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Seduction episode 29


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Twenty Nine🌺🌺

Written By; Goddy Francis


I look down at the text.
What does Todd wants from me again? I shouldn’t see Todd. I mean I can’t be seen with Todd.
His father has this huge influence on him and he’s always acting like someone who’s on drugs.

” You’re okay?” Chloe asks. I guess she noticed my change of attitude.

” Yeah. Maybe.”

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” Maybe?” Thomas asks.

” Todd texted me. Wants us to meet.” I sigh.

” Why would he wanna meet up with you? After the shit he did to you?” Chloe says.

I take in a deep breath and look at Chloe. She’s trying to talk some senses into my head with her eyes.

” What did he do to you?” Thomas asks.

” Nothing. We just … we fought. It’s passed and we’re over.” I tell him .

I mean I have two friends who are ignorant with whatever thing that’s going on in my life. I won’t blame them. I can’t tell them some ghost freak is trying to hurt me because of my family’s heirloom. Maybe I should probably listen to Zayn by getting rid of it. I don’t even know when last I visited that death wish called heirloom.

” Serena!” Chloe snaps her fingers at my face. I blink my eyes at her.

” You zoned out.” Thomas says. ” Are you okay?” He asks.

I flash them a small smile and text Todd back.


I lock my phone’s screen and keep it on the couch next to me.

” It’s nothing guys. I’m fine.” I sigh. I shift my focus from the guys and look at the TV.

” Have you seen Diana?” I ask Chloe.

” Not really. There will be a party at the sorority house tonight. She will be there. You’re not coming right?”

” I would love to.” I shrug.

” I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Chloe says as she looks at me. I nod , understanding her look.

” I feel like an idiot listening to two women gossip. Do you have a fvcking Xbox?” Thomas asks. Chloe and I chuckle.

” I’m not a boy.” I giggle.

He shrugs and stands up.

” I’m gonna go outside and check if there’s any cute girl in your neighborhood.” Thomas says and walks to the front door.

” They won’t even look at you though.” Chloe teases him.

” fvck you, nerd.” Thomas says and quickly goes aside to avoid Chloe’s come back.

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” Would you love to party tonight?” She asks.

” Yeah. I mean I’ve been thinking a lot, about some stuff and I would love to come party with you guys.”

” What if something happens to you?”

” Todd won’t be there.” I shrug. My phone lights up with a text notification from Todd.


” What’s his shit? What does he even want from you? You should probably tell him off.” Chloe suggests. Sometimes she doesn’t act like that nerdy girl that’s scared of Summer.

” I will. Don’t you think it’s time to stand up to Summer? She’s just like you.”

” I know right? That’s the part you’re mistaking. Summer isn’t like me. They are rich. She’s got maids who serves her breakfast, lunch and even dinner. She’s popular, just like you.”

” I don’t know that I’m popular.” I tell her and she smiles.

” You should see the girls in school talking about you. They’re always wishing to be you. A lot of them would kill to swap closets with you. Just that some of them don’t even have a closet except a wardrobe.”

” fvck, Chloe. What the hell. I mean it’s kinda weird.”

” You see. You’re everything like Summer. I first knew you when you resumed college last year.”

” Alrighty. I’m blushing. Back to the party.”

My phone buzzes with a message from Todd and Judah. I click on Judah’s message first. I missed the jerk. Is he coming back so soon?


” I’m sorry. I gotta reply this. I’ll be back.” I tell Chloe and go to my room as i call Judah. He picks up at once.

” You missed me already?” He says on the phone. And that instant I wished he was here.

” Where are you?”

” So forward. Bugs won’t bite you if you admit you missed me.”

” I didn’t. I’m just asking.” I say. I hear him chuckle on the phone.

” My penthouse.” He answers.

” Ooh. Wasn’t expecting that.”

” Yeah. And I’m literally staring at my kitchen right now.” He says. I hate the way his voice affected all my organs.

Goosebumps rise on my skin as the memories of that day flash through my head. How’s he doing this to me?

” You’re thinking again, Katharine.”

” fvcking hell.” I mutter and tuck my hair behind my ear. He laughs on the phone.

” Wanna drop by?” He asks. I can sense he’s not joking. What about the party? I already told Chloe i would love to hangout with them at the sorority house.

Also I wanna be with Judah and Todd is even texting me.

” I wanna tell you something and I wanna show you something.”

” You’re filled with surprises, Dante.”

” Is that a yes?”

I sigh as I consider my options.

” Alright, but I won’t spend the night.”

He laughs silently on the phone.
Yeah, I get it. He’s gonna make me spend the night and I won’t have the will power to object.

” I’m waiting Serena.” With that said, he hangs up. I look at the time on my phone and it’s past noon.

I go back to the living room and Thomas is sitting on the couch he sat on earlier with his phone on his hand and his full attention on it. I sit next to Chloe and look at the TV. A music channel dieplay on the TV.

” You’re going?”

” Talking about sorority again?” Thomas asks as he looks at both of us from his phone’s screen.

” Yeah. You wanna attend?” I tease.

” Shit, no. I’m not a girl. I don’t even like frat.”

” You don’t like a lot of things, Tom. You don’t even like Diana.” Chloe says.

” What?” I ask and stare at him. Thomas rolls his eyes.

” Yeah. As always, he thinks she’s intimidating.”

” All Albert’s children are intimidating. Todd is a pvssy I know. But he can be intimidating at times.” Talking about Todd, I forgot he sent me a text.

I click on the text notification on my screen and view his message.


I sigh at his message and lock my phone. How did he even screw this up? What if Judah didn’t walk into my life? I would probably still be with Todd by now.

” And the sorority party, I’m sorry I should sit this one out.”

” Great, cause i wanted you to. Can’t stand anything happening to you again.”

I bite the inside of my cheek and turn to look at Thomas. He’s busy with his phone.

” We should probably start going. I gotta prepare for tonight.”

” I should drop you guys off. I need to meet with Judah.”

” Just as badass as his name.” Thomas mutters.

I giggle and stand up as I go to my bedroom. I walk inside my closet and put on a black jeans. But then I removed it and settle for a dress. I look through my dresses and settle for a red strap dress with a Vneck. Damn, I look like I’m going on a date with Judah. Do people who have s£x with each other go on a date? This is so weird.

I step inside my shoes and brush my hair. I pick up my purse and contraceptives. I don’t even know why but I throw them inside my clutch. I pick up my car keys from the nightstand and walk out of my room and go to the living. Chloe widens her eyes at me.

” What the hell? You look like someone who’s going on a date.”

” Really? Thomas!” I snap my fingers at him. He looks up at me and mouths “Wow.”

” Is this too much for a visit?”

” You look hot. It’s obvious you guys are having s£x till dawn.” He jokes and i roll my eyes.

” You’re crazy.” He laughs and stands up.

” Come on Chloe.” Chloe stands up as we leave.


I take a deep breath and knock on Judah’s penthouse door. I remembered the day I followed him here. The day I lost my innocence to him and the day we fought. His door opens and Judah stands opposite me. His eyes rakes my body and he looks satisfied.

” Serena.”

” It’s strange you called me by name today. Hope you’re not angry?”

He chuckles. ” fvck no. You look beautiful.” He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in.

Judah closes the door behind me as he kisses me at once. I don’t realize how much I missed him untill we kissed. His kiss his slow, passionate and full of emotions. Not like every other kiss we’ve shared. It’s like he’s trying to tell me something with the way his lips move against mine.

Judah takes my clutch away from my hand still kissing me. I guess he toss it away cause his hands goes to my hips as he pulls me closer to feel his body as he claims my lips. Judah is shirtless and I badly wanna feel his tatted skin. I let my hand survey his torso as he groans in between the kiss.

” fvck, Serena.” He m0ans in my mouth.

His mouth leaves mine as he kisses my neck. His lips worships my skin to my chest as he grabs my hips.

” How about a weekend with me in LA?” He asks as he pulls back to look at me.

” What?” I ask surprisingly.

He didn’t just ask me to leave the city with him?

” Hollywood?” He asks me.

What the!
What? He’s taking me to Hollywood. A place I’ve always wanted to visit.
Is that his surprise!

God, shoot me , I’m never letting go of this man.


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