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Seduction episode 31


💞Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Thirty one 🌺🌺

By Goddy Francis 🤍🤍


With every single perfect kiss Judah plants on my skin, I find myself falling for him deeply. He makes me want him badly and sometimes I’m scared. Scared of whatever thing we have. Scared I’m gonna wake up one morning and this is over.

The realization hurts. No matter how adorable he treats me, I guess I’m still his slampiece. My stomach churns at the thought. In other not to spoil this moment, I push the thought at the back of my head as I look at his green eyes. They watches mine as Judah leans in for a kiss.

The kiss isn’t desperate or rushed. It’s slow and perfect.

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” You’re okay?” Judah asks as he stops his penetration.

” Yeah.” I breathe out.

” You’re sure?”

I smile and nod.
I should probably forget about what this is and have fun. I should think about getting hurt later not now. I can’t ruin this moment for Judah. I grab his shoulder push him down so that I’m hovering above him.

” You’ve done enough controlling alpha man.” I tell him and lean down to kiss him.

Judah smiles against my lips as his lips moves with mine. His hands are on my hips as I lean down on his length, breathing in at the slight pain. He slowly pulls me up and gently leans me back down. My walls tightens around his length as I breathe out a silent m0an.

” God…” I m0an out.

Judah groans at the back of his throat. The sensation is different since I’m on top this time. I pull up and push down on him and rock back and forth. Judah grabs my hips and pushes from beneath me.

” fvck, oh God…” I m0an loudly. He’s always good at dominating.

” Shit, Serena.” Judah groans my name .

He sits up at once, gripping my b00bies in his hands. He kisses my cleavage and takes one n!pole in his mouth. His hand smacks my butt and urges me to continue grinding on him. His lips leaves trails of kisses down my neck as I ride on him. With hands on my butt, I grind in a circular motion.

I feel my w€tness down on his length as I quicken my ride. I grip to his shoulder when he grabs my butt cheek and plants soft kisses down my collarbone. I’m obviously getting marked by Judah before dawn.

” fvck… I’m close…” Judah m0ans against my neck.

I continue riding on him as I feel my stomach clench, same time Judah twitches inside of me.

” fvck, you’re so good.”


I put on judah’s T-shirt and slide my panties up my legs after taking a quick shower. Judah’s still bathing as I throw a contraceptive inside my mouth and swallow dry. I go to the kitchen to drink water, but stop on my track when I see Hero sitting down on one of the kitchen stools, eating the pancakes I made. He smiles at me when he sees me.

” Hey.” He greets.

I take a deep breath.

” Damn, you scared me.” I say and walk inside the kitchen.

Sorry, got in and didn’t want to disturb you guys.” My cheeks burn at that. Damn it! Can’t believe he was sitting right here all this while when Judah and I were going at it.

” I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I tell him and open the fridge to take a bottle of water.

Hero laughs. ” I get it. I didn’t hear much though.”

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I sigh and turn to look at him as I sit on the opposite stool.

” Okay, that’s kinda embarrassing.” I blush and drink the water. ” Do you have a spare key? Or you know his passcode?”

” I have a spare key.”

I nod.

” Nice pancakes though. They were almost cold before I got here.” He says and flash me a small smile. I chuckle.

” It’s nice you like it.”

” I love it.”

” What the fvck are you doing here?” A familiar voice asks. We turn to look at the kitchen doorway and Judah stands beside it wearing just his black sweats that is low on his waist. It’s obvious he doesn’t fancy shirt when he’s indoor.

And I like it. It makes him hotter.

” fvck you man, I came to check on you.” Hero says. Judah huffs.

” I’m not dead.” Judah says and walks in.

” It’s good right?” Hero huffs.

Judah stands behind me and grabs my bottle water. His fingers teasing my skin as he reach for the water.

” You ate my pancakes?” Judah asks, still standing behind me.

” You were busy, thought I should keep myself busy with this.” Hero says. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep me from blushing.

” And you ate everything?”

” It’s not like you wanted it.” I chuckle and shake my head at their childish mouth fight.

” I’m gonna go order for food, it’s fine.” I tell Judah and stand up.

I feel Judah’s eyes on my body as I walk out of the kitchen. I sit on his couch , turn on the TV, and pull out my phone from my purse to order for food. My phone rings and I look at the caller ID. Diana. Damn, it’s been long we talked. Ever since we exchanged numbers, we’ve only talked to each other once.

” Hey…” I tell her and look at the kitchen. Judah is having a conversation with Hero. With his looks, it’s obvious he’s not happy with Hero’s choice of topic.

” Serena. Hi.”

” How are you?”

” I’m good. What about you? I didn’t really see you at school today.”

” Yeah I’m fine. Just a little sick.”

I watch Judah walks out of the kitchen to the hallway.

” You sure you’re okay?”

” Yeah. What’s up with you?”

” Nothing important. Same fvcking routine. We should probably go have lunch sometime after class.”

” That sounds fun.” I look at Hero and he is eating the last piece of pancakes.

” Great. Chloe actually told me you planned to attend tonight’s party. It’s nice you didn’t show up. I can’t stand Todd being all aggressive on you.”

” You know… the other day, he begged me to take him back. Todd doesn’t look okay, Diana.”

” I know right? I told him he needs to see a therapist. He needs someone to talk to.” Diana says on the phone.

What’s happening to Todd?

” His he okay?” I ask Diana and click on the record icon on my phone.

” Maybe he is okay. My dad’s being a bad influence on him lately. My dad is going crazy. He’s not okay. He’s been talking about this heirloom that belongs to your family and I think he’s planning to sell it at the auction when he gets it. He’s trying to use Todd. Todd already said no, but my dad threatened to take him back to the asylum.”

” What? Why would he do that?” I whisper yell. ” Your father needs to be put behind bars. This is too much.”

” We can’t do anything, Serena. None of us can. The other day he slapped me because I hung out with you. He’s insane. I believe there’s gonna be a day, everything will be fine again. You should probably be watchful too.”

” Thanks, Diana. I gotta ask, do you think he killed my family?” There’s silence on the other side of the phone.

I see Hero’s eyes trained on me. I turn to look at him and he looks away.

” He didn’t. Somebody else did that Serena. Some unknown enemy you aren’t aware of.”

” Yeah. Thanks.”

” I gotta go.” Diana says and hangs up. I sigh and stand up to go to the kitchen.

” What happened between you and Judah?” I ask Hero and sit on the previous stool I sat on.

” He’s allergic to people caring for him.” He shrugs.

I sigh and nod.

” I think he’s allergic to almost everything. Same way he doesn’t like a lot of people.”

Hero chuckles and nods.

” I’m sorry to pry but, who were you speaking with? On the phone…”

” Oh… that was Diana. Albert’s daughter.”

” Yeah, I know her. What makes you think Albert killed your family?”

” I don’t know what to believe anymore. He’s a psychopath and a desperate one at that. The day my family got killed, he was the last person seen coming out of our house. He’s still in denial.” I sigh.

Hero nods.

” Judah said he didn’t kill my family.”

” I don’t know Albert that much. What I know about is, he’s really a psychopath like you called him. He might be part of it.”

I nod. ” You know Zayn right?” I ask Hero. He shrugs.

” Maybe.”

” And Ransom?”

” I do. Why are you asking?”

” It’s awkward. Judah doesn’t like talking about them. He said Ransom kinda looked out for him when his biological family died of an overdose. I think Zayn is kinda connected to Ransom.”

” He works for Ransom.”

” What type of job?”

Hero smirks and chuckles.

” Have you ever wondered why Judah don’t like giving you answers to this type of questions. It’s because it’s not the way you see it. Judah doesn’t like Zayn. They had this long term beef and they hate each other. Zayn works for Ransom. What type of job, I don’t know about that.”

” Are you guys in a cult or what? Were you swore you won’t talk about the jobs you do. I don’t even know what Judah do for a living.”

” You don’t?” He asks. He looks surprised.

I shake my head sideways.

” That’s sad. He’s kind of a hacker.”

” A hacker?”

Hero nods.

” Don’t tell him I told you that. He’s gonna kill me.” He whispers and smiles at me.

I chuckle to how cute he is and nod. A hacker. What type of hacker? A hacker who hacks into politicians bank accounts or private informations? And then they blackmail you with it just so you give them millions of dollars to keep your privacy safe. Damn, I’m about to fall sick.

” Are you a boxer too? Judah told me he fights and it’s illegal?”

” I’m not. He probably fights when he’s angry and he needs to pass the aggression on someone else. It’s like a fun thing. You should talk to Judah more often. It’s like I’m snitching.”

” And that’s exactly what you’re doing.” Judah says. We dart our head to the doorway. He’s standing there, with his hands in his pockets. His eyes watches me and he doesn’t look mad. Just a little pissed.

” Alright. I’m just gonna leave before he kills me.” Hero says and stands up. He pouts and shoves his hands in his jacket pocket as he walks past Judah.

” See ya around Serena. You should starve him more often.” Hero says. I chuckle quietly but stop at Judah’s intimidating stare.

I hear the front door shut and I breathe in. Great, here comes the devil. I should probably quit asking questions if I know he’s always gonna end up pissed.

” I’m sorry…” I tell him apologetically. He still looks at me and I’m getting nervous.

Judah’s eyes stays on my body as he takes slow strides to the kitchen.

” You know… sometimes curiousity kills the cat.” He says as he stops in front of me.

He takes out one hand from his pockets and tucks my hair behind my ear. He smells like cigarette. He looks down at me and smiles.

” You look frightened. Did I frighten you?” I roll my eyes and smack his chest.

” You’re annoying and you know it.”

” I just realized that.” He says and lifts me off the stool and sits me on the counter.

We’re so close my heart is beating so fast. His arms wraps around my waist as he looks into my eyes. His green eyes falls on my lip.

” You know… the first time I saw you , you were celebrating your nighteenth birthday.”

What? What’s he saying?
He was at my nighteenth birthday?

” What are you talking about?”

” You wore this perfect red dress and I couldn’t stop admiring you from afar. You looked beautiful, same time hidden from the world. I watched you dance with your twin sister. And every single step you took, I wanted to touch you that instant. Kiss you and keep you.”

” Why are you just telling me this?”

” You’re always curious, thought you should know this too. You looked my way that night but you didn’t see me. I was always watching you. I liked you from that very day. I just thought it was mere attraction until you started hunting my dream with that smile of yours. I went to jail and you were always in my fvcked up head.” He says. For some reasons I’m hurt. I don’t know why.

Probably because Judah knew me all this time, while he pretended not to. He knew my past. He knew my life and he even knew my family. He attended my nighteenth birthday and I never saw him.

” Is that why you moved next door to me?”

He sighs and doesn’t respond.

” You’re the reason I came back here. To keep you…”


Damn. Who watches a girl since she was nighteen?
Judah’s creepy 🧐🧐🧐

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