. How’s Ransom is dad?

I furrow my brows and look at him as I cross my arms.

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” What are you saying?”

” You asked me who’s Ransom to me. I told you he is a lot of things to me. He’s likely a father figure which I don’t value. He’s a sick fvck.”

” Your parents died of an overdose Judah.”

” Yeah, I know. It’s the truth.”

” And Ransom?”

” He took me in. Brought me up and shit.” He scoffs.

” Wait. I don’t understand.” I tell him and sit on his lap. Judah wraps his arms around my waist.

” Your parents died when you were fourteen and Ransom took you in?”

” Maybe.”

” You work with Albert too right?”

” Yeah. It was just a one time job that i regretted. Please don’t ask me what it was.”

I nod in understanding.

” So Ransom brought you up?”

” I brought myself up. He actually used me in running his errands. That’s a typical Ransom. I worked for what i have and i made a lot of bad decisions and I regret some.” He says.

” I’m sorry about that.”

” I’m sorry about you too.” He smiles at me.

” I was almost close to falling of the edge when you said Ransom is like a father to you.”

” And why?”

I look at his eyes. Thanking God he’s getting better.

” You sound like you don’t like him. Like you don’t a give a shit about him. It’s obvious you don’t like taking orders from him.”

” Yeah. He’s an asshole.” He says and runs his hand up and down my body.

” You work for him right?”

” Yeah. Most times.”

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I rest my head against his chest.
” And Zayn?” I draw my forefinger down his chest. I wanna run my hands on his torso and feel him.

” Why do you wanna know a lot about me?”

” Because I care.”

” It’s not nice to care, you know that right?”

” And yet you cared about me?”

Judah kisses my hair and I feel him smile.

” You’re not bad yourself.”

” You know earlier today, I had a chat with Zayn.” I say. I feel the temperature in my kitchen change at once.

Judah’s getting upset again. I raise my head from his body and look at him. Yeah, I was right, he doesn’t look happy I had a conversation with Zayn.

” Why would you talk to Zayn?” He asks. The venom in his voice is slightly noticeable.

” I went running , stopped by to buy coffee and catch my breath. That’s when Zayn approached me. He told me a lot of things.”

” Things like what?”

” That you know who’s behind my family’s death. And you didn’t move next door to me for nothing. That you’re playing me and he warned me to get rid of my family’s heirloom.” I say as I look at his face.

I bet he’s fighting with his decisions in his head. His face is stoic with no emotions that I can read.

” That fvcker.” He exhales and nods. ” I gotta go.” He says and lifts me up from his lap.

” Wait, Judah, where are you going?”

He grabs his jacket and gives me a quick kiss on my temple.

” I’ll be back.” He gives me a small smile and leaves.

I stand on that spot in my kitchen and watch him walk away. For some reasons, I’m hurt. I’m always hurt when Judah walks away from me. Period.

I take a deep breath and sit on my stool. Just when I thought things are moving fine, I don’t know how, but I ruined things again. It’s like a part of me left with Judah even when he assured me he is coming.

I search the internet for any source that’s willing to buy a blue diamond worth over one billion dollars.

” An auction?” I read out.

So whoever holds the heirloom is taking it to an auction for sale. I sigh and close my laptop. Maybe I should probably get rid of it. I don’t even know what to do with it anymore.




I walk through the double doors of the restaurant as Brenda looks up at me with a big smile on her face. fvck, I’m not in the mood for this, but i don’t let her see it. She’s been good to me. I’m her favorite amongst the others. Ransom most times don’t even acknowledge her. He’s sick.

” Hey Brenda. Is Zayn here?” I ask her.

” Yes. You don’t look good. Are you okay?” I nod at her question.

She flashes me a small smile as I walk down this familiar passageway with it’s red bulb that’s always flickering.

I’m pissed and angry as I stroll down the hallway. What part of ‘stay the fvck away from my business he doesn’t understand?’ He’s always like this. Always trying to ruin every little thing I value. The loud music from the club hits my face as I step in. My eyes search the club for Zayn.

And then I see him. As usual he’s wrapped with girls who have barely clothings on. He hasn’t seen me yet. With anger running through my veins , i walk to this douchebag. Hero sees me and he notices what’s about to happen. He quickly get up from the bar and walk over to us. But he isn’t fast, I grab Zayn by his jacket and punched him.

The music is turned down as people gasp at the scene. Zayn tries to fight back but i don’t give him room for that. I push him on the table as bottles smash on the ground. He retaliatiates by jabbing his elbow against my chin.

” I told you to stay the fvck away from her.” I tell him as people try to separate us. I don’t give two shits right now until I see him passed out.

” Judah, stop this.” Hero says as he tries to hold me back. That give Zayn easy access to throw a punch at me.

” fvcking bastard.” I grit out and I grab the bottle of tequila as I smash it on his face. Same face i scarred.

” Judah.” Hero calls my name.

I turn to glare at him. I feel a sting on my torso. I look up at Zayn as he smirks at me and spits out blood. This fvcker just stabbed me. I rush at him but Hero is faster, he pulls me back. Troy stands close to Zayn as he points a gun at me.

” You fvcking bitch.” I grit out and touch the side of my rib. I raise my palm up and it’s stained with blood. My blood.

” Judah, breathe. Don’t!” Hero warns.

Zayn smirk is already gone. And Troy is still pointing his gun at me.

” You don’t wanna do this Judah or I’m gonna shoot some senses into your fvcked up head.” Troy says.

” The fvck!”

” Boys.” I hear Ransom’s voice. The room falls quiet at once.

” A word. The four of you. Now.” With that said he turns to leave.

I glare at Troy. He’s fvcked already and he’s gonna hate what’s coming for him. I walk past Hero and follow Ransom into his office. The others follows too.

” You wanna explain the meaning of the nuisance you did out there?” Ransom asks no one in particular.

” Maybe you should tell Zayn to stay the fvck away from my business. Cause the next time I’m coming over, I’m definitely gonna kill him. And I’ll make sure you go scarred again, you fvcking pvssy.” I say.

” And I’ll be waiting Judah, you dumbass prick.” Zayn grits out.

I clench my fist at my sides. Ransom glares at me as Hero gives me a pleading look.

” Judah.” Ransom calls my name.

” Don’t you fvcking look at me like that, Ransom. What the fvck is this all about? He has no right to say shit about me to her. Whatever thing I have with her is not his goddamn business. And you Zayn, try and get a job you broke ass fvck. Don’t fvcking test me cause you gon’ hate it.”

” Judah.” Ransom calls again.

” I’m getting the fvck outta here. The next time he comes after her again, he’s gonna regret the day he stood up to me. fvcking bitch. You can also advise that fvcking prick, Troy.”

” fvck you, Judah.” Troy spits out.

” Judah don’t you fvcking do anything.” Ransom warns.

I smirk at Troy.” Of course, I won’t.”

” You should be thinking of how to get rid of Albert and his stupid kid. They are gonna hurt her.”

” What?” For once I go back to normal. The anger in me is settling down. Albert is trying to hurt her? Haven’t he done enough already?

I badly don’t wanna hurt people anymore, but they keep waking up the devil in me.

” If you know what’s good for you, you’ll quit this stupid game you’re playing and focus. It’s obvious she’s got you wrapped around her fingers and you’re falling for her.”

” fvcking Barbie.” Zayn mutters. I glare at him and he smirks at me.
fvcking retarded.

” Albert is trying to hurt her. If you care about her so much, you’ll start fvcking her with your d!ck and not your heart. You don’t even know what you’re doing.” Ransom says.

I fight the urge to roll my eyes at him. What’s with people and my damn business? Whoever I choose to keep is not their damn business. Why are they so concerned with Serena?

” I’ll advise you put Albert and his sick fvck of a son where they belong.” Ransom says.

I nod and look at Zayn. He was one of the closest people to me, not until he fvcked up. I glare at him and turn to leave.



” So you’re saying there’s nothing going on between you and Bree?” I ask Thomas who just walked out of my kitchen holding a bowl of cereal.

Chloe chuckles beside me on the couch.

” Look, I already accept my defeat guys. I’m a coward.” He pouts and that makes him look like a girl.

I giggle.” Come on. I mean I told her you liked her like forever.”

” Yeah. And when you left, it was just a staring competition. I didn’t know what to tell her. And then she brought a conversation just like the angel she is, i couldn’t keep the conversation going. I screwed it. It’s like she noticed I was awkward. She was nice enough to tell me she liked me too.”

I throw my hands in the air. ” That’s a good thing right?”

” It’s not. It’s a friend zone kinda like. It’s like she wants me to man up and tell her that i want her.” Thomas says. Chloe snorts.

” So why the fvck are you snorting, Chloe? You’re single as fvck and you’re worse.” Thomas throws at her. I laugh.

” fvck you, coward. I’m a woman, we don’t do the chasing. At least I’ve got guys who asked me out.”

” Yeah, nerds.” Thomas smiles at her and chuckles. I can’t help but laugh.

” I hate you both.” She mutters like a grumpy child and crosses her arms.

” Nerds are dope, they are cute.” I tell them both.

” Yeah. Your boyfriend is a badass.” Thomas points out. I roll my eyes.

” We’re not dating.”

” What?” He asks.

” Yeah. We’re just…” I think of a proper way to put it instead of telling Thomas we’re just having s£x.

” Flings.” Chloe just says and I’m kinda grateful.

” The fvck! Neighbors with a little benefits?” He asks and I nod.

” The last time i saw you guys together, he didn’t act like the benefit kinda guy. He was protective of you and he can’t stand someone else talking to you.”

” That’s just Judah. He’s weird. One minute he wants me, the other minute I’m just his slam-piece.”

” He didn’t call you that, did he?” Chloe asks.

” No, he didn’t. It’s just me exaggerating.”

” You sound like you love this man.” Thomas says as he eats his cereal.

” I don’t know about love. But I really like him. Beyond the friends with benefits shit. He doesn’t want a relationship so here we’re.”

” Having s£x like there’s no tomorrow…” Chloe says. I nudge her with my shoulders.

” Girls. You’re just making this hard , you know that right? If you wanna enjoy this ride, you will forget about trying to fall in love with him. You should have fun, Serena. You’re young.”

” Is it just me or Thomas should probably change his major.” I say as Chloe chuckle.

” I’m with you.” We laugh.

He fights the urge to roll his eyes as he goes to the kitchen with the bowl of cereal.

” Thomas!” I call out.

” Yeah.” He replies from the kitchen. I lean my elbows on the headrest of the couch as Chloe tunes the TV for anything to watch.

” You’ve got an ex right?” I ask.

” Oh, boy.” Chloe chuckles. Thomas isn’t saying anything.

” Why are you laughing, Chloe?” I ask and playfully glare at her. I know where she’s driving at.

” Yeah.”

” Who?”

” Her name was Amy. She was clingy and annoying.” He says and walks out of the kitchen.

” How did you ask her out then?”

” It wasn’t that hard. She kinda liked me too. She was giving me this green light and I sort of admired her.”

” Maybe you should tell Serena that shit happened in highschool. And since you left her, you’ve been single since then.” Chloe butts in.

” Oh, boy.” I mumble and bite my bottom lip to stop me from laughing.

” I hate you.” Thomas grumbles and sits on the single couch.

” Woah, Thomas, that’s a long time. What the hell.” I say and sit back properly on the couch.

” Just give me time with Bree. We’re gonna be a couple soon.”

” Hopefully.” Chloe mocks.

” Shut the fvck up Chloe. You’re not better yourself.”

I chuckle at their hilarious act. My phone buzzes with a text as Chloe and Thomas throws words at each other.


What are we talking about again?


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