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Seduction episode 30


💞Seduction 💞
💕Love. Lies & Games💕

Chapter 30🌺🌺🌺

By Goddy Francis 🤍🤍


” Are you serious? I mean I remembered I told you I’ve always wanted to visit Hollywood.”

Judah smiles at me and nods .

” Why are you surprised?” He asks me.

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Maybe because I don’t see you as the guy who listens. I never thought he would remember that. I wrap my arms around his torso and hug him. I hear him faintly wince as I pull back to look a him.

” You’re okay?” I trail my eyes down his torso and I see the bandage at the side of his ribs.

” Oh my God, what happened to you?” I panic.

” Breathe, Candy, I’m fine. I’m gonna be okay.”

I glare up at him. He sighs and throws his hands in surrender. I grab his forearm and lead him to the couch and make him sit down.

” What happened to you? Don’t you dare lie to me.” I ask and sit next to him.

He smiles and force me down on his lap.

” You’re cuter when you care.” He says against the skin of my neck.

” Judah this isn’t the time to seduce me, alright.” I pull his face back to look at me. ” What happened?”

He sighs and rolls his eyes.

” I got into a fight with someone. He stabbed me.”

Stabbed? He got into a fight and he got stabbed? What type of fight? Was it with Zayn?

” With who?”

” You don’t have to worry about that. I’m good.”

” You don’t have to pretend that you’re good. I’m worried.”

” You don’t have to worry about me because I got stabbed. You should probably worry about what you’re doing to me with that dress of yours.”

He’s insane. I bite my lip and look away from him. How can he say this nice things to me and not expect me to fall for him. I mean he asked me to follow him to Hollywood just to please me and now he’s telling me all this nice things and it’s making my heart beat for him.

Oh Judah, fvck you for being so smooth.

” I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t hear that. Now tell me who did you fought with?”

” You’re not gonna let it slide right ?” He asks and I shake my head sideways.

” Zayn. It was Zayn.” He answers.

Why Zayn again?
What was his relationship with Zayn that he doesn’t like talking about?
I look down at the bandage.
You know I never thought Judah can be stabbed.

” What happened?”

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” I had to tell him to stay the fvck away from you. He’s annoying the shit outta of me.” Judah throws his head back on the headrest and huffs.

” And you fought him.”

” Maybe. And maybe I also smashed his head with a bottle.” He shrugs casually like it’s nothing.

” You didn’t do that…”

He chuckles and looks at me. His green eyes are saying otherwise. Oh my God! Why would he beat up Zayn because he’s stalking me. Do flings do this for each other.

” I can’t watch them harrass you for no goddamn reason. For fvck’s sake you’re mine.” I blush when he calls me his.

I bite my bottom lip and look at my lap.

” I’ll go change and check your wound for you.” I tell him and stand up at once.

I can’t let him see my face and what he’s doing to me? Judah has finally succeeded in making me want him despite everything. If this doesn’t last for long, I’m not even sure I can easily forget us. He’s succeeded in ruining me by not wanting anyone else but him.

The thought of all of this being temporary hurts my backbone and I hate to admit we’re just sleeping with each other. But do flings take each other on vacation in a fancy city? Judah is filled with surprises.

” I love the dress, you don’t have to change it.”

I turn to look at him.” I need to make you something to eat.” I say and disappear down the hallway into his bedroom.

The memory of yesterday flash through my brain and I’m blushing hard. I go through his closet and pick up his white T-shirt. I remove my dress and keep it inside his closet as I wear his T-shirt. I go back to the living room and Judah is already lighting a cigarette.

” You’re gonna kill yourself one day Dante, if you don’t quit the amount of sticks you consume a day.” I say as I go to his kitchen. I hear Judah chuckle.

” Alright, mom, I’m getting rid of it.” He answers from the living room.

I laugh and shake my head. I search through his cabinet for ingredients to cook.

” Judah…” I call out.

” Yeah.”

” Have you ever thought about going back to Italy? Like a visit?”

Damn, his cabinets have nothing useful. It’s obvious he barely cooks. I wait for Judah to answer as I arrange the few useful items I’ll be using to make pancakes.

” No. They hold bad memories. I don’t like them.” I sigh. What happened to him when growing up?
Physically, Judah looks like this heavenly made model who just walked out of a Vogue magazine cover, same time he’s a broken man.

” I understand.” I mutter, not even sure he hears it.

Few minutes after, I’m already scooping out the pancakes from the pan. I feel someone appear behind me. Without being told I know it’s Judah. He wraps his arms around me from behind and kisses my hair. I try to protest.

” Judah, you got stabbed.”

” I don’t give two shits. Seeing you standing almost bare with my shirt on is a fvcking turn on for me.” He says quietly, his nose brushing against my earlobe and that sent tingles down my stomach.

” What do you want?” I whine and I bite my lip. I don’t want him to see how he has affected me.

” You, baby. You’re so fvcking adorable.”

” Hmm mmm.” I hum and turn off the stove after serving the pancakes.

” We should eat.”

” I should eat you first.” Judah whispers softly and it’s seducing.

I breathe in to our close impact and grip to the edge of the counter. Judah kisses my neck, same time his right hand trace my thighs to my s£x. I gasp out a silent ‘God.’ as he rubs me through my panties. His warm lips seduce my neck as he caress my stomach up to my b00bies. Judah’s hand grabs my b00b and he squeezes. His lips kissing every part of my bare skin. With one swift move, judah’s T-shirt goes above my head and it’s being toss away.

He turns me to face him and I do. His hand goes behind my back and he grabs my booty as he takes my lips in his. I wrap my arms around his neck as our lips moves in rhythm. I let my hand trace every muscle on his back as we kiss. I run my hand down his torso and tug on his hair.

Judah’s lips moves against mine in desperation and need. It’s obvious he’s trying to go slow with me considering how turn on he is right now. We kisses as his hands touch me in the right places. I don’t know if it’s just me, but whatever thing we’re doing is way passed friends with benefits. The bed s£x and all this intimacy makes me fall hard for him. Judah wraps my thighs around his torso as he walks to his bedroom direction, our lips never parting.

We enter his bedroom and he shuts the door. My back hits his bed as he climbs in between my legs. Judah leans closer to claim my lips again.

” fvck, Serena.” He mutters between the kiss. His thighs parts my legs wider for him as he kisses my chest.

Judah looks up at me and ask. ” Are you on any pills?”

I nod quickly. He smiles thankfully at me and goes back to kissing my stomach. He kisses my abdomen and the waistline of my panties.

” fvcking thong again, huh?” He smirks and let his teeth graze my skin. I m0an.

Judah pulls my panties down my legs. I look down at him the same time he kisses my entrance.

” Oh my God…” I breathe out.

His tongue slides my core and I’m already squirming and gripping hard to the bedsheets. I throw my head back against the pillows as my eyes roll inside my head. How can his lips be perfect? My legs rests on either side of his shoulder as he eats me out. I m0an and absently thrust my fingers down his long hair.

Judah’s thumb circles my cl!t and then slide his fingers down my s£x.

” Oh, God, Judah.” I m0an his name.

He thrusts me with his fingers as he circles my walls with his thumb. He kisses my entrance and continues penetrating me with his fingers. My stomach tightens and I can feel my orgasm build. Judah pulls his fingers out and starts to get undress not after tasting my w€tness in his mouth.

” Turn around, baby.” And I did.

He smacks my butt and leans down to peck it. And then he kisses it, his lips leaving marks behind. Judah’s lips meets my s£x again as he thrusts two fingers in.

” fvck, Dante.” I m0an out and turn to look at him from my shoulder.

He pulls down his jeans with one hand as he tries to concentrate on his gentle assault against my body.

” fvck, baby. ” He groans and smacks my butt again.

” All fours.” He commands. I lean on both hands and knees as Judah gets rid of his pants.

And then he thrusts into me, gripping my hair.

” How can you be so fvcking perfect?” He groans as he thrusts. I should be asking him that too?

How did he do this to me?
Make me want him. Fight him, and at the same time falling for him. He makes my heart beat without even trying.
What would my world even look like if there was no Judah?

Maybe I should tell him I’m falling in love with him.


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